Sony: PS3 supply to be 'tight' over coming months

Sony's senior director of corporate communications Patrick Seybold issued a statement after last night's NPD numbers for January, explaining that the company's flagship console may be a bit difficult to find at retail over the next few months. "We're working very hard with our retail partners to meet consumer interest, but the demand is tremendously high for the PS3 and we expect tight inventory in the coming months," Seybold notes in the statement.

As this is the first we've heard about any sort of PlayStation 3 hardware shortages, we followed up with Seybold to make sure he wasn't only warning about future supply issues, but also explaining January's sales of the console. He told us: "Yes. The strong demand carrying through the holidays was evident and early in the month we [knew] there was going to be limited supply of the PS3 at retail in January. We're working closely with the retail channel to meet this demand, but expect tight supply for the coming months."

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Pennywise3657d ago

People complaining all month they couldn't find PS3's in their normal retail stores was damage control too, right?

It might be damage control. But that doesn't make it false.

FangBlade3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Remember when you wrote this?

"I disagree. There are a lot of fans stuck on the PS2 waiting for something like this. MS did the right thing, and I hope to god they succeed. I want Sony to get screwed so bad, because of how fricking slow they act."

If you hate Sony so much, why bother reading and commenting on Sony-related articles?

OT: Bad timing for hardware shortages Sony! start pumping PS3's because when God of War 3 comes the demand will be insane!

edit: If you disagree, at least give me a reason :|

Kain813657d ago

sorry mate i accidently clicked on Disagree... my freaking PC is spining sorry

ClownBelt3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

And I mean that. If a demo of game can move consoles then we all know that FF 13 will be huge. Sony isn't doing anything to attract the consumers out of Japan on their console that's why I was pissed. I want Sony to sell a lot of consoles, but they themselves aren't doing nothing to improve their situation. Two of the biggest games this generation got a bundle from MS(Modern Warfare 2 and FF 13), yet where's the one for Sony? I want them to fail so that they can learn.

Edit. You call not releasing a bundle from two of the biggest games this gen a right move? You call not releasing Demon's Souls on Europe after getting such praise a right move?


Yes. A PS3 fanboy.

FangBlade3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

No problemo.
This sh!t happens to me too lol.

Where have youe been the past six month? you're talking like we're in 2007/2008. Since September, Sony is making all the right moves.

Kain813657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

and i cant wait too see DeamonSouls2 ...

BTW thx to the Guys that gave me the links to Import DeamonSouls,
i will buy this game as soon as possible^^

Cold 20003657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Yeah Sony...we believe you...everybody knows it's in the slow months that it's the hardest to keep up with demand... /sarcasm.

Monchichi0253657d ago

I love thy, but it's quite obvious it's an excuse for the NPD numbers. Suck it up and do something to improve your sales numbers!!! Same goes for MicroSoft as they do this all the time as well!

GreenRingOfLife3657d ago

"We're working very hard with our retail partners to meet consumer interest, but the demand is tremendously high for the PS3 and we expect tight inventory in the coming months,"

But Ps3 didn't even sell 300k in NA last month? 360 did easily though

mint royale3657d ago

The wii sells alot more and manages to keep supply good most of the time. I can understand shortages but ones lasting for months? Thats too many lost sales.

ReBurn3657d ago

Supply wasn't really all that tight during the Holidays. At least not around here. There were sufficient 360's and PS3's to be had locally and online. The only console that was once again hard to find was Wii.

I wonder if they're changing the internals again? That's usually what precedes a drop in supply and Sony is always tinkering with the guts of their stuff in their never-ending attempts to lower costs.

TheBlackSmoke3657d ago

People have been saying on here for a few weeks now that its hard to find a PS3 and then sony now confirms this, how is that damage control? and last time i checked PS3 outsold the 360 in January anyway.

van-essa3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Best damage control ever.


Seriously though, PS3s are pretty hard to find here in Alaska so I believe them.

Rai853657d ago

they have a Shortage on a Global base not on US, mabe he means EU too
think about it...

swiftshot933657d ago

Really tense situation for them right now. High demand means that they need to increase production, but since they're still losing money on every PS3 made right now increasing production to meet demand might not be healthy business wise. Their Q3 results ended up positive, and in the past we saw how sensitive the Playstation business really is (aka they lost a lot of money in a short time).

They'll probably have to keep a right balance until they can decrease production costs. The "coming months" might give them that time.

thebudgetgamer3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

we all know mirosoft has never had this issue, o wait i forgot.

