Square Enix responds to doctored FFXIII screens

Square Enix's Sonia Im has issued a statement regarding the doctored Xbox 360 screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII.


Sonia Im has added another statement regarding the matter on her Twitter.

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snaz273662d ago

"Honestly, we triped, fell and landed on Bill Gates D**k!" what a farce! i hope they get a big backlash from all thier FF fans! companies like this that tell bare faced lies deserve to go under! You can go in my little black book, right along side Activision and Capcom!

Ravage273662d ago

wow do they actually expect people to believe that?

This is probably the stupidest excuse in the history of gaming

Jamegohanssj53662d ago

"Honestly, we triped, fell and landed on Bill Gates D**k!"

I ROFL'ed.


3662d ago
2Spock3662d ago

But it would be ok if they was still on Sony's D#$k, right? I really could care less about FF13. But one reason i like coming into these article's and read comments is from all the whining about square not being loyal and blah blah. It really makes me smile and have a good rest of the day. Just please keep it up guy's and i will be back in a bit to catch up on new post.

UnwanteDreamz3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

including XBOX360 screens

EDIT: I love it when people put words into other peoples mouth inorder to make a point. (see above comment). 2Spock do you know what a strawman arguement is?

mfwahwah3662d ago

"companies like this that tell bare faced lies deserve to go under! You can go in my little black book, right along side Activision and Capcom!"

You should put just about every single company that has ever been involved in the video game industry then.

Oh, and go sell your 360, PS3, or Wii if you have one (as well as all of the consoles of generations past). I'll take them off your hands even. That way you don't support those companies, and I'm not giving them money for the products. Sound good?

Noct3662d ago

Seems like S-E have something to hide regarding the 360 version.

If they can't even take direct screens from the version itself....

Reibooi3662d ago

Funny how they say the don't need to enhance the Xbox version with fake screens. Why bring up only the Xbox version? They trying to hide something?

snaz273662d ago

its pretty much a known fact that thier core fans have ps3s, however because MS got thier checkbook out, they delayed the ps3 version so they could catch up with the 360 version... i dont care that 360 got a version but why delay the ps3 one? also this isnt the first time they lied! and doing stuff like this, ie, photoshopping images is something a fanboy would do on a forum... if i released a pic of a farari, on say ebay, then you got it and it was a fiesta wouldnt you be pissed? and me done? im sticking up for 360 fans as much as ps3 fans here actually.

snaz273662d ago

i dont think EVERY company lies sorry i just dont, maybe the odd bending of truths but bare face lies? i dont like capcom and activision for different reasons, not cos they lied, well ok i believe capcom has, but they have done worse things anyway... its my right whom i buy from no?... UnwanteDreamz hey bud hows things, we gotta hook up online sometime, ive been a bit busy recently, i do kick boxing and karate 3 times a week lol... but well get on something soon no doubt.

Saaking3662d ago

"we don't feel there is a need to enhance the X360 FFXIII"

yea, so those doctored screens "mysteriously" appeared in an official Press release? Anyone who believes this BS need to seek medical help. SE, you fail.

FlameBaitGod3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOL OLOLOLOL it wasn't in the contract to get cough SE!

Who where the ones saying their is no bias in the gaming media ROFL!!!!!! ???? GT,IGN and now a major company has been cough LOL!!!!!! only a fool would believe their is no bias when it comes to ps3. They give halo, gears and cod better graphics than kz2 and heavy rain in many sites and people still believe there is no bias LOL!

Dragun6193662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

From PS3 exclusive to Xbox360 exclusive bundle, and yet they can't even show off legit screens of the Xbox360 version for a comparison. lol

Square Enix clearly takes us for Fools. They're obviously lost because they don't know where there core audience is at all.

Take a hint Square Enix, its the PS3, unless you didn't see it the last three times with infinite discovery, the last remnant and Star Ocean IV, I think you'll see it clearly see it when FFXIII sales data releases.

Square Enix has really fallen this gen from being what it used to be known as a top quality jrpg developer to now known as releasing mediocre games, they can't help but to only blame themselves, and hope that there fanbase will return to them, because I know I won't stick with them if continue to with all BS they been doing this whole gen.

zeeshan3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Suck it SE! Level 5, Bioware and Atlus are the king of RPGs now! At least they don't pull such low marketing tactics to fool their fanbase and actually work hard to produce quality video games!

Ravage273662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

IGN: 360 version is better than the PS3 version....because we say so. Never mind the fact that we reported the exact opposite weeks ago.

