George Hotz: ''The PlayStation 3 is 100% hacked''

PS3-Sense writes: ''It seems he finally did it. George Hotz, also knows as GeoHot, has hacked the PlayStation 3. A while ago he released the PlayStation 3 exploit on his blog because he needed help from the community. He tweeted on his twitter page ( that he PS3 is 100% hacked. So does this means we'll see homebrew on the PS3? Or illegal games? Let's hope it stays at homebrew only.

Quote: ''Today I validated my theories about running the isolated SPUs on the PS3 as crypto engines. The PS3 is 100% hacked. So where my homebrew at?''

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The Meerkat3659d ago

If pirate games can be played there might be an explosion in demand for PS3s.

socomnick3659d ago

YAY now tell me what kind of Bluray burner I need.

Free Games ftw.

villevalorox3659d ago

%100? hmmm... Well i mean what does %100 mean to you.. If they hacked the ps3 to where you can play backups, homebrew, costume firmware and all that good stuff then cool, I'll go with the %100... but until then I'll believe it when I see it.

Yi-Long3659d ago

... this could be VERY good.

1st of all, demand for PS3 will go up ALOT, if people will have the possibility to download the games they don't think are worth buying, yet do seem like a bit of fun to play. For many, this is always a good reason to purchase a console they otherwise wouldn't have bought, and these are also the people who otherwise wouldn't have bought those games they might now download.

2: Blu-ray isn't region-free yet. With this hack, maybe it is, and hopefully now I'll be able to import Dexter on blu-ray, cause it hasn;t been released on BR in Europe, nor is there any news it will be.

3: Emulators.

FangBlade3659d ago

Google homebrew.
And change your avatar! its *beep*!

Cold 20003659d ago

This could be bad for Sony. Software sales may even be even weaker than they already are.

3659d ago
badz1493659d ago

are bootleg games working yet? and does he still opens the ps3 and applied the hack while the ps3 is ON? I'm not downplaying this kid's 'talent' but I'll believe it when I see it!

Sarcasm3659d ago

"Software sales may even be even weaker than they already are. "

Right, because games selling 1, 2, 3, or 4 million are "FLOPS" right?

Sarcasm3659d ago

As for the subject, come on folks. It's not even worth it to pirate a PS3. Think of the LONGGGGGGGGGGG downloads. Then again, adding up all the PS3 Exclusives would cost a pretty penny.

Noctis Aftermath3659d ago

Screw downloading 25gig+ files.

Cold 20003659d ago

Lol, I don't want the demise of Sony.

N4G would probably close down :D

Karooo3659d ago

open zone is that way? why do you want demise of sony seriously thats pathetic, especially microsoft monopoly.

people like you shouldnt be allowed to live.

Eamon3659d ago

To those who think that console will deman will sky rocket.

This is false. Even with 3-4 years of Xbox 360 piracy, they pirates only make less than 10% of the owners. And who's to say, that most of them were people who already owned a console.

Also, to say software sales will take a nose dive, is also false. Most pirates would not have even bought most of the games they pirate so software sales will remain uneffected.

kewlkat0073659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Who in their right mind is gonna download 25 gig games?, well it won't be me. Now if your able to play Copied games, then Chinese are gonna be all over this.

I wonder what kind of Ban Sony can implement with a Free Service?

BYE3659d ago

"Today I validated my theories about the isolated Spus running on the PS3 as crypto engines."

This guy keeps publishing his nerd talk that he expects everyone to understand what it means, without showing or proving anything.

I believe it when I see it, until then it's bla bla.

gaffyh3659d ago

LMAO @ all the fanboys in this thread. PS3 is hacked, but it is pretty useless at the moment, and will be for the coming months.

KruLLit3659d ago

25 GB isn't that much. I will gladly download 25GB then paying 59$ for a game, but that's maybe just me.

silverbeld3659d ago

Let me tell you guys.

Why the Wii is so succesfull. That is because it is so easy to Hack. But 360 you will get banned from Live!

