Lens of Truth: Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Demo Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "Last week we had a chance to sit down with Battlefield – Bad Company 2 demo for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Like its predecessor, Bad Company 2 features totally destructible environments, meaning that players can literally blow out sections of buildings walls and completely collapse them. The demo places you on either the attacking team, where the goal is to eliminate all crates on a map, or the defending team who must defend crates at all costs. Powered by the Frostbite engine, the demo reveals how the game's tactical destruction can help you achieve you goals and win, but the demo also reveals one system handles the destruction more effectively. Read on to find out which version wins."

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Hanif-8763661d ago

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a must buy for me :-)

edwineverready3661d ago

You can't run and strafe at the same time. i hate that. next fps i am getting is crisis2 for ps3.

we won3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

You're getting Crysis 2 for PS3 because it's the only console you own? The result of the console versions will be the same as Bioshock 2, Battlefield 2 and 99% of other multi plats. PS3's video card and GPU is inferior and it's memory use is lackluster. The only games that look good on PS3 are corridor games or games with cartoony hand painted environments with static visual tricks.

EDIT whoops wrong Links LOL Here we go

The lighting and textures are superior on the 360.

Mista T3661d ago

u. got. to . be. F'n. kidding. me.

KiRBY30003661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

im not an expert in FPS games but it doesnt make any sense to me to be able to strafe while sprinting. the point of sprinting is to move faster, the inconvenient to that is to move less precisely. its tactical. whats the point of sprinting if there isnt any inconvenient?? it wouldnt be interesting from a gameplay standpoint.

also, trying to picture the vision of a guy sprinting while strafing in real life, boy that looks retarded lmao facing north while running east. this is stupid.

Chubear3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I've never understood the way the gaming media and naysayers talk about how average in graphics a game like MAG is.

If you've played the demo of BFBC and MAG's demo, MAG's demo looked about the same but a bit better and the final product is DEFINITELY better than what we've seen in the BFBC demo.

It's like these people want to compare the graphics for an online only game with the graphics for a single player campaign. I never once saw a review that dogged on MW2's online graphics but they mention it for MAGs but pound for pound, MAG's graphics look better than MW2's online graphics. There are some maps on MW2 that look a bit better but over all not by much and over all MAG looks much better with tonnes of particle effects everywhere.

So what gives?

Anyways, those that enjoy BFBC games will have fun but for me, it didn't do it for me at all. It just felt very meh. Yes, shooting holes on walls is cool but at the end of the day I the demo made me rethink getting BFBC. I happen to think MW2's gameplay online is even better... ok, don't eat me, it's my own view point on this.

Saaking3661d ago

Yet PS3 exclusives DESTROY 360 games and multiplats.

CyberCam3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

These comparisons are ridiculous... if you're a 360 owner & all your friends are on XBL, you'll get it for the 360. However, if you're a PS3 owner & your my friends are on PSN, you'll get it for the PS3. If you own both consoles, you'll get it for the console you have the best/most friends on or buy it for both.... it's as simple as that!

I only have a PS3 so guess which console I'm getting it for?

So what's the big deal with these comparisons anyway?

gamer20103660d ago

"Yet PS3 exclusives DESTROY 360 games and multiplats."

Ever more hilarious delusion from the Sadking.

Anyway, the 360 version has a more stable frame rate and less screen tearing. Not a night and day difference, but it is there.

lowcarb3660d ago

I know it's a demo but 360 takes it once again.

edwineverready3660d ago

Almost every fps does strafing and running. when you run in bfbc2 you have to stop running to change direction. In almost all other fps you can move left right while running. in bfbc2 you press run and can't change direction while running well that just sucks.

dirthurts3660d ago

But you can do it on the pc version. You can turn, just not strafe.

SilentNegotiator3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Yep, 0.6 more fps and slightly less screen tearing. You must be real proud of your baby. The difference is massive, and it only costs $50 more every year.

lowcarb3660d ago

I have no time to argue with you or any other jealous PS3 fanboy. If you want the best experience for gaming (in 2010)then simply buy a 360 over move along. These differences mean a lot and give more insight on whats really going on.

TheBand1t3660d ago

If you don't have time to argue, why bother replying? Jackass.


it isn't just in performance where 360 is better.
it's pretty much better in detail too.

meh, anyhow, it's not like it matters to me, right now i think Halo: Reach took the spotlight with that new vidoc.
really nice looking stuff.

SilentNegotiator3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Yeah, I guess I could curb my jealous by purchasing another 360. I'd just LOVE to have the pleasure of having the hardware, microphone (Broken mic input), and controller (Screwed up control stick, battery pack too loose to keep controller running with tape) all break on me again.

Don't be sore because the facts hurt. The 360 is expensive as heck after the charges and accessories (And not to mention replacing broken ones), and not at all worth the trouble for a few percentage points less screen tearing or 1fps.

