New 'God of War 3' Trailer Keeps Up With The Awesome

The latest "God of War 3" trailer, which you can enjoy above, is titled "Vengeance." The title relates to the fact that Kratos, the series' protagonist, can't seem to let the whole murdered-family-and-ruined-life thing go. In "God of War 3" he'll continue his climb to the top of Mount Olympus, but this time he's got the help of the Titans, who are equally pissed off.

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Blackcanary3657d ago

can't wait for GOW3 so much blood in that trailer lol

zoks3103657d ago

I can't wait to get my limited edition next month, the GOW games are like no other games on the planet, Santa Monica and Sony did very good with GOW3. Hard to belive that the new trailer was gameplay.

spektical3657d ago

GOTY confirmed.

man my wallet is gonna hurt come march.. MLB 10, BFBC2 and GOW3.

N4BmpS3657d ago

My poor Wallet Battle Field BC2, Heavy Rain, and GoW III