GameSpot: Skate 3 Updated Hands-On

EA hit the ground running with its Skate franchise, which from day one offered a uniquely analog-stick-driven control scheme and a refreshing, true-to-the-sport approach to skateboarding. Now on its third installment in four calendar years, the development team at EA Black Box is looking to keep the series fresh when the next game arrives this May.

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edwineverready3662d ago

They do a open world multi player. that would be great just cruising the city with your friends.

goflyakite3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Yea that would be sweet. Something like Burnout Paradise.

Looking forward to this game. Haven't bought the first two just because I never got around to it. Definitely gonna get this one.

hatchimatchi3661d ago

Awesome, Skate 1&2 are two of my favorite games, the 3rd one is shaping up to be really awesome. Can't wait for May.

snow4life3661d ago

they made it a bit more unrealistick than 1-2...i mean
olleing a waist high ledge and ends up half a meter over the damn thing!
the best thing about skate is it realistic feel..but it seems like they
chosen a bit more "tony Hawk" style here... still gonna get i tough:)
but how about EA made a snowboard game with the same flow like skate!!
that would be Awsome =) all we snowboarders have is that CRAPPY
shaun white game(that i sold several months ago). we deserve more god damit hehe