I don't have time to argue with you, so I'll respond (LOL)

Pistolero3660d ago

Nope...I spent $400 to originally get my 360 and aside from buying an extra controller that is all I have spent on it....of course I spend $40 a year for live but it is worth every cent in my opinion.

DelbertGrady3660d ago

Yes yes. MAG and Heavy Rain are completely DESTROYING Mass Effect 2, aren't they? Just a shame no one plays them.

bjornbear3660d ago

where were you last year? looking for games to play? convenient you pop out when you have a game to stand behind =P and its not even exclusive

so sad

oh and Heavy Rain >>> anything on 360 GRAPHICALLY since thats the point we're making here i think =)

The Maxx3660d ago

Heavy Rain does NOT look better than Mass Effect 2. You are out of your mind. Mass Effect 2 is the single best looking game out this gen.

HSx93660d ago

Looks good on both consoles.

likedamaster3660d ago

C'mon, didn't we already know how this was going to end?

A tidbit for you non-readers:

"Right off the bat, you can tell the graphical quality is definitely below the Modern Warfare 2 bar, but rest assured, Battlefield – Bad Company 2 visuals hold up nicely."

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jack_burt0n3661d ago

Seriously questioning this stuff, got a real good cross section of people playing both versions no one on ps3 has complained about tearing lack of AA sure not tearing.

Also Bioshock 2 on ps3 has vsync on, yet they said it had screentearing after just finishing it i noticed none.

gamer20103660d ago

You must somehow not be sensitive to screen tearing, because I noticed quite a lot of it in both versions of the demo. The 360 version had less, but it was still quite off putting.

earbus3661d ago

I think ill buy pc ps3 and 360 versions pc for mods,360 main ps3 eventually.

TheBand1t3661d ago

Kinda of hard to replicate conditions in a multiplayer only demo with destructible environments, innit?

GiantEnemyCrab3661d ago

Yes, and the fact they are analyzing a demo.

This doesn't seem to be LoT's best work.. Let's at least wait for retail and compare the SP.

Killzonegamer843661d ago

This crap is getting ridicoulous. I know i will get a ton of disagrees but oh well.. There is a hidden agenda with these sites that do "comparisons" Ok first and foremost i always buy both the PS3 and 360 versions of big games due to friends i have on both PSN ans Xbox live.

I have played Assasins Creed 2 on both systems, they looked identical.. Bioshock 2 looked better on PS3 while these jerk offs lens of truth said the 360 version looked better, the Bad Company 2 demo looks better on my PS3 than 360. Modern Warfare 2 also runs and looks better on the PS3.

These comparions are a joke and should not be trusted. PERIOD, even bayonetta wasnt as bad as the reviews said it was. The critics made PS3 bayonetta look like a SNES game or something and it honestly was not that bad.

goflyakite3661d ago

I can't vouch for the 360 versions. But for a lot of comparisons I see from various websites, the games look drastically worse then when I'm playing them on my TV.

ZombieAutopsy3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

"even bayonetta wasnt as bad as the reviews said it was"

While i'll agree, they weren't lying about it not being on par with the 360 version the frame-rate in Bayonetta was very noticable lower than the 360 version.

The BFBC2 demo though i believe the AA is better on the 360 version just slightly but if your playing on an HDTV you dont even really notice a difference, as far as screen-tearing goes i really didnt notice it in either of BFBC2 demo's (besides they shouldnt be comparing the online as it can all depend on lag and such).


Ok so i guess i should of said you can notice the jaggies easier on the ps3 version. MOST people know what i was talking about and im sure you did too.

TheBand1t3661d ago

How can one version have 'better' anti-aliasing when only the PC version has AA?

Neither of the console versions have AA.

morganfell3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

That isn't true. EA have a method for anti-aliasing on the PS3 that has not been pushed to all development teams. It may require some engineering depending on the engine but what they did with Saboteur was amazing. Not the game, but their method of anti-aliasing. I own the title and the technique using post processing on a SPU is cutting edge.

Edit: Ha ha ha, the truth hurts, doesn't it.

bacano3661d ago

If you read the reviews at Head2head, you'll see that - in most of the cases - they say the differences are minimal and hardly appreciable when playing. The guys of LOT make very good technical analysis, no mere opinions. If you read them, it's because you care about the graphics in a more deep sense, and you can't just say "These compariSons are a joke". Do you think both versions look the same? Play then, and don't care about their reviews, specially if you have money enough to buy two copies of the same game :P or if you aren't geek enough to appreciate antialiasing effect, clipping, etc.

gamer20103660d ago

I know on a couple of those you are flat out lying, because I compared them myself. I think you are the one that can't be trusted.

sak5003660d ago

Ps3's better yet owns both ? yeah right says the guy with Killzonegamer84.

I bet your achievements are over 10k right /sarc

goflyakite3660d ago

LOL gamer if you're trying to say that to me I haven't even said which comparisons look worse then my expierences.

GTFO pls.

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