Sony, Microsoft show off PSN, XBL numbers

Both Sony and Microsoft have revealed the numbers behind their console online services, with both services growing significantly over the year.

Sony CEO Jack Tretton says that the free PlayStation Network (PSN) now has over 40 million users, with the service growing 155 percent in December alone.

Says Tretton: "We've also successfully established that we're not just a disc-based powerhouse, but we're also a digital powerhouse. PlayStation Network experienced huge growth last year, marking its best revenue month in December – a 155% increase in sales from the previous year. More than 40 million of you all over the world are coming to PlayStation Network to access multimedia content and to enhance your social gaming experiences."

Microsoft says Gold subscription XBL members now total 23 million. Additionally, users logged in at the same time reached an all-time high last month, hitting 2.3 million.

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we won3658d ago

Still crying over NPD?

Theodore873658d ago

There are people who have both PS3 and PSP and own only one account. I for example have 2 accounts for 2 PSPs and 2 PS3s.

Droid Smasha3658d ago

23 million * $50.00 = 360 aint going nowhere

butterfinger3658d ago

you were worried about the XBOX360 going somewhere? Apparently, you're an idiot.

chrisulloa3658d ago

23 Million *50 dollars a month = XBL
44 Million *0 dollars a month = PS3

Who's going nowhere?

4point7BillionLoss3658d ago

we need to see the PSN concurrent user stats ... otherwise it's a bit pointless.

Cletus3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

But how duz Sony have 40 million uzers when dey've only sold 'bout 34 million consolez???

4point7BillionLoss3658d ago

people have multiple accounts AND also includes PSP users ...

The 23 million xbox live users are fully paid Gold subscribers ... there are many more free silver subscribers, so the numbers reported in this way don't really add up.

As I said, it would be interesting to see how many concurrent users there are on Both systems ... that would make sense ...

commodore643657d ago

@ 4.7billion

Not sure why you got disagrees, as you simply stated facts.
Keep it up.

Cletus3656d ago

No shur how anywun disgrees wit anywun when nowun sais anyting dats agreeble!

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Ninji3658d ago

PSN = Over 40,000,000 members
XBL = 23,000,000

XBL must be deserted. No wonder MAG is a PS3 exclusive.

Hisiru3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Multiple accounts + PSP accounts

PS3 total sales are bellow 33M yet Sherlock.

ambientFLIER3658d ago

Don't forget accounts created on the computer, too.

Hell, I hate my ps3, and even I have 2 accounts on it. Made the second one to download the Killzone 2 demo from the other region...

Trebius3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Cause it's PSN accounts, not PS3 PSN accounts.

PSN is more than just the PS3, but you guys are too stupid to realize it, you just start talking Sh!t right away like you know your as$ from your elbow in the subject.

Edit: I dont think that many people besides the N4G community and a few others actually make multiple accounts to download games from other regions.

Most of the general public dont look online for new demos in other regions or even care.

Its just a select few that REALLY want to be on top of their games and get every piece of content outside their region. Which isn't a bad thing, I made a Japanese account to download the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo and the Bayonetta demo WAYYY early. But I have friends that dont give 2 sh!ts about any of that stuff...

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3658d ago Replies(4)
FreeFalling3658d ago

Seeing as Sony is counting the multiple accounts of a person, and foreign accounts made, those are some pretty good numbers for Microsoft and Sony.

sak5003658d ago

By the looks of what we understood that every ps3 owners has 3~4 psn accounts to download stuff from different region. So effectively only 10~15 million actual individual psn accounts out there including psp.

Godmars2903658d ago

And how any multiple accounts are on a 360? That's one that no one asks.

FordGTGuy3658d ago

Those are gold account numbers even if there are multiple they are all paying.

barom3658d ago

To be fair those gold numbers can be mispresented as well. Almost every game (if not every game) comes with a 48 hour live card and as far as I know every new account opened gives you a free one month trial for Gold subscription. So measure that number in the month of Modern Warfare 2 and you can easily have 2-3 million extra users (possibly even more considering how well the game sold). Also to say every PSN owner has 3-4 accounts is also false, this would only count for a small percentage. Do you really think every PS3 owner is hardcore enough to make an account for each region? Actually do you even think every PS3 owner has access to internet to begin with?

