GamesRadar: God of War III: New baddies and weapons revealed in latest trailer

GamesRadar writes: "By Zeus's magnificent beard the new God of War III trailer looks amazing. Not only does it give us a chance to sully our loin cloths in excitement, but it also packs in a load of new enemies, never before seen weapons and kick-ass set pieces. Aside from that huge horse/spider... thing we've already talked about, we also catch a glimpse at the ruler of the underworld and some incredible new locations."

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sinncross3658d ago

I think GR are wrong about the hammer. That weapon actually belongs to the creature Kraots attacks with the hammer.. its a QTE death sequence I imagine.

The picture of a God or Helios seems unimportant in some way... it looks like a regular statue and in the video it remains still.

But as Kratos says... CHAOS WILL RISE AGAIN

cant wait

swiftshot933658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

You're right, that hammer doesnt belong to Kratos. And Kratos already had the blade of Olympus at the end of GOWII.

fishd3658d ago

Who cares about new weapons when you have the greatest weapon of all time aka Blades of chaos/Athena

and Have some fun!

SnuggleBandit3658d ago

hopefully they make up for this fail article on monday...but i honestly doubt they will...just stupid hype probably

Elimin83658d ago

Your arrival, oh bald one of such badassness...

fishd3658d ago

Some amazing screen grabs from the trailer,real HD tailer,not the crappy one from GTTV


sikbeta3658d ago

I was Like OMGOW! when I saw Kratos Over That Water-Like Monster and actually the Monster was Over GAIA, Just WOW the New Trailer is AMAZING, GOW3 will be A HUGE EPIC BEAST

Gamers FTW!!!

The Great Melon3658d ago

I think the most important thing in the trailer was the fact that Kratos mentioned Khaos first primordial deity. I am really interested in how they are going to represent Khaos. Going by the trend of epicness in the God of War series, I am very excited.

offwhiteazn3658d ago

that guy is a dumbass. both of his weapons "speculations" are completely wrong.

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lociefer3658d ago

the hammer belongs to that stone thingie, also the magical blade was the blade of ollympus

Erotic Sheep3658d ago

Article is a bit fail. First pic represents the sword of Olympus achieved in GOW2. Second pic is simply a weapon steal, since I've seen pics of that creature HOLDING that hammer. Fourth pic looks like the statue we've been fighting at the start of GOW2, maybe it takes you back there since Kratos has the ability to control time.

Sangria3658d ago

Talking about that spider-horse, do we know from which mythological creature it's inspired?

fishd3658d ago

I don't think it is based on any mythical creature,but here is a n interesting link about it,if you haven't seen it before that is!

sinncross3658d ago

In GOW, they refer to the creature as the Leviathan even though the creature itself is actually inspired by the Hippocampus which pulled Poseidon's chariot.

Leviathan sounds way better and considering that there is no staple look to the supposed Leviathan, its not that bad to use the name instead of Hippocampus especially in light of Leviathan being usable for any large sea creature.

JonnyBigBoss3658d ago

Each of those images is epic beyond imagination.

Godmars2903658d ago

And epic as GR's interpretation of them is wrong. Aside from identifying Zeus anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.