MS: X10 Just a Glimpse of This Year's Lineup

Microsoft's Aaron Greenburg told OXM that the lineup of Xbox 360 exclusives shown at this week's X10 event in San Francisco is "just a glimpse" of what's coming this year.

"It's only February. These are all exclusive, triple-A titles that are going to sell millions of units, and I think it's a pretty clear sign that this is going to be a huge year," he said of the event lineup including titles like Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Fable 3 and Halo: Reach.

"And that, by the way, is just a glimpse of what we have for the year. We're going to have more at E3, more at holiday, it's going to be a huge year for us."

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Sitris3662d ago

what 3 exclusive games that he mentioned? I hope they have more haha cause they have:
Halo: Check
Fable: Check
Gears: Probably
PGR/Forza: Probably
Natal family games: Check
Natal attempts at real games: Check

There line up for the year needs to be a lot bigger if any rumours about sony are real, can u imagine a holiday with:
Super Mario Galaxy 2, Legend of Zelda Wii, Halo Reach, Crackdown 2, GT5, PGR5, infamous 2, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Gears 3, Syphon Filter Ps3, Beyond Good and Evil, Agent, LA Noire, Fable 3, plus all the motion control launch game for both MS and Sony.....My god i can dream cant i....

socomnick3661d ago

Fable3, Crackdown2, Alan Wake, Splinter cell conviction and the biggest game of 2010 Halo reach.

The quality of the MS exclusives in that list are already 10x better than the ones on the ps3.

That's just the announced games.

There will be an onslaught of 360 exclusives announced at GDC , PAXeast and e3.

Meanwhile the ps3 only has GT5 in the fall a game that will probably get delayed to 2011.

mikeslemonade3661d ago

Halo Reach
Splinter Cell
Fable 3
Alan Wake

4 out of the 5 games are franchises that already have set foot on xbox 360, so those games aren't going to generate system sales. Alan Wake, all the critics says its looks good but no one really has played it.

Karooo3661d ago

sony has 21 first party studios microsoft 3. you shouldnt really be saying all that stuff, didnt sony tell earlier they have more to announce.

what makes you think microsoft will release everything in 2010 they need games for 2011 as well due to the lack of first party studios.

this is just for damage control after sony announced they have more to show at E3.

lowcarb3661d ago

Sounding good MS! Please just keep it up and shake off the haters.

Blaze9293661d ago

just a glimpse!? Omg no more Microsoft please - enough! Save the rest for 2011

Saaking3661d ago

I'm only worried about MS. So far, it's been a good start; however, I hope they keep it up. I don't want to be disappointed yet again.

deadreckoning6663661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Im gunna be honest. I was watching Gametrailers last night and that 90 second GOW3 trailer made those 20 minutes of the episode devoted to Splinter Cell seem like last-gen stuff. Right now, the only 360 exclusive I want is Alan Wake.

At this point, M$ probably knows that 360 exclusives can't beat PS3 exclusives as far as graphics, animations, production, and overall "epicness". If M$ wants any chance of surviving(if not winning) 2010, there gunna have to drop the price and concentrate on games that offer LOTS and LOTS of variety, creativity, great gameplay, and originality(not Gears) cause otherwise..their screwed.

lowcarb3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Sorry dead but I strongly disagree. At 1st glance the GOW3 trailer took me by surprise but after pausing the screens here and there i could see it's not all that. Even the GOW3 pics above by flaimbait look like junk to me.

edit flaimbait: I've given props many times in the past to PS3 games. I can't help it if Alan Wake, Metro, and Reach get my attention in graphics much more than anything currently shown for PS3. That pic of GOW3 just looks terrible and that's being honest. I think the hype of games like that get you people so caught up you can't even tell when it's nothing more than an average looking. The shotgun alone in Halo reach looks better than the entire screen you put up.

we won3661d ago

My god are PS3 faboys going to be tracking and posting paranoid damage control comments in every 360 article this year?