This could make the PS3 a NR.1 system seller once again!

Gothdom3659d ago

All I want is a nes and snes emu and that's it... ok, some homebrew too, but if I have to install CFW on my 60gb PS3, forget about that.

Viper73659d ago

You think they will let you get away with 25gb download? When the piracy starts to affect the games they will just swap single layer blu-ray disks to dual layer 50gb ones and fill them with ghost/copy/blank data.

So its more or less likely to be a 50gb per game. That would take ages with my connection and pretty much render the internet "unusable" for that period (most of the bandwidth would go for the download).

actually the method to counter piracy would be most effective to restrict network bandwidth speeds from normal consumers and increase the size of all games with blank data. No1 with any sanity left starts to download 50gb files with less than 10mbps bandwidth.

vhero3659d ago

Only reason I am interested in this is PS2 emulator so I can finally play my PS2 games again. I know the coding's there Sony are hiding from us..

Risky_243659d ago

To everyone saying it's useless because no one would download 25 gigs of data aren't looking at the bigger picture. You can simply rent a game you are interested in and copy it. Everything piracy isn't about downloading. On another note I don't care for pirating games as I never did on my 360 but what I am interested in is customization of my PS3 as I please like custom themes on the PSP etc.

DeepInterludium3659d ago

Well he still hasn't proved it, and it's doubtful that it's "100%" hacked.

And even if he did, he accessed it through OtherOS which isn't even in new PS3 models.

zeeshan3658d ago

If and this is a big if... IF, PS3 gets like 100%, like this guy is claiming it to be and I mean both the slim and the fat version, there is NOTHING that can stand between PS3 and worldwide domination.

I doubt I will ever hack my PS3. I loveeeeeeee free online gaming and I want to support the devs. 25-50 gig of video games is a LOT for many people to download and bluray still costs really expensive. But, it'll sell like hot cakes right if we can run homebrew on it. That'll be massive! Imagine a PS2 emulator, THAT is a great thing but again, SONY can always update firmware and render PS3 hacks useless :)

Hisiru3658d ago

People who only buy pirated games won't buy a system if it's not hacked (no matter what system it is). People who really buy games will buya PS3 no matter if it's hacked or not.

This can only be good for the PS3 hardware sales.

UnwanteDreamz3658d ago

Look at all the little kids commenting. You can really tell when the weekend arrives around here.

SilentNegotiator3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Now I just need a Blu-ray burner, faster internet speed, a second know what? Forget it.

"YAY now tell me what kind of Bluray burner I need"
First you need a Ps3 to play them on, troll.

HSx93658d ago

If it were 100% we would have it hacked by now, but it's not fully hacked, hackers still have to find a way to understand what this port does and how games take advantage of it.
What I know is, when you download a patch, that port exposes valuable information of that patch, making it vulnerable to hacking, but having BURNED GAMES, of COPY of GAMES, that's not going to happen with a simple server hole. You would need access to another part of the system to do that.

Also before you mouth off that im some random noob that doesn't know what I'm saying, do your research before you disagree or what not, and find out who I am.

f7897903658d ago

1. You need a bluray burner and bluray discs (still expensive)
2. You have to download the insanely large amount of files for a game through torrents
3. Do you want to risk being permanently banned from online play? I know some don't care but most do

zeeshan3658d ago

This socomnick guy needs to be banned here. Like permanently! He has intentions to help bring down a company that employees hundreds of thousands of people all around the globe. You are an extremely LOW guy. Supporting piracy like that. Socomnick, it's scum like YOU that is wrong with this world!!!

thesummerofgeorge3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

What a douche...

Anyway, I don't really think this will have a big effect, positive or negative on sales. Maybe just a headache for Sony. I would like to be able to play imported stuff though.

Saaking3658d ago

@ COld 2000

You DO realize the PS3 has been CONSTANTLY beating the 360 in WW sales since September of last year right?

So if the PS3 is heading to it's demise would you agree that the 360 is long dead? Seriously man, use your brain for once. You and others on this site give 360 fans a bad reputation.

