Bill O'Reilly - Anti Video Game Spin

Bill O'Reilly devotes a portion of the Radio Factor to Dr. Gail Gross who in a phone interview this past Thursday was allowed to spin her anti-gamer propaganda completely unchecked in the "No Spin Zone".

Dr. Gross blames video games and the internet for allowing dysfunctional and anti-social children to escape reality and immerse themselves into a world where they are in control, where anti-social behavior and aggressive tendencies are nurtured.

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FordGTGuy4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

has to let them explain their side it wouldn't be fair if he didn't. Bill O'Reilly has already said he doesn't believe gaming can cause shootings but no possibility can go unchecked.

Remember no matter how misleading or unbacked up an opinion is every is covered under freedom of speech. Its our duty to speak our minds because if we don't take action nothing will change.

TruthHurts4137d ago

is EVIL.

watch him vs phil donahue on youtube.
and how he blames a girl for getting raped, and a boy for getting kidnapped.

like i said he`s EVIL.

Dick Jones4137d ago

Bill O' Reilly has done more good for children and charities than you could ever do. Your a real piece of **** for using a girl getting raped as your blow horn for smearing this Great American.

Daxx4137d ago

I like Bill, I listen to his show whenever I'm at work. Even though I may disagree with him a few times, I think he made a good point in that discussion with Dr. Gross. I have a nieghbor who's kid is a total demon and all she does for him is give him pills and lets him watch any movie and play any video game that he wants just so that she (being a single mother) doesn't have to deal with her child. Now the child was already a little devil before he ever played video games so all violent video games are for the child are pacifiers.

tony4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

yep, i had i neighbor that is in jail at the present,and he was addicted to Mario bros.i knew that would bring bad consequence. just kidding.

men, that's just normal media behavior. blaming what is popular nowadays. we know video games are more popular than ever before. remember when they used to blame Marilyn Manson? now, who is next? Paris Hilton, Britney, perhaps? media thinks money.

level 3604137d ago

Bill O' Reilly will definitely go to hell no matter what. To him always, it's only what serves his own interests and agendas.

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The story is too old to be commented.