BioShock Q&A: The Moral Dilemma

What is the value of digital beings? And what is the result on the player's experience in the game if you give them to power to choose their moral stance? IGN talked to Irrational's Joe McDonagh, Lead Designer on BioShock for his take on the question of morality in the game.

From the interview:

IGN: how much controversy was there in the office over the idea of being able to kill off Little Sisters. Do you expect a public outcry?

Joe McDonagh: We don't expect a public outcry - we don't want one and we're not looking for one. How did we feel about making it? Amazingly challenged, because that's exactly what we want people to feel. It was quite interesting because originally, the Little Sister was just a little bug. Nobody cared, because you can't relate to an insect. You can't understand or appreciate or feel anything for an insect.

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Diselage4137d ago

I guess it'll be a game time decision, but if she mouths off at me she will get it.

I wonder what the reward is for leaving her alive, because lets be honest here it's a video game and i'm not going for feel sorry for an animation, i'm going going to do what's best for be completely the objective. Maybe i'm just to heartless any more though too.