Destructoid X10: Taking things back with Perfect Dark

Destructoid writes: "Back in 2000, when the original Perfect Dark came out, Rare was riding high. They had just come off the most successful console first-person shooter ever made, they and Nintendo were BFFs, and Perfect Dark was on everybody's lips.

Fast forward ten years. Rare is now in cahoots with Microsoft, the last shooter they made was lackluster at best, and, well, the game everyone really wants is Goldeneye. So where does that leave us? With an HD update to Perfect Dark. Having had some hands-on time with the game, I can certainly say there are some neat things with this game, much more than I would initially expect."

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Kalowest3666d ago

The game is kick ass, can't wait to DL it

IQUITN4G3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

The controls were exceptional on the N64pad(great and accurate sensitivity from the analog) and anyway you didn't have to play using yellow buttons for walk movement as that could be applied to dpad or even a 2x controller method- this article isn't exactly well informed is it