Get flOw For Free Right Now

Dana Olson writes: "Just checked the PlayStation Store, and it looks like flOw is available for free. Get it if you can!"


flOw will be free on the PSN until 9:00 PM PST, February 13th.

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Bnet3433824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

It's true. Please approve this quickly so others can know. Downloading now. Thanks for the heads up.

Saaking3824d ago

Yep, it's free. Just got mine.

adolson3824d ago

if you like flOw, you'll love Flower... we're giving away two copies later today (same site as this story), just in time for Valentine's Day. :)

goflyakite3824d ago

Got mine too, thanks for the article!

taco_tom2373824d ago

got mine....relaxing game.

Shang-Long3824d ago

Everything is better FREE

legendkilla3824d ago

lol ive had this game for years now! nothing too exciting

ProblemSolver3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Within the current description of flOw (within the make.believe section of the
NA PSN store) one can read; only available for the US and Canada.

Europe may get something tomorrow.

reaferfore203824d ago

Make an American account for science's SAKE!

Death24943824d ago

Yeah i downloaded it and everything just now. I guess they were doing because it's been out for so long.

duplissi3824d ago

meh, had it since it came out... good for everyone else though.

fantasygamer3824d ago

i have this game already and its pretty cool and you cant beat something thats free ^,..^

Pika-pie3824d ago

Efff free. Just give us Europeans the damn trophy patch that the US got months ago.

aftrdark213824d ago

Downloading it now! Thanks for the info.

Automat3824d ago

The flOw trophypatch released in EU in december... stop complaining and try starting the game instead....

ScarT3824d ago

Use this proxy on your PS3.

Took 30mins to download fl0w. Slow, but OK for a free game i guess.

ChozenWoan3824d ago

and now it's mine mine mine
mine mine mine mine mine
mine mine mine mine mine
mine mine not yours mine
mine mine mine mine mine
mine mine mine mine mine



ok i'm back what did I miss

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nix3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

all i got was an error.

EDIT- maybe it's for US only. i'm not from USA. all i got was "HTTP ERROR 403". after i clicked on Download button.

The Dark Knight3824d ago

Hmmmm can't get it in Australia.

TheDeadMetalhead3824d ago

Just make a US PSN account and get it that way.

Yi-Long3824d ago

... Maybe they blocked it off for us. We all know Sony doesn't give a crap about their European customers (just like Microsoft btw, with their ridiculous prices for 'games on demand' in Europe, for example).

Too bad. I really got excited about getting this game for free.

Yi-Long3824d ago

We obviously already have a US Account, which is where we tried to download it. It gives the error-message. :)

The Dark Knight3824d ago

Yeah i have one, but get the same error code ^ and says its a server problem so most likely locked :(

zme-ul3824d ago

free flOw outside US is blocked
I get an 403 HTTP error when I try to download it

weazel3824d ago

Yup. 403 error, so no dice in the eu. (On an american account dmh)

lelo2play3824d ago

Yep... have an american account but gives me an error. It's a pity Sony treats their biggest market (Europe) this way.

MiloGarret3824d ago

Just to add a completely unnecessary comment: Yeah, it happened to me too. Strange that they didn't do the same thing when rag doll kung fu was free due to some promo in the US.

Dark_Vendetta3824d ago

Too bad, I get the same error. At least I got flower for 2.99 (very nice deal in my opinion)

Redempteur3824d ago

yes i got the same treatment ( error 403 ) ..but at least the game is in my download list ... i will retry in a few days since i already activated it !

i guess they ( sony ) learned a little since they gave rag doll kun fu for free last time ..

matta3824d ago

Use a proxy, it worked for me.

BYE3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

European customers endow Sony's console with paying much higher prices for games and hardware than in USA ... but immediately get locked out when something is free over there...

Sony's regioning is bullsh^t...

badz1493824d ago

but does this possibly caused by heavy traffic of people downloading the same thing? I got rag doll kung-fu for free before with no problem. I'll keep trying

mastiffchild3824d ago

SCEE<dog turd. Seriously, what does it even stand for? Sony conning EU entirely? Sod Catering for European entities? IDK.

Hopefully they'll give us a chance in the future but given the way they usually treat the region most loyal to them, that pays the highest prices for software AND hardware for them I wouldn't bet on it any time soon.

Every day I imagine Sony might actually start realising gamers exist outside of their two homes in Japan and the states but they continue to believe their EU income just shows up by magic and there isn't really a continent out here(let alone silly rumours concerning the existence of Canada, Australia or New Zealand!)full of gamers sick to death of being ripped off and taken for granted and then left out when anything good is on offer.

We pay more and wait longer, we get fewer games from them(I'm looking at YOU DS)anyway and get the crappy end of every stick concerning Sony and the PS3. If I axctually believed there were real people working in the SCEE offices in the UK I'd say we storm the building but, sadly, I imagine it's only a front for tax purposes!

I think SCEE is pathetic considering the level of EU support for Sony and they seem even worse if you happen to be in other regions that aren't lucky enough to be the States or Japan. Home in the EU lags behind even though WE made it, the store's sh1t here, hardly any PSX classics by comparison, no netflix and a delay of years before we got our over priced vid store-list of gripes is bloody endless. Next time I doubt the EU will be as supportive, not to mention those lumped in with us frm nowhere near the EU!

Perhaps, if we didn't buy their consoles and acted like the US we might get a better deal but seeing as Live is a shadow of it's US self over here as well who knows?

tehReaper3824d ago

To be fair, Sony gave away 3-4 PSP games in Europe for PSPGo users. NA users, like myself, didn't even get 1.

ScarT3824d ago

Working proxy

Took 30mins to download fl0w from EU.

DaTruth3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Your EU charges an arm and a leg in tariffs to protect their own products. So please don't go blaming Sony!

You guys also have to have 12 languages programmed into every game, which might mean 12 different sets of actors or just a lot of work in subtitles. In Canada, you just have to put a black and white French copy of the instruction book in the shrink wrap!

In Canada, we don't have the video store; But we don't go blaming Sony for the CRTC's(probably lobbied by BlockBusterVideo) slow move to let them bring it to us!

ScarT3824d ago

Subtitles in some of the games are USELESS. The translation in Killzone and Uncharted could have been made by google translate.

TheDeadMetalhead3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Really? I didn't know they could still region-lock it if you had an account from that country (in this case US). That really sucks. :(

(403 means it's forbidden, btw)

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cellfluid3824d ago

including free downloadable game...lolol i love it!!!!!

DaTruth3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

A big room full of Ho... Actually, I'll probably get banned from the Gamerzone for a week! Never mind!

NHDrumline173824d ago

Glad I got in on it before the promotion ended...