Worldwide PlayStation 3 releases for the week of June 25th

Quite a well populated list. There's no real way anyone can complain about this week's releases. Unless you're a European The Darknees fan. Don't forget, though. If there's a game that's only available in another region, then feel free to import it. Your PlayStation 3 won't care. Release dates are subject to constant change, so give your local game shop a ring before walking down there.

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ShiftyLookingCow6094d ago

Double Agent and Vegas were fun on 360. Its nice they are releasing both versions of Darkness at the same time. And Harry Potter WTH

socomnick6094d ago

Judging by screen shots the ps3 version of double agent is horrible looking. Vegas and darkness I think are identical to the xbox360 version.

Torch6094d ago (Edited 6094d ago )

and it really doesn't look that bad so far...with the exception of some inexcusable stuttering/chopiness during some cutscenes, and muddy-like water (which makes it very difficult to see/navigate through.)

Otherwise, the in-game graphics generally look a lot nicer than they're perceived to be...perhaps not 'DA 360' quality, but not too shabby nonetheless.

One other thing I feel I should advise: The load times are just atrocious...even the routine and obligatory in-game-saves take a painfully long time.

ShiftyLookingCow6094d ago

saving in game was like waiting in hell but I still enjoyed the game. I think framerate is only real issue with ps3 version but then DA is not paced too fast like UT

Bloodmask6094d ago (Edited 6094d ago )

The Darkness doesn't suffer from poor framerates on the PS3 version. Maybe the developers have finally come to grips with the PS3 hardware.

Torch6094d ago (Edited 6094d ago )

I think you're referring primarily to Ubisoft, whose 360>>>>PS3 ports have been a little rough around the edges. Otherwise, there are a number of ported titles out there which have often been described as equal to - or better - than the 360 original (Fight Night Round 3, Oblivion, etc.)

And judging from what I've been hearing about PS3's version of Vegas, it sounds like Ubisoft does indeed have the ability to release good quality ports.

surferace226094d ago

I thought that double agents was already out. how is it that at work we had 3 copies of it and never saw it again I thought it just wasn't popular so thats why we stoped selling it. so they must of made so final touches to the game hopefully it's looks better .

Violater6094d ago (Edited 6094d ago )

Darkness and Sigma will hold me until.....
I fear though that the PS3 version will suffer from more of the port drawbacks.

ImWithStupid6094d ago

I thought i was going nuts for second, but it seems that the previous release turned into a MAJOR OOPS for Ubisoft as the title clearly had some MAJOR problems....lol

poor UBisoft, maybe they should try to hire someone away from team ninja or inhouse from sony development cause they are clearly getting their ass handed to them by the PS3 architecture.

Eidolon6094d ago

I didn't know there was ps3 the darkness footage or even a developer interview on it.. are you guys making crud up?

techie6094d ago

The PS3 version of The Darkness was at Sony Gamer's Day...there was a stack of footage from there, new information about the game and all reports saying it looked very good and identical to any 360 footage they had seen. SO put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Bathyj6094d ago

You guys wouldn't know this but, Hyper magazine (Australia's equivilant of Famitsu) previewed the PS3 version of Darkness and said it look great. The texture work was some of the best they'd ever seen, bordering on photo realisim and given how good Riddick looked on Xbox I dont doubt it. Shame about the delay. I could get the Xbox version but I will wait for the PS3 instead. 3 weeks wont kill me, I just got Tenchu and Forza anyway.

Hey Deep. We dont see you much since you got a PS3.

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Sounds like a remaster of The Darkness game may be in the works

The CEO of Nightdive Studios has said in a tweet that the game is currently on the list for a modern update.

isarai185d ago

Oh I'm sold already, Nightdive does really solid remasters, and to this day I still love the darkness

Leeroyw185d ago

Mike Patton of Faith No More did the voice too. It was such a great game.