GT: What's the big effing deal? We do that all the...oops

Gamespot: Those 360 buttons look crispier

Destructoid: SE is NOT doing videogames a disservice. We firmly believe that ps3 fanboys are the ones responsible for photoshopping the image and hacking into SE servers.

Kotaku: Superior 360 version confirmed!!!

Edge: 7/10

raztad3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


Edge: 7/10 (PS3) "linear and unimaginative"

Edge: 9/10 (xbox) "It's the gameplay we know and love"

nix3662d ago

bull's-eye, my friend.

expect them to treat GOW3 and Halo Reach in an exact manner. one will be termed 'nothing new', other will be loved for 'keeping it as it is'.

colonel1793662d ago

they will NOT deduct points like they did with Bayonetta PS3. You will see that they'll invent every excuse to justify the inferior 360 version. If the games looks reasonable the same, then you'll notice that they will COMPLETELY ignore the fact that is on 3 discs, 720p instead of 1080p, uncompressed audio and video, etc. even if everyone knows that when you port from PS3 to 360 benefits BOTH consoles..

This generation of journalism = the lamest, pathetic and ridiculous in gaming history

boodybandit3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

So negativity fills your day with joy?
That speaks volumes about you.

On topic:
SE is an empty shell of what it once was.

Guitarded3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

You all need to loosen those tinfoil hats. The preemptive nature of your attacks makes you appear insecure on some level.

Note: All media is bias! Starting from which stories the particular media outlet deems newsworthy, right down to what information is presented, when it is presented and how it is presented. Reasons for bias vary widely.

EDIT: FlameBaitdemigod, one might refrain from calling others fools when one has such poor command of the english language. I believe the word you were looking for in place of "cough" is caught. Cough is a rapid exhalation of the lungs.

FlameBaitGod3662d ago

soowee four me baud langaugee sir :(

TheTwelve3662d ago

I SO wasn't buying this game the MOMENT it went multi-plat and I have NEVER yet turned back in my thoughts.



TheTwelve3662d ago

I pray there is a day when those companies who chose money over quality pay for it. I don't know if that day will come. And "integrity" is a very relative word when it comes to business. But surely, the obvious flaunting of greed for greed's sake by S-E must come around to hit them somehow, someway.


mfwahwah3662d ago


I stand by what I say. I think you're over reacting to a bullshot, which is common in the industry. If you consider this a bad lie, then that's pathetic. No offense.

DatNJDom813662d ago

and it was deleted. Ill repeat it again, SE is paid off by ms. It is wat it is. gimped the game also. aw well as long as the ms fans keep buying into the crap then they will keep dishing it out. nice and warm for all of ya.

sikbeta3662d ago

lol SE you Simply $uck, this [email protected] will don't go anywhere when Everyone Notice The Difference Between the 2 Versions and start to Complain about why The PS3 version is better than the other

Money > QUALITY wasn't a Good Choice from the Beginning and SE will understand when the game come out

we won3662d ago

They did it to control the damage in the PS3 camp because the 360 ingame will make the PS3 ingame look bad.

SilentNegotiator3662d ago

We all know the truth: They didn't want to make FF13 look bad with the real 360 shots.

thesummerofgeorge3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

And then accidentally put them in a press kit? Why would they have doctored screens in the first place, and doctored screens that were identical to the ones they intended to use in the PS3 press kit?

What's more insulting than photoshopping screens to mislead your customers? Lying about it after getting caught. Not even a believable one, they must think pretty low of their customers to think we would buy this load of bull.

"This was OBVIOUSLY not intentional" ....... Uhhh WHAT?! Quite the opposite, the whole controversy stems from this OBVIOUSLY being intentional. Shame on you SE, get your sh!t together, at least enough to come up with more convincing lies.

thesummerofgeorge3662d ago

Spoken like a true prick. Do you have to be such a vitriolic tool? You can't just say your opinion, you have to add that if you have a different opinion, you're pathetic? What's wrong with you?

I just love how all these fired up jerkoffs are coming into these articles spouting off about how no one should care, everyone's overreacting, and that SE is only misrepresenting/false advertising a bit, and because you don't care, we're all idiots because we do. You're actually bothered by the fact that we're bothered by something that apparently means nothing to you. So why do you stick around and post nasty rude comments if you don't care. Just piss off and go somewhere else. You contribute nothing but negativity.

inveni03662d ago

You know what would be scary? What if they doctored the 360 screens so that we'd think the 360 screens were actually from the PS3? What if it's the PS3 version that needs doctoring?

