Uncharted 2 gets the Trophy Patch, MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles Still Trophy-less

Apparently IGN got us good when they stated on a recent podcast that a very good PS3 game would be getting trophies. Well a very good game indeed receive trophies, but they had the internet in a frenzy and thinking the games would be very good games such as "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" or "Valkyria Chronicles".

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nogolis3661d ago

MGS4 is getting a tropy patch... I know of 60 trophies already. Will the patch be tomorrow or this month? Probably not... I say in May or June. Trust me... 60 trophies, remember that number.

snaz273661d ago

anyway what do you care? i see you in nearly every ps3 thread, and you never have anything positive to say! so why the hell would i believe you? i will listen to my own logic and reason thanks very much! on topic, shame on you ign, just another reason to avoid you like the plague!

whoelse3660d ago

I have only played through this game once in the hope of trophies. Guess there is no point waiting any longer.

ThanatosDMC3660d ago

I hope they re-release MGS4 and make MGS4:S with trophies, one time install, movie gallery, better MGO, more guns, more funny stuff, more scenarios, etc.

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Delta3661d ago

MotherF***** Son of a B****

Why would they say VC and MGS4 to begin with!!!!!

snaz273661d ago

they just left it open, but obviously people were gonna think those games off the bat, cos its what most people want.. you wouldnt think ucharted 2, as it has trophies already, ign didnt lie but they were shifty!

pimpmaster3661d ago

well a game getting a "trophy patch" means it didnt have any to begin with. duches

snaz273661d ago

uncharted 2 did and does have trophies! maybe the trophy patch is to add online trophies! your comment was inaccurate and useless, well done.

galgor3660d ago

i hear ya man. IGN FTL!

pimpmaster3660d ago


yes, insult me when u dont even know what im talking about.

im talking about IGN saying a very good game was getting a "trophy patch". trophy patches usually means its coming to a game withought trophys. they should of said trophy update or new trophys, something like that to avoid confusion. i was hoping they were talking about mgs4 but nope.. :(

[email protected]3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

the ugly menos grande has spoken [Obey / Cero] the choice is only your Kojima :)

Seven_ate_Nine3660d ago

That's not a menos grande, that's No-face from Spirited Away

Tyler_XMB3660d ago

I know this has nothing to do with the article but No-Face is freaking creepy.

[email protected]3660d ago

No-face/Menos grande... they look very similar to me xD

Sorry for the confusion thought.

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The story is too old to be commented.