Whitefox7893658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

While this is true do you realize how long it would take to burn games? Not to mention compile all the data. Also removing the copyright protection on the disc. It has to burn slowly because the PS3 Blu Ray is slower at reading then a DVD player because there is so much data! Okay simply put if you burn the disc at a high speed the laser in the PS3 won't be able to keep up with it wearing it down faster. Second off I went to Best Buy recently $17 bucks for one blank 25 gb Blu Ray sorry but no thanks. Isn't the copyright protection also embedded on the PS3 Blu Ray player as well?

feelintheflow3658d ago

First off, if this is true, the people who are saying, "sony will sell more ps3's now" should not be happy. Sony doesn't really make any money on the hardware, and if people are going to be getting free copies of games why would this benefit sony? Only in N4G world of fanboys would this be considered a win for sony. Yeah, lets sell 10 million more units and make basically 0 dollars on them, and less people will buy software because they can get illegal copies. Oh that sounds like a win win for sony and its stockholders. Not.

Richdad3658d ago

PS3 hacked after last. This will definitely give huge propulsion to PS3 sales. Yeah for playing games on PS3 I think one would still wait for 6 months for playing it safe.

RememberThe3573658d ago

Thanks for the heads up. That is if you are who you say you are :)

FACTUAL evidence3658d ago

for hackers. hahaa! It's dual layered disc. ontop of that, don't you have to have FW 2.6 or something, and have to open your ps3, and run wires? Totally not worth it.

ThanatosDMC3658d ago

I do not support this. Now, where's did i put my jailbroken itouch and my PSP Slim that can play N64 games.

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Natsu X FairyTail3659d ago

Homebrew maybe? Newer patches might make your console unplayable so think twice if this is real.

CrippleH3659d ago

People who runs custom firmware doesn't update their firmware with an official firmware.

Marceles3659d ago

Homebrew and custom firmware, he already confirmed there will never be an iso loader so you won't be playing copied games off of a HDD, but might be a chance if you can afford a Blu-ray burner and discs.

TheDudeAbides3658d ago

ummmm, mandatory update to get online?

deafwing3658d ago

.. sony could make it mandatory to do an update on system boot ... thus killing/bricking a lot of ps3s given the way that you currently get the update notices.

Qdog3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I stated about two to three years ago that the only way to hack the PS3 or implement non-native code was to bypass or disable temporarily the on-die security method (the SPU dedicated to the hypervisor), it looks like he is on the right track, but as much as I would like to see a Dreamcast emulator on the PS3 (I have the original games on their respective GD-ROMs before you ask), I know that I cannot have that without the possibility of piracy on the platform. Homebrew is great, but the side-effects and collateral damage far outweigh the good(Piracy, custom virus algorithms, system instability, account and identity theft, future incompatibility etc). As of right now there are laws being passed through and by the Geneva convention, that would change the course of piracy, and the punishments associated with stealing Intellectual Property. I say let them pirate, as it will be hilarious once they see the consequences for their actions in the future and the amount of heartache they have brought on themselves. Most pirates act with the delusion that they are untouchable.... As for this, I would have to see a full-blown implementation before I say whether it's 100% or not.

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ASSASSYN 36o3659d ago

Welcome to the club. LOL!

jerethdagryphon3658d ago

as far as i know his exploit still runs through linux on the other os and still requires glitching the memory with some code meant to overlap 2 memory sections causing a crash... thats how hes bypassed hypervisor...

however the encryption keys and such as far as i know is still out of his reach if i read it right his loaders and such would only work on otheros stuff and not allow gameos which is needed for games ... all it does it open up homebrew for the linux side and since the slims lack the otheros it shouldnt go much further

led10903659d ago

I guess its finally time to buy a just kidding

EpsilonTeam3659d ago

I want to see a running backup of a game before i believe anything.

deafwing3658d ago

... I can't see myself buying more hard drives for my ps3 .. that's just stupid ... taking up 15 - 50 gigs of image space for one game .. that's stupid.