GameSpot: SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 Review

Unfortunately, the online multiplayer is about the only part of Fireteam Bravo 3 that can be called entertaining. The game is thoroughly competent, but there is little to capture your interest. The mission structures lack creativity, and the bland story casts a pall of boredom over the whole campaign. Fireteam Bravo is technically sound, but without any tactical tension or invigorating spark, the game feels lifeless and hollow.

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3656d ago Replies(1)
Bodster3656d ago

I found SOCOM Tactical Strike a great game on PSP, but the others i havent liked as much. I loved SOCOM CONRONTATION on ps3 though, I personally thinks its brilliant, i dont understand why so many people were complaining about it...

Redlogic3655d ago

i liked it and plan on gettin this game asap. i need some action on the psp.

Dave13513655d ago

I hope this game will be good cause face it us psp owners dont have alot of games to look forward too.

Scary693655d ago

I played the demo and it was ok, but like other Fireteam bravo games the campaign usually isn't that great its the online that everyone tends to play.