Anyhoot, I am still on the fence about this game. I don't own a 360 and never will, so the way SE responded to this question gives me hope that, if I do decide to purchase it, I won't be disappointed with the quality (though Uncharted 2 has already convinced me that no matter what the 360 ever does, I've already made the right choice).

Just remember what SE said... "We don't feel the need to alter the 360 version..." They didn't say there was no need to alter "either" version...

Food for thought.

Millah3662d ago

Square has become so unbelievably pathetic its ridiculous. I've actually made the choice that I will NOT be buying FF13 anymore, I will wait to purchase it pre owned if at all, because of countless terrible decisions Square has been making. If this game sells well, then it just encourages Squares behavior even more to keep butchering of one of the most beloved franchises in gaming and will send them the message to continue what they're doing. I'm hoping this game bombs that way they will be forced to actually get back on their game and start making great FF's again. But with Wada in charge he will probably think that instead of actually putting in effort once again and allowing the talented devs there to have creative freedom, he will stop FF altogether and try to butcher another Square franchise.

And now this whole thing just makes them look even more pathetic. I have no idea how the executives at Square are still in charge. They've completely ruined Japans biggest developer ever since they took over the company after the merger. Yoichi Wada and team was the worst thing to ever happen to the company and they need to be removed.

This is coming from a former die hard Squaresoft fan. I never thought I would say that I hope a main FF installment bombs.

CimmerianDrake3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"Aside from easily being proven as altered, and this method not being one we use"

So she basically just said they don't use photoshop to alter the shots. No denial that the shots were altered either.

"No, we don't use photoshop to alter the shots, we have our own custom built software for that."

@inveni0: Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, Heavy Rain, and soon to be GoW 3 and GT5 say hello and say "since when does a PS3 screen shot need doctoring". And GameTrailers waves to you, reminding you of their little doctored video fiasco.

snaz273662d ago

obviously they have seen the backlash from the community! they say it was the 360 version that was wrong.. like we didnt know! lol.. but i have a question.. how can we trust them when they do release the 360 screens? maybe they will just do a better job doctoring this time? i for one will never believe a word this dev says.. if they came out and admitted they lied, and gave the 360 screens right away id say ok, but they havent! why not? hmmmm.

pixelsword3662d ago

...first of all, if anyone knows evidence contrary to what I am about to write, please post links or PM me and I thank you in advance for doing so; as I don't actually believe what I am about to write, but I can't find evidence to counter it as of yet. Thanks again.

Why is it that every time (that I know of) when there is a "innocent" mix-up of screenshots it's always the PS3 version being passed-off as the 360 version? Maybe the opposite happens, but I don't know of any examples to give at this point.

Game trailers has done it multiple times, someone pointed out when games like The Saboteur and GTA 4 is better on the PS3 the lens of truth never compare the games, and some website said that the 360 version of AVP didn't have problems, despite video evidence of the contrary

It's like something's weird going on that I can't put my finger on.

snaz273662d ago

ok first off, sony won the last 2 gens, and in general peopld dont like it when someone wins all the time, me though i didnt like ps1 nor ps2, anyway secondly 360 came out first, so people went and bought it! 10 million people, sony come along with a better system, but it was expensive.. so people that already spent a lot of money on 360 couldnt afford a ps3. so they hate on it..

snaz273662d ago

i would say aswell, i do believe money or favours is changing hands somewhere! to slur sonys image! its testament to the sony brand that they were able to weather this storm.. if anyone should be hated on, its ms for releasing a faulty product, just to beat sony out the gate... it all adds up and sounds like a cospiracy theory, but how else can it be viewed? still today people argue 360 is more powerful! even though they have no games to back up this claim! Its crazy.

heroprotagonist3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

You guys are all dragging Square's name through the mud over this and coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories about Microsoft paying them off to disguise the PS3 version as the 360 version in an effort to protect the 360 version. But what if they are trying to protect the PS3 version? What if all of you are hating on them and they are actually trying to protect the PS3's version?

I'm not going to say anything else about this for now, but if the 360 version comes out looking better during gameplay all of you are going to end up feeling pretty stupid because all of your conspiracy theories will no longer make any sense.

IdleLeeSiuLung3661d ago

... and if both versions (X360 and PS3) comes out the same all fanboys will look stupid! LOL!!!

I would prefer that....

pixelsword3661d ago

so by calling something a "conspiracy theory" you, by default, are admitting that there is truth to what people are basing their assertions on. Besides, I don't see how "dumbing down" the 360 version is necessary when GoWIII's actual gameplay shames the CGI in Final Fantasy XIII; the conclusion would be that SE is hiding their own shortcomings.

