GamesRadar : World Exclusive PS3 Announcement On Monday

According to GamesRadar's twitter account , they have a world exclusive PS3 announcement for Monday.What could it be?

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fishd4737d ago

Maybe it's not a new game at all...say a new firmware update or something?

LordMarius4737d ago

Twisted Metal!!!

all aboard the hype train next stop disappointment

-Alpha4737d ago

Numerous times this has lead to either nothing or something small.

I doubt it will be a game, maybe the 3-D firmware update.

I would love the announcement of Level 5 announcing Dark Cloud 3 or From Software revealing Demon's Souls 2... oh great, now I'm hyped.

deadreckoning6664737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Man, Sony just keeps on giving! I don't think its a game though.

fishd4737d ago

Yeah guys as I said, better don't get THAT! excited.
btw is there any other exclusive DLC on 360 that has yet to come to PS3?could be that,lol

raztad4737d ago

Why would GameRadar have such an exclusive?

iwillpwnyou4737d ago


-Alpha4737d ago

Nothing major on the 360 I can think of...

Anyways, the lower my expectations are for this the better I will react to the news, whatever it may be...

UnSelf4737d ago

Next gen Soul Reaver?

gaffyh4737d ago

World exclusive implies a really good announcement. I don't think they would say something like that for an MGS4 trophy patch or some DLC.

Megaton4737d ago

Final Fantasy XVI. Exclusively multiplat.

Noctis Aftermath4737d ago

Wild Arms 6? omgomgomg *squeals*

Parapraxis4737d ago

LOL! Xiphos, that made me actually laugh out loud.
Well played good sir.

mikepmcc4737d ago

because they're amazing...? lol

DarkTower8054737d ago

The way it's saying "world exclusive" makes me believe it's from a 3rd party studio, maybe exclusive dlc. My bet is that Sony has cut a deal with BioWare for an exclusive title.

van-essa4737d ago

"We've bought Nintendo"

gintoki7774737d ago

its gonna be nothing like it was last time

Chris3994737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Doubt we'll hear about many JRPGs, including DS2 till TGS. Seems more SCEJ material.

Still WA: 6 is at the top of my "most wanted". Been a Wild Arms fan since the original PSX games (and watched the anime too, which was alright). Considering that Media Vision haven't really done much since WA: XF, I'd say we're overdue for the next installment in the series.

Kinda off topic, but I wish that someone - Atlus, Feelplus, Sony, anyone - would pick up the rights to the Koudelka/ Shadow Hearts series (Nautilus dissolved, no idea what happened to their properties though). Those games were some seriously cool RPGs.

RememberThe3574737d ago

They want us the hype it up so that they can get hits. If they have something special to reveal, they'd use something with a wider audience.

morganfell4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Trophies for MGS4.

It may not be MGS4 trophies but why let a site like Gamesradar announce something?

Because they may have uncovered proof and were given the deal of "Sit on it until Monday and you can break the story."

DaTruth4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

The only thing that can eclipse Sony's exclusive lineup of games; Is their possible exclusive lineup of games!

They have so many franchises that a guessing the next one thread could go on forever!

Shadow Flare4737d ago

Firmware 4.00: - updated to give ps3 time travel capabilities. 'Time Machine' icon will now appear on the xmb

I knew it. I predicted this like a year ago

LesterCorncrake4737d ago

seriously i would not be suprised if it was a time travel update, its already ahead of the game so it is deffinatly capable

FamilyGuy4737d ago

I think it'll be about the new premium features that PSN will be having/releasing.

spandexxking4736d ago

i wish! starhawk would be good but i reckon GDC will be when we hear about starhawk

zeeshan4736d ago

Sony to fund PS3 exclusive Shenmue 3 :)

BYE4735d ago

GTA5? Shenmue 3 would also be nice!

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maskedwarrior4737d ago

Twisted Metal or Starhawk please.

sikbeta4737d ago

Mark my Words, that Game will be so much Better Than Warhawk and with The PS3 Community Growing So Fast, It'll be NON STOP FUN

Gamers FTW!!!


i hope it either TWISTED METAL, STARHAWK, or SYPHON FILTER, oh and maybe KILLZONE 3 or RESISTANCE 3. Or maybe it could be something totally new. So yea im aboard the hype train, i dont care if its nothing big its still exciting coming from sony

ThaOutKast4736d ago

Don't take fishd's offer, it is a lie!

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NYC_Gamer4737d ago

i'm not gone get too hype...but i hope its something huge for us gamers

fishd4737d ago

Sony giving a big exclusive announcemnt to GamesRadar?I really doubt that

mastiffchild4736d ago

After their hatchet job on HR(seriously, they give it 7/10 but it read like about a 4/10!)you'd think so, wouldn't you?

However, what's to stop GR having found a source, going back to Sony with what they know and Sony saying "wait til monday to reveal and we'll give you the full scoop!?"? It's how journalism(outside of the fool Crecente at Kotaku,) has always worked for me , at least.

I mean, it could be nothing but with GR offices ion the US and UK it's very possible someone let something slip about any number of Sony projects from games to Home to firmware. It could even be a third party they vcisited abut another game/matter and they saw something while they were there-it COULD be anything and it culd be nothing but it doesn't HAVE to have been Sony "choosing" an unlikely source. No, it might actually be GR doing some real journalism, however unlikely that may seem!

Chris3994737d ago

Not trolling, but one area where MS has Sony beat is in the announcement and subsequent 'timely' release of titles (Alan Wake aside, obviously). I find the quality of Sony's machine and exclusives generally of a higher standard though, so I don't mind a certain amount of waiting. But some of these 4-5 year windows (WKC, Killzone 2) are a bit ridiculous to swallow as a consumer.

UnSelf4737d ago

i swear if a next gen soul reaver, viewtiful joe or mvc3 was announced, i would gladly wait 10 yrs fotr their development to be done

Nitrowolf24737d ago

But i am hoping its not about the 3D FW update but i don't think it will i think sony would rather say that on the blog. A new game, new feature either wya i hope its worth it