Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Hands-On Impressions [RPG Site]

You're going to find plenty of previews of Final Fantasy XIII out there that explain how the combat works, how it plays, how battles work, and undoubtedly they will be gushing about how slick and speedy it is, and they're right to.

But RPG Site are RPG specialists, and they've played the import, and they've told you all about it in the past – so we spent our brief time with the Xbox 360 version of the game looking not at how it plays, but how well it's been ported.

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ClownBelt3660d ago

So basically, the 360 got a good port, but still inferior to the PS3 version. Good to know.

AP3660d ago

I think Inferior is a bit of a strong word, but... more or less. Yeah.

densai3660d ago

anyone with sense will buy ps3 ver. march npd will be fun!!

Rob Rymond3660d ago

I don't mind 3 discs, and it says unless you have a huge TV you won't really notice the compression. If I had a PS3 I'd get it on that though!

Saaking3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I still don't know if I'm even gonna buy the game. SE decided to purposely gimp the game and hold FF back from reaching it's full potential so I don't know if I should support them. Maybe I'll just buy it used from ebay or something.

PS360PCROCKS3660d ago

To be fair, 720P is still damn good resolution, it's still HD. Besides unless you're gaming on a 50" or larger 1080P is negligible at best. I myself own a 50" 1080P Kuro so if I was going to buy this game it would definitely be the PS3 version. I think "inferior" is a bit too strong, buy yes the blu-ray on PS3 shines through with 1 disc and 1080P

Godmars2903660d ago

No matter what, considering that there was extra content playable on the PS3 that go cut, that could have meant more discs for the 360, S/E purposely limited the final version of the game.

Heck, if the Kotaku article with comparison photos are anything to go by - which don't look the slightest bit photoshopped - S/E is in full denial about what they did or didn't do.

DMason3660d ago

"Despite fears from many, in our time with the game we didn’t spot any muddy, low quality textures in the Xbox 360 version, and there weren’t any technical hitches even when battles got crazy with magical effects, explosions and gigantic enemies all in the mix."

Well this is good to know, I was worried that it wouldnt stack up. I always buy my multiplats on the 360, but since FF is near and dear to my heart, I'm picking this one up on the PS3. Probably just the nostalgia factor.

mikeslemonade3660d ago

This is hard evidence that Square Enix purposely gimped the PS3 version so it can work this well on 360. I'm not buying this game for PS3 anymore.

camachoreloaded88063660d ago


"Waaah, the 360 version actually looks decent, so it's not a crappy port, waaaah!"

Boo f0ckin hoo. Go cry a river and don't buy this game then, it'll sell just fine without you (and other whiny fanboys) touching it.

table3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

How is the ps3 version 'gimped' when the two versions are running on different engines. It also uses 3 discs on the 360 therefore there is no obvious reason why anything would have been dropped from the ps3 version. They even say that the cutscenes are superior on ps3.

Simon_Brezhnev3660d ago

Not sure if its gimped but think about it why is there no towns in the game. They claim it was too hard but remember one of the develops said they had so much content it can be another game. So in other words we're getting the downs as DLC. So i blame that on microsoft.

KimDongHwan3660d ago

I dont know if this is relevant, but if you go check the RPG site in the comment section of this article you will find a guy with a nick "Bungie" bashing the PS3. I hope he is not the same guy from N4G because that would sad.

StanLee3660d ago

Look at you little trolls calling the XBox 360 version "inferior" when the only compromise is that pre-rendered cutscenes run at 720p and not 1080p; a compromise that will almost certainly go unnoticed. Now we have trolls resorting to calling the game "gimped". You fcuks disgust me, but fanboys are by nature irrational a'holes so why should I be surprised.

commodore643659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

It's ironic how Saaking opines that SE allegedly 'gimped' the ps3 version to uphold the game parity across both platforms.

Yet, when Bayonetta on 360 was held back by the clearly inferior ps3 version, he was nowhere to be seen with such arguments.


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densai3660d ago

wow i never knew some of the in engine cutscenes were rendered videos. even more video to be compressed..

densai3660d ago

poor xbots with their grainy compressed video

EvilBlackCat3660d ago

"The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are identical in this respect. Everything magical about FF13’s world has been lovingly translated in the Xbox 360 version. Loading times are few, entry into battle is seamless, and everything looks sharp, clean and pretty. It’s a damn fine port, and in regular gameplay even the most devout fan might struggle to notice the difference between the two, were it not for the different button prompts.

In terms of both gameplay graphics and performance the two versions feel almost identical, and there are no significant flaws with either version. It’s clear that the same attention to detail and level of polish has been applied to the Xbox 360 version of the game, despite its shorter lead time"

-> despite its shorter lead time

-> despite its shorter lead time

-> despite its shorter lead time

-> despite its shorter lead time

-> despite its shorter lead time

Ichiryoka3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

This site is better than Gamespot and the lost gamer when it comes to writing articles about ff13. They even used some 360 images. There were no fanboyish comments, they gave credit where it was due.

Both versions are equal except for the cgi. There are a few people that dont want to believe that, but they have to live with themselves in denial, I dont.

Edit: heh...oh i knew that but still, great article.

AP3660d ago

It's a mulitplatform site, they just have sub-sections.,, etc.

DMason3660d ago

Its a multiplat site dude, they just filed this in the 360 section because it was a 360 hands on.

John_Dylan3660d ago

Bah no JPN voice acting for either versions... gonna have to experience a minimum continuous 6 hours of mild-ass American voices to finish the game.

Regardless im still purchasing this simply because of my secret desire to ride a HD digital Chocobo in across Hi-res plains and beautiful fields. (...Yea you can stop laughing now.)

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