Playstation 3 Sales Up Despite General Sales

While software sales were also down from $683m to $598m, video game accessories were actually up a hair, from $212m to $217m, a 2% blip of an increase.

Here's the January 2010 hardware sales breakdown, with growth compared to January 2009.

466k - Wii (-31%) 422k - Nintendo DS (-17%) 333k - Xbox 360 (+7%) 277k - PlayStation 3 (+27%) 100k - PSP (-42%) 42k - PlayStation 2

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FishCake9T43662d ago

Im not surprised the 360 sold so well with the release of Mass Effect 2. Heavy Rain will boost sales of PS3 for sure.

Enate3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Besides Heavy Rain which will be awesome there is also God of War III, Yakuza 3 and although not exclusive FFXIII. With these games at the PS3's side its gonna keep moving units like a freight train. Evidence enough in past couple of months the sales increase in units an popularity of Uncharted 2 an other games on PS3. Not only that but one guy in particular that works at gamestop that used to get on my nerves every time I went up there. He used to talk so much junk about the PS3 non stop. An now just the other day I was talking to a friend that knows the same guy an I hear, guess who got a PS3 an hasn't stopped playing it since. An he tells me Zack from gamestop I was like yea that's what I thought... ah good times.