2009 Nintendo Wii Shooter Games: Data, Sales Ranks, and Review Scores shows the data for some of the Wii's biggest shooter based games released in 2009.
CwG discusses the "total hours" played, and even the average review scores for the games.
CwG says at one point, "The only game that saw a change in its review score average, from last week, was Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.
It had one review added to its total number and that review helped increase the game's overall average.
Last week Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles was sitting at a 74.40% average with 39 reviews, this week its review score average increased to 74.54% with 40 reviews.
House of the Dead: Overkill's average is 80.78% based on 54 reviews.
The Conduit's average is 72.06% based on 63 reviews.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex's average is 78.53% based on 30 reviews."

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CoffeewithChess3664d ago

If you've played both games, The Conduit and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex, which game do you think is better?

statfreak3664d ago

is the only one I've played...but I've heard COD:MWR is the better game.

Quadrix3663d ago

Conduit is outdoing Reflex? WTF?

CoffeewithChess3663d ago

Just remember The Conduit was released four full months before COD:MWR.
Also, look at the "prediction" made in the article and see if you agree with it.

readiandnot3663d ago

TCon was horrible because of the spawn glitch in its online multiplayer.

CoffeewithChess3663d ago

The spawn glitch is one of the main reasons I got rid of the game.

hardcorez3663d ago

TCon was horrible because it was on the Wii!

CoffeewithChess3663d ago

I'm not really what you mean by that. If you mean the Wii doesn't have good games I disagree. If you mean the Wii can't do a FPS game, I disagree.

I own a PS3 and Wii, and I prefer my FPS controls on the Wii. I wish there were more companies like Treyarch that knew how to properly port games, instead of destroying and remaking games into completely different types(Dead Space Extraction comes to mind).