Polyphony Digital's Citroen GT Floats Around Venice

Remember the Photomode location in Gran Turismo 4, which let you place your car on a boat in front of the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice? Citroen managed to re-create this scene from the game in the real world earlier this week, with the radical Citroen GT concept car designed by Polyphony Digital.

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MajesticBeast4734d ago

I saw this in a episode of topgear nice car and nice episode.

sikbeta4734d ago

This CAR is in My Dreams, is Just F*Cking Beautiful

cmrbe4734d ago

They do their best to bring that to GT which is why GT is a household name not just in gaming but in the auto industry as well.

TheBand1t4734d ago

Gonna have to report this, as this is blatant pornography.