£150 PS3 deposit shock

Consumers will have to pay a hefty £150 deposit to pre-order PS3 hardware, if a revolutionary new allocation scheme by Sony is introduced.

The £150 deposit scheme is being considered to ensure that allocation can be more fairly managed. In particular, it is believed that Sony is looking to avoid the 'eBay phenomenon' that occurred with the launch of Xbox 360 whereby some consumers who managed to acquire more than one unit – on deposits as low as £5 – sold on their extra machines for well above the RRP.

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shotty5412d ago

Better yet why don't they give people a mortgage to help them pay for the damn thing.

ACE5412d ago

and the rest lol!!!

cell pops = $250 or the machine will be used for spair parts

beta-ray drive busting up will cost like $300-$350 dollers lol i feel sorry for the sony droids

OutpostCommand5412d ago

I damn well hope this scheme comes into work !
Thisll give me a much better chance of landing a pre-order.

achira5412d ago (Edited 5412d ago )

what a bs. i preordered my ps3 by EBGames and i payed only 50 bucks. i even could choose if i should pay them now or later.


"the format holder is currently discussing the radical new plan with senior retail buyers as it looks to manage a limited initial hardware supply this Christmas."

maybe you will have to pay another $100 if this scheme is introduced?

achira5412d ago

haha the speculation can go on.

gamerof3605412d ago

THIS IS THE FINAL FREAKIN STRAW it isnt enough to charge 200$$$ but they have to charge an extra 150$$?? B-S, sony can kiss my butt(hehe)!!

AuburnTiger5411d ago

This is a deposit.

This is the amount the customer has available to put towards the purchase of the property as a guarantee.


The $150 will be taken off the 500 or 600 price tag.

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The story is too old to be commented.