70% of WoW Players Quit Before Level 10

BeefJack writes: "Blizzard announced this week that 70% of it's subscribers end up quitting the game before they reach level 10. To put that into some perspective there are currently about 11 million people who are monthly subscribers to the game.

The reveal game during an earnings call with Blizz CEO Mike Morhaime, who said only 30% of trial account players end up sticking around."

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Agent Smith3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I'm part of that 70%. It's not a bad game, I'm just not into MMO's. And also, I have a life.

JsonHenry3662d ago

I tried to like it as well. I think I got to a level 26 warlock and then just couldn't take the mundane questing/grind anymore. That and the graphics fidelity is so low the world feels lifeless to me and not at all engrossing.

Here is to hoping STALKER gets turned into a (good) MMO!!!

Jinxstar3662d ago

I made it to level 70 and downed some big raid bosses. It gets really amazing how much skill, timing and team work it takes be be effective at this game. i did quit though before the last Xpac. It's just too much time to sink as opposed to skill anymore. I prefer skill over time sink and WoW has too many issues for me but I still like seeing whats going on in the game from time to time.

Saaking3662d ago

Yep, I tried the trial and I honestly cannot understand why so many people are hooked on it?! It's just mind boggling. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent game; however, I just don't see how anyone could get addicted to it.

Hellsvacancy3662d ago

I quit after 10 days, couldnt get in-2 it

siliticx3662d ago


The guy who made this article is so WRONG! The 70% figure was for player who quite before level 10 ------> On trial accounts <-------

Here's the origial quote :
"Our research shows that trial players who play World of Warcraft pass level 10 are much more likely to stick with the game for a long time. Currently, only about 30% of our trial players make it past this threshold."



Stoney223662d ago

You can still have a really good life and play an mmo. I always find it funny people who think it's cool not to play WoW like there rebels or something. If you played WoW and didn't like it fair enough but like someone else said the trial probably gives you .5% of what the game actually feel likes like.
The actual stat isn't all that surprising though since the starting areas really aren't an accurate representation of how the game is anymore and the whole thing needs to be redone.
The trial themselves aren't done very effectively. The first 20 levels are really poor. Take paladins for example. Tanking as a paladin can be really good once you get Righteous Fury and consecration but you don't get these till level 20. Until then tanking as a paladin is almost impossible.
The mail restrictions and the inability to trade items or start parties restrict players ability to make friends which is what ultimately gets people coming back and playing the game because of the friends you make.
Blizzard need to either remove the level cap or give users the full experience to level 20.

To be honest i've played every MMO currently on the market (expect Star Trek online) and WoW is the best out there right now. It's not perfect but it does a lot of things right.

sikbeta3662d ago

How much time you need to spend to reach level 10 on this kind of games?

Man, I see a lot of guys spending so much time on it, is unbelievable, I tried once but is not for me

Gamers FTW!!!

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33662d ago

MMO's are just tedious and repetitive. Usually, its not even about skill, but who puts the most time in. My brother plays WoW and he tells me that lately they have made it so easy he could literally beat his head against the keyboard and still play.

This is interesting news however. Just the other day I was reading about how the WoW population has stopped growing.

RagTagBnd4453661d ago

Endgame content in WOTLK sucked, you could spend a month trying to get some awesome gear. And then in the next patch, getting that gears just gets 4 times easier. However burning crusade was fun.

3662d ago
branchedout3662d ago

It's mostly because of the grind. The game's probably fun until you realized that it's the thousandth time you killed that particular monster, or the millionth time you delivered x number of item y to z NPC.

Akagi3662d ago

I quit before 5. It just bored me to tears, and the higher levels see themselves as superior beings who don't have time to help a newbie.

Knghtz3662d ago


It takes 20 minutes to get to level 5 and then you've experienced about .5% of the game. I don't think you really gave it a fair shot lol.

zagibu3662d ago

20 minutes is fair, considering there are plenty other games that are NOT boring during those first twenty minutes. Of course, there is the possibility that the game gets better after those inital minutes, but a) this chance is pretty low and b) so what? Entertainment is not hard to find these days...

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