@ snaz27;

I can understand consumer backlash, but for "professional" game journalists and now developers to engineer lies and make up things is far beyond bias at this point. I don't want to say "cheques" but something is happening under the radar.

morganfell3661d ago

Obviously those shots were made by SE, so under what conditions would those shots have been the right ones? Why refer to those as the "Xbox 360 batch"?

Alvadr3661d ago

I think people are blowing this way out of proportion. Just get over it.

Prototype3661d ago

This game better be worth all the headache and drama.....

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mrv3213662d ago

How can it be unintentional? The GT Grid thing could have been a mistake in editing but I see not way that you could

Get a screenshot
Remove controller icon
Insert new icon
Release screenshot

I don't see how one could do that by mistake... unless there's a 'SE sold out' button in Photoshop and they want to hide to the fact that chances are the 360 version looks inferior and will be on more disks.

iamtehpwn3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Obviously it WAS intentional, someone had to specifically spend quite a few minutes photoshopping these...WTF.

".Aside from easily being proven as altered, and this method not being one we use, we don't feel there is a need to enhance the X360 #FFXIII"

I don't think any multiplatform publisher has ever openly admitted a need to enhance a 360 or ps3 version....

WMW3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

i was taking a test pulled out the answers wrote them down and got a perfect score it was unintentional i swear i didn't mean to cheat it just happened so i can see where they're coming from.

life doomer3662d ago

Wada needs to be fired and live in the streets, he's killing square enix.

Xwow20083662d ago

he is really killing the company,hi is the Japanese version of Bobby Kotick.
I REALLY miss square-soft :( they were the best company ever (skilled, visionary,honest,creative and most important they didn,t betray loyal fans for money).

Guitarded3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Loyal fans of who? SE or Sony?

Did all of Square-Enix sleep with your girl/boyfriend?
Is that how they betrayed you?

Noctis Aftermath3662d ago

Wada is currently my least favorite CEO, i dislike him even more then kotick.

sikbeta3662d ago


Pal, FF Fans are Guys That Bought a PSX+PS2 and Played:

·FF11 (on the Fatties PS2)

And obviously Bought/going to Buy a PS3 for:


Millah3662d ago

Yes he does. Go look at my post a little further up if you want to see how I feel about him ;)

The thing that irks me about him the most, is that he's not just content with destroying Squaresoft, but he actually WANTED to spread his ignorance across the entire Japanese gaming industry. F*** this guy seriously, I would slap him in the nuts if I ever saw him.

unknownhero11233662d ago

and the sad thing is that kotick is more honest than wada. with kotick, he says what's on his mind. wada just lies to your face.(kotick is still a jerk though but at least he's honest about it)

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 3662d ago
mrmikew20183662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I can't believe they would do something like that. I agree bro, he's really dragging the company down. This generation of gaming is the strangest yet. I don't understand this relationship they have with the 360.

2Spock3662d ago

Same one they had with Sony before MS.

KratoOwnsAll3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"Same one they had with Sony before MS."

No no, it's not the same thing. They didn't lie back then.

You failed.

WMW3662d ago

so SE used screenshots of the xbox version of their games and tried to pass them off as ps2 screenshots when SE never released an xbox game?

raztad3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


You are trying too hard to defend MS and put Sony in the same boat. In any case SE is the one being blamed on.

I think the old Square is gone guys get used to it. SE games are in most part mediocre. Thankfully they have Level 5 for developing DQ and Nomura that still has some magic.

Guitarded3662d ago

So what your saying is you don't understand how business works then. It's all about the Benjamins. It's naive to believe there is any large entertainment company/corporation that cares more about you and the entertainment you receive from their product than your money.

Sarcasm3662d ago

"Same one they had with Sony before MS. "

Strange, I recall Enix moving FORWARD in technology, not backwards.

bjornbear3662d ago

sony kind of "saved" SE and FFVII, stop being so butt hurt ( as your picture implies ;))

DigitalHorror813662d ago

while you're right about the main desire of the developing company is to make money and not care about 'the fans,' you're missing the mark. If they don't make a sweet game, it gets destroyed in Metacritic and get's critically panned as the joke it is. Now, tell me that Square-Enix is going to get a sweet payday when their next Multi-plat gets a less than mediocre score of 39? It won't be about the Benjamins, and they might lose so much money that a portion of the employees are let go. Case in point, they NEED the fans. We won't stand for being lied to.

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