Dudley To Be In Super Street Fighter 4?

Ian from Thankless Grind is perhaps the only person to be excited by the news that Dudley could be making an appearance in Super Street Fighter IV. Are the team at Capcom working on a new nonsensical London based background for him? Will he say 'Gutter trash!' at the end every round? Ian hopes so, a hope which extends beyond his normal apathy towards fighting games.

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riksweeney3659d ago

Would be quite cool to have him in there. He could face off against Balrog:

"What do you want, chump?"
"I say, there's no need to be rude"
"Why, what are you going to do about it, dirt bag?"
"How dare you, I'll box you under the Marquess of Queensberry rules, unless you're not a true a true gentlemen!"