FlameBaitGod3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

lowcarb dont be silly ;), anything on ps3 you wont like ^_^. It can have the best graphics in the world, if its not on 360 it wont impress you ^^. But alan awake does huh lol ^_^. Silly human :)

wewon, how is this dmg control ^_^!!, im showing real pics from each game :), you can judge for your self :D!, and theres so many ps3 fanboys in here that i cant count them with 2 fingers. Get it! 2 ! cus its only me and another 1! but you make it seem like a lot so u make it believe a lot of people care... nicely played :)

Look at the good of war and heavy rain articles right now and count how many troll on them and count how many troll on ur 360 articles and lets see who has more trolls :D!, if you dont do it I will so we can see which articles have more trolls ^_^!!!!! I think you have trolling and commenting mixed up ^_^, just look at your post on ps3 treads, those r troll post and look at mine, 90% of em have links and facts on them while yours come from yah butt.

Pistolero3661d ago

"4 out of the 5 games are franchises that already have set foot on xbox 360, so those games aren't going to generate system sales."

Umm...that's what you said about Mass Effect 2 and you turned out to be wrong....Mass Effect 2 was only out less than a week and it still helped to result in a sales bump for the Xbox 360.

Pistolero3661d ago

Hmm...let's see which one wins.... or ...yep, Halo Reach wins.

DelbertGrady3661d ago

Another case of Sony talks while MS delivers. Every year it's the same. Sony has around 40 games in the "pipeline" of which 30 will mystically disappear, 7 will get delayed without release dates and 3 will eventually come out.

lowcarb3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

You and your group of desperate haters please look at the pics Xi just put up. The very 1st pics easily show just how powerful Reach currently is this early in development. I have yet to see one game that comes close to this monster yet.

Edit: XI and Pisterlo thanks for the pics.

SaberEdge3661d ago

Wow, that is awesome. Halo Reach looks completely amazing.

I'm so excited for so many of the games coming to the 360 this year.

captain-obvious3661d ago

sorry but TBH i think that this X10 was weak
i mean at least they should've revealed a new game or anything about natal
now don’t get me wrong
but I got disappointed after that hype from MS and Greenburg

the only thing that we got is screen shoots and information's about games that we already knew about
and we've already been seeing those from magazine's scans and websites from the web
the only different that those were new
we still could've got those from the web and ect. after awhile

i think Sony got a strong day as much as MS just with showing that GOW3 trailer

TROLL EATER3661d ago

microsoft ur spoiling us.

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ClownBelt3662d ago

More like "MS: X10 Listed all of This Year's Lineup"

Sonyslave33662d ago

2010 the year of the xbox 360 cofirmed!!

3661d ago
TROLL EATER3661d ago

nail in the coffin for ps3

qface643662d ago

so that X10 thing is over?
they just had it just to show more of fable 3, halo reach, alan wake???
i thought it was gonna be like a little conference thing or something

Saaking3661d ago

It's what everyone wanted to see.

qface643661d ago

they way everyone was talking i was under the impression there would be some new reveals and announcements or something

Karooo3661d ago

To justify my 360 purchase, I am burning inside after 2 games in 2009. get to work fast on great new ips.

Pistolero3661d ago

It's your own fault if you only played 2 games on the 360 last year....somebody could say the same thing about the ps3..."oh poor me, I only played Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 last year, so that means that there were noz udder gamez ta pley"...that's how you wasn't the 360's best year but there was still a lot more to play than two games.

DelbertGrady3661d ago

He doesn't own a 360. Just trolling. Check the open zone sometime and you'll probably see what I mean.

Karooo3661d ago

wont waste money on 360 games when i can get for pc or ps3, since i have lots of platinum trophies.

The only game i might buy is alanwake cuz its the best 360 game, rest are all average.

crackdown2? deadrising2? fable 3 no thanks, if halo impresses me more i might get that too.

but i am full with heavy rain, mag, yakuza 3, ffXIII, resonance of fate, gow3, MLB10 the show and the GTA4 dlc till march.

alan wake comes in may till then yawn.

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