Regardless of whether they're active users or wutnot. One cannot deny the success of the PSN. Just a year ago (I think), PSN and XBL numbers were almost equal. So to not only pass XBL but almost doubling it in a year, is quite impressive no matter how you look at it.

champ213658d ago

Steam Alone has 2.4 million users online all the time, thats comparable to MS live. Steam is just part of the PC community.

IMO PC still has the largest online user base.

Godmars2903658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

They're also fewer 360's online. The same thing that's held against PSN numbers.

Steam numbers are also somewhat useless since it only deals with game DLs and game trailers. They don't touch on movie and TV shows. Game networks and communication.

You may as well include Battlenet's numbers. All the people playing Starcraft, which is most of Korea.

DelbertGrady3658d ago

Sonys numbers account for multi-accounts and across 3 platforms, PS3, PSP anc PC whereas MS numbers are only for the 360. I'd like to see some numbers concerning the activity on PSN. I wonder why they are so tight-lipped about that?

Godmars2903658d ago

What about Windows Live?

pixelsword3658d ago

just like counting replaced 360's as individual sales, yet the XBL numbers don't match up... just like the PSN numbers don't match up.

lelo2play3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )


"Microsoft says Gold subscription XBL members now total 23 million"

This surprises me. Gold accounts are paid accounts, so that's a lot of money. I did not think the Xbox 360 had so many Gold accounts. No wounder Sony wants to create paid accounts for the Playstation network.

Bilbo653658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I know several kids who boost halo 3 for gold account 1,3 month codes theyve gone through alot as well like 5+ accounts

kewlkat0073658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

On the other, hand MS business Model(whether you like it or not) is making them money. I never really agreed with MS pricing of most things but they went with a Pay--to--play business model and since it is not in decline because of consumer dissent, they must be doing something right.

"users logged in at the same time reached an all-time high last month, hitting 2.3 million." That's crazy.

I wonder what Sony thinks and what they will do to make more money off PSN.

JonnyBadfinger3658d ago


Each 360 console comes with only 3, 1 month trials per console. so at the max you can only have 3 free accounts which are only good for a month. And it would be easy to determine which account is a trial or 1 month, their system would just check subscription begin date and its expiry date. So those XBL number are by far more accurate then PSN numbers, my mate has 6 on his PS3.

And no matter what way you look at this, Microsoft wins... they pocket over a billion dollars from those 23 million gamers. Where as Sony are getting null from those 40million multi-account gamers... Sony could be sitting on a f***en gold mine if they were smart enough to make PS3 gamers pay for the subscriptions to those account.

paying for online games, is whether you like it or not the only way forward if you want your console to be around in the next 10 years. Its just far to much money for Sony to turn down. and at the end of the day they care only about their wallets not yours.

DeepInterludium3658d ago

This article is wrong.

Microsoft said 23 million users not gold subscribers:

As far as I know, Microsoft has never given out the number gold subscribers, they've just said it's around or over half the users.

Also, people need to realize that PSN includes PSP users that join PSN.

IdleLeeSiuLung3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I think a good conservative indicator is numbers of users online at once. Why? Because those are guaranteed users.

Now if you talk about numbers, Sony's numbers are extremely misleading because it includes

- PS3
- website/forum accounts

Not to mention the multiple accounts people have. It states nothing about the current number of users at any time.

Why do people not question Xbox Live's number, because they have multiple factors that would prevent people from having multiple accounts:

- achievements day 1
- paid subscription model
- don't include multiple sources to fudge the account numbers

It doesn't prevent it, but makes it considerably less likely. I think the biggest one is the multiple accounts on their website. Many people get banned for whatever reason and just open a new one. Website accounts are notorious for being abandoned.

MS also release, top concurrent users online. Xbox is the online console of choice in the biggest gaming market, the US, that cares the most about online gaming in the console space. If you go by that alone, you clearly see that something is up with Sony's numbers.

MS also usually says "active users", which they don't define, but it sure sounds less like abandoned old accounts.

With that said, both companies will fudge their numbers to make them look the best.

likedamaster3658d ago

Sony counts accounts made from the beginning on all platforms, while Microsoft counts accounts active(6-8 months since they logged in). That, my friend, is the difference. Still good numbers all around, and good for gamers.

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