Game Revolution: MAG Review

Game Revolution writes: "With all the talk this console generation about major innovations like motion controllers, downloadable content, and casual gaming, few have noticed the silent revolution occurring in how we play games. And like the proverbial fart in church, it's both liberating and unpleasant at the same time. The advent of headset technology has completely changed the landscape of online gaming. Online shooters are now almost unimaginable without headsets, even if it means we have to put up with an endless onslaught of griefers, amateur singers, and overheard domestic disputes."

+ Words matter
+ Effective leadership structure
+ Truly massive
+/- Faction commitment
- Classes overlap
- Middling clan support

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ShiNe-Box-3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Aside from ignoring the first parts of the review that just outlined the game, I read most of the review.

It's pretty accurate IMO

Without leaders having headsets, defeat may not be far behind, but I have won games where leadership didn't use their headset as much as they should have.

Definitely agree with the closing statement though.