Demon's Souls Valentine's Day Tendency Event revealed

Atlus has revealed the results of their fan voting to determine the next World Tendency event in Demon's Souls, which begins today.

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Blackmoses3666d ago

Trying to alter my Tendencies one way or the other is beyond me....but the game is loads of fun. This is coming from someone whom RPG never even sparked an interest in before now.

-Alpha3666d ago

How did White Tendency Catch up?? It was behind by like 6%!


Just kidding, but I do think that people are looking for an easy break. I started Demon's Souls when pure white tendency was on so the game wasn't too challenging.

I love how they are doing both, I didn't expect the voting to split right down the line.

Guess I'll put off Demon's Souls till Pure Black Tendency, I can't wait

CrimsonFox133666d ago

Haha, I voted for Pure Black World Tendency, too. I think I'll go back and play it when it becomes that. Surprised, though, I didn't expect it to be this close, either.

-Alpha3666d ago

It was always close but PBT was always ahead by like 500 votes.

At least they are smart enough to see the community wants both. I love how they keep doing this for every major holiday event. Is Easter next?

JL3666d ago

So we get both? How f*ckin awesome is that? I voted for Black myself, but really I wanted both. I thought that was asking for too much though, so I went with just black. But lo and behold, Atlus proves to answer my wishes and gives me both. That's just having my cake and eating it too there. Now I'll get to go through and do all those world tendency specific things without even having to try swaying the tendency. This is absolutely awesome news.

Noctis Aftermath3666d ago

I'm disappointed that white won, white is super easy to get, i don't know why people would vote for it.

Tetsuryu3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Well it's not possible to get Pure White it if all the bosses in any of the worlds have been defeated. One would have wait until the next playthrough to get it if that individual has not already achieved it (by dying a few times beforehand or having their tendency reset back to neutral as a result of the tendency glitch) by killing the last boss in each of the other worlds (not including World 1). It's practically impossible to get it at that pure state even by killing the Black Phantom NPCs or Primeval Demons if there isn't a single boss left to kill to give it that push to the purest state.

Pure Black is really easy to achieve at ANY TIME on the other hand. Just strip your armor, let yourself get killed, use Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, and repeat. SoEEs can easily be farmed in 5-3 by killing those plague babies. Obviously one can play the title offline if anyone doesn't wish for their tendencies to be affected by the Altus event.

MiloGarret3666d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo!!!

What the hell man!?!? I'm not touching this untill the black tendency starts, THANKYOU ATLUS for not listening (completely) to dummies who voted for white tendency.

badz1493665d ago

how the hell do we put these 2 together in a sentence??

Ravage273665d ago

lol that was exactly what i was thinking when i saw the article title

ThanatosDMC3665d ago

White is too easy and you wont get those Colourless Demons' Souls.

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nix3666d ago

i voted for black tendency too.. oh well... this should help me waltz thru some level. am in my 2nd play. lost 83k souls recently.

khellendros13666d ago

Crap! I just accidentally killed Executioner Marilda in 1-1 and lost my Pure White tendency. I hope it resets when I play in the morning. Also, there will be a Pure Black tendency starting Tuesday afternoon and go til th end of the week.

Max Power3666d ago

I killed her as well on my first play through, which sucks because I could have gone to the Elemental and gotten the Friends Ring before I killed her.

gololo3666d ago

damn...just when i thought there was nothing that could drag me back to this game....arggghhh

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The story is too old to be commented.