GameSpot: Last Rebellion Hands-On

Last Rebellion is the latest Japanese role-playing game from Nippon Ichi Software, which was released in Japan earlier this year and is set to be released in North America at the end of this month. It's a unique turn-based RPG where you have interchangeable main characters, as well as an interesting tactical battle system that involves stamping and spellcasting.

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Chris3993659d ago

Getting it anyway as it's $40, and I don't really care what people think about my inhuman tolerance for JRPGs :) I'm not being a troll, but this, Star Ocean, WKC (are much higher on my 'to play' list than ME2 (have yet to even finish the first, probably polish off Infinite Undiscovery before that even :P).

Different strokes for different folks! Now where's WA: 6, LOD remake/ sequel, and a next-gen Persona already!?

sinncross3659d ago

I think this game will get more flak then it deserves.

I mean, the graphics do underwhelm, but the fighting system seems like a combination of of the combo system from FF13 or WKC along with the attack placement of Vagrant Story.

I think old skool JPRG's fan may enjoy this, but we'll see with reviews. Maybe the story is bad, and maybe the gameplay is not up to scratch.

blitz06233659d ago

It's good to see NIS put some effort into this game, but I'd rather they stick with the Disgaea series