"Microsoft says the current shortages are being caused by Xbox 360 sales exceeding its forecasts during the holiday shopping season."

this ones my favorite.

Cold 20003657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

We're almost mid February.

If December sales were so high and that they knew that they would have shortages, why did they wait 2 months before saying it ?

bjornbear3657d ago

you are a huge damage control baby, we know that =)

thebudgetgamer3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

but when its sony suddenly their doomed and about to go out of business. i cant tell you why they waited i dont work for them.

edit: i love the fact that you people call yourself gamers, and all you care about is the death of video a game company. yes thats great less compettition.

sack_boi3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I heard they were pretty hard to find in North Korea too.

we won3657d ago

Sony should stop making excuses it looks bad. Sony has to deal with losing this year. There is nothing Sony can do about the 360 releasing AAA's almost every other month. Sony can not and will not be able to over come Halo and Natal.

kneon3657d ago

They wouldn't do that if their supply was not constrained. You can buy all the 360s you want though :)

Ryo-Hazuki3657d ago

And PS3 easily outsold the Xbox by 250,000 worldwide.....whats you're point dumbass

blasian3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

i just got a 360 from a local vending machine around the corner

KillaManiac3657d ago

Sony better fix this before God of War 3 comes out or else they could loose alot of potential console sales.

divideby03657d ago

@ can you even make a silly comment like that..Sony is firing on all how is that damage control...their product is selling well do to the price and all the great games.
your name is just as you are with a statement like that with no facts

meluvulongtime3657d ago

I'm guessing it's true what they're saying. I still go into stores and see only 1 or 2 if any PS3s in stock.

mikeslemonade3657d ago

Haha you blame Sony when Microsoft banned your console, so you can buy it again in November. Face you guys lose because spend more supporting Microsoft and you don't get as many good exclusives.

bioshock12213657d ago

Pretty much this. It's just damage control just make more put more money into making more its pretty easy. Seriously I doubt it's true they never seemed to have a problem when the ps2 was selling like hot cakes and what now. Its not like the ps3 is selling like hot cakes so they should be able to meet demand its just an excuse.

FlipMode3657d ago

I love how people are saying Sony is lying even though most sites are back ordered of PS3s.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3657d ago

Extreme damage control when anyone can go to Walmart an Best Buy and see a mountain of PS3's. This is just Sony's way of saving face for losing another NPD and future NPD's.

JoeReno3656d ago

Here is a link for you

and another /tretton-ps3-shortage-is-possib le-ps3

and yet another s_index.php?story=24932

zane_78493656d ago

I work in the electronics department for the Target where I live, and we have been hounded since Christmas. "Do you have any Wii's?" "Do you have any PS3's?" we've gotten very few of either console since December.

I think both of those console's numbers would be a lot higher had supply been in stores. The 360 supply has been pretty much business as usual.

kewlkat0073656d ago

Business is Business, I suppose.

jeseth3656d ago

I had to go call 4 Best Buys in my area before I could find a 250gb Slim. Maybe a coincidence, Maybe not.

Also, PS3 sold a lot more than Sony anticipated from Black Friday through Christmas. Plus they sell more globally than 360 (NPD being just the States), so its not hard to believe they may be a little short stocked.

Just like when 360 cut the Pro system's price. They were hard to find for a while.

Its not damage control, I'll bet PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide last month anyways. Its happened for 360 and now PS3 is in high demand. Whats the big deal?

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FishCake9T43657d ago

WTF are Sony doing? You have got one of your best exclusives coming out and you have "tight supply for the coming months". I would not be surprised if it affected Heavy Rains sales with all the adult gamers that would want to buy a PS3 for the game.

ReBurn3657d ago

Is Heavy Rain really a system seller? I don't see where it would be, and it would just be sad if people were buying PS3's to see digital T&A. You can see the "adult" stuff in the tons of videos online.

Cenobia3657d ago

I think bluray has the T&A covered.

And I don't think that's what he meant by "Adult." I am 100% sure that it isn't, in fact.

robotnik3657d ago

"The demand is tremendously high for the PS3".

PlayStation just won the console war, GAME OVER BOTS!

miamikid3657d ago

They ran out of PS3s! Victory!!!

Udidntlistenpunk3657d ago

That is just a reality. The epic ending has yet to be surpassed by any game.

I stated back then that even Final fantasy 13 would probably not surpass what MGS4 did and it looks like Im correct.

