Bright Hub: Review of League of Legends - MMORTS

Michael Hartman writes: "League of Legends is an MMO RTS inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients (DotA). It also includes RPG elements in the form of a summoner character that gains levels, trains "abilities" called masteries, and gears up with runes.


In conclusion, League of Legends is an excellent game created by an up and coming developer with signs of serious promise. The gameplay is well designed, the art quality is superb, the graphics and sound are enjoyable without bogging down the game, and the competive experience is balanced and challenging without being overwhelming. I would recommend this game to fans of RPG and RTS player vs. player content."

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Glamis3657d ago

That was an excellent, very detailed review. I really appreciate the organization and balanced analysis.

Thank you!

cyguration3657d ago

RTS MMOs are always intriguing but usually under-developed. This one does sound somewhat interesting.

mrv3213657d ago

I can confirm that League of Legends is a quality game, it's free and it's AWSOME. I need balancing I must admit that.

Graffin3657d ago

Looks like a cool game.

MajesticBeast3657d ago

I hear so much good news about this game anyone played that beta?

Hububla3657d ago

HoN is way better im in the HoN beta and it wrecks this game. This game is like a good stepping stone into the genre before you make the upgrade to Hon because i will admit Hon has a huge learning curve. This game is alot easier cuz there isnt as many items or heroes or strategies as there is in HoN. Also there are little things like in HoN last hitting creeps is alot more important and you can deny creeps and towers from the enemy. HoN is Heroes of Newerth by the way

gonzodamus3657d ago

Been playing since I finally got a Beta key. Unfortunately, I'm still terrible at it.

MajesticBeast3657d ago

Does it play like dota or alot better is it easier to pick up and play?

Hububla3657d ago

why do you need a beta key? isnt it released already?

Hububla3657d ago

It kinda plays like dota but way easier its like casual dota.. no denies.. less heroes.. it really needs some balance work and unlike dota you can increase the damage ur magic spells do through items... HoN (Heroes of Newerth) is basically the same as DoTA but with some diff heroes.

gonzodamus3656d ago

Obviously I don't need a beta key anymore. I just mean that I've been playing since Beta :p

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The story is too old to be commented.