MGS4 raised the bar so high, Splinter cell was immediately scrapped and brought back to the table.

And 2 years later, Splinter crap is still not out.

PS3 does everything. 360 likes RROD and has no games.

Droid Smasha3657d ago

tell that to the mountains of ps3 i see at every store i go to. I bet band hero is also in short supply too right? *wink wink*

Trebius3657d ago

I for 1 have no time to go around looking for fuel to fan fanboy flames, but you obviously have time to check every store's inventory, so I applaud you!

Thank you for letting us know that they're lying, because you' personally checked for us the inventory in all the stores selling Ps3s. Thank you so much for debunking their statement for us.

You're our hero.

you FUKCING loser.

Tony-A3657d ago

Droid Smasha saw a pile of PS3s in 1 of the stores in his town.

Therefore his store = the whole world.


Droid Smasha3657d ago

"every store I go to" = more than one store u dumbfuk

Tony-A3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

How about reading analysis?

"Every store I go to..... I've been to one game store so far. The rest were convenience stores."

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Serjikal_Strike3657d ago

good news and bad news..

Mostly good news for sony and the game developers!

Omega43657d ago

Pathetic attempt at damage control by Sony. Nintendo are always in short supply yet they alway manage to sell incredibly.

Sony are just having a hard time comprehending the fact that their price cut failed to have any real impact in NA.

kws10653657d ago

You mean like this?

Oct. 2008 - 190k
Oct. 2009 - 321k

Nov. 2008 - 378k
Nov. 2009 - 710k

Dec. 2008 - 726k
Dec. 2009 - 1.35M

Jan. 2009 - 203.2k
Jan. 2010 - 276.9k

Admit it. Since PS3 slim is out, it has been too good sales to be caught up.

calis3657d ago

lol if they are not out selling the 360 they are very close, no impact? haha, desperate attempts fanboy, really desperate.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

You keep still failing, Omega4.

I hope you are not the same guy, using a different account Bungie, Alpha Male, Greenlight, Bloodmask

Omega43657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Not really the PS3 was selling REALLY bad before now is just selling bad. Not being able to outsell your nearest competitor with not only a pricecut, but a redesign, massive ad campaign and big titles just is a fail pure and simple.

There are no shortages because if there were the 360 would have them too since the PS3 has never sold that much more than it in NA.

Is is really that hard for you to believe that there is more than 1 person that doesnt worship the PS3

ukilnme3657d ago

@ Omega

You are way off base. PS3 sales have picked up big time. However, I totally agree that this is absolutely one of the most pathetic attempts at damage I have seen.

TheBlackSmoke3657d ago

Lets get one thing straight, yes the PS3 was not lighting the world on fire like the PS2 days, however it still has outsold the 360 since it launched, therefore the 360 is selling like crap as well according to you.

kws10653657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

"There are no shortages because if there were the 360 would have them too since the PS3 has never sold that much more than it in NA."

No it wouldn't, 360 sold

Oct. 2008 - 371k
Oct. 2009 - 249.7k

Nov. 2008 - 836k
Nov. 2009 - 819.5k

Dec. 2008 - 1.44M
Dec. 2009 - 1.31M

Jan. 2009 - 309k
Jan. 2010 - 332.8k

about the same or less than last year period. How can there be any shortage even if it sells about the same or less than last year where there was no shortage?

bjornbear3657d ago

no company should be allowed to explain that they are running low on produced PS3's slims!

thats pathetic!

they should lie about their sales instead!
and rush through the building process to deliver rushed out cheap equipment!
You are totally correct!

/s -_-

Cenobia3657d ago

Why do you care? Why does ANYONE care?

Are they taking odds on PS3/360 at off track betting? Is this some sort of by proxy d!ck measuring contest?

If anyone is going to comment they should at least pretend like they aren't winning something.

Optical_Matrix3657d ago

Omega I don't get your fanboy logic. How is the PS3 selling bad when it was outsold about 50k by the 360 this month, outsold it in December, October and September and also lost in November but by like a 70k margin.
Taking into account 360 is getting raped by Wii and PS3 worldwide, going by your logic, if the PS3 is selling bad, then the 360 is doomed. Get your head out of your a$$ and wake up. All 3 are selling well. The only person who needs to really worry about sales is Microsoft who are getting demolished in Japan and have lost their lead in Europe.Even then the 360 is selling very well in US and UK. All 3 are selling well. Nuff said. Stop acting like a douche.

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