GameTrailers: Heavy Rain Review

GT: Does this whodunit do it bring the industry full circle?

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CaptainPunch3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Pretty good score from GameTrailers, I honestly was expecting a 7.0 or less from them. Glad to see people enjoying Heavy Rain.

3661d ago
Risky_243661d ago

How do u know it lacks replay value?

-Alpha3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Why where you expecting a 7/10?

I can't recall any PS3 games they gave very low scores away from the averages, unless you have any recent in memory?

Hell they gave WKC a 7.6, or is this more of the "anti-PS3 sites can't deny PS3 greatness" attitudes people seem to have with a few sites when they rate a PS3 exclusive?

HQLocated1113661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

why is it that game trailers ALWAYS manages to give ps3 games 0.1 - 0.2 points lower than other reviews, but give higher reviews to ps3 games that are getting lower review scores. (Socom and MAG)

8.9 is an outstanding score but their "stealth biasedness" doesn't fool me. lol

Hanif-8763661d ago

I was also, being that Gametrailers is the most bias gaming website on the planet. anything that doesn't have Microsoft on it will simply not be too good enough

Winter47th3661d ago

Let me summarize their review:

"Why isn't this on the Xbox360?"

jack_burt0n3661d ago

they gave mw2 goty his point is valid

Serjikal_Strike3661d ago

showed too much of the gameplay...i gotta stop watching HR gameplay vids...

still buying it tho:)

unknownhero11233661d ago

man, you are full of it. go troll in the open zone please.

OT:that is a very good score. it's a day one purchased for me.

Jinxstar3661d ago


uncharted 2 vs mw2. That was a huge deal n recent memory...

Christopher3661d ago

Listening to the review wasn't bad this time. They actually covered a lot of ground and touched on the good and the bad. The score seems fair considering how different the game is to your usual outing, higher than I expected. Guess we'll see how it really pans out on release day.

-Alpha3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

With what, reviews?

That doesn't relate or prove the point that people always seem to act as if they are shocked when sites give PS3 score high ratings as if they usually rate them lower. Ever since MAG numerous sites have been knocked off for being biased, and then when a game like HR gets a high score they are all of a sudden shocked at how high the rating is, as if the site always scores PS3 games low.

GameTrailers isn't that bad-- they didn't even give GTAIV a perfect score like guys like Gamespot and IGN.

I would say their biggest problem is Call of Duty love. It's blatantly obvious and something is just wrong with giving a game like that GOTY. It's their opinion ultimately so whatever, but people need to get over the fact that not every site is going to rate PS3 exclusives like MAG to the moon, and then act surprised when a genuinely better game gets a genuinely better score.

As for UC2 vs. MW2, I think the fiasco was on linearity. Personally I dont mind UC2 being linear, though it wasn't anything like Eternal Sonata. The game still got a high score, so I don't see why people were so upset. It just didn't win GOTY. The problem wasn't that it won GOTY, the problem was MW2 got GOTY which got everybody pissed off anyway lol. But UC2 fanboys are overly sensitive anyway. When Demon's Souls, a much more original and bolder game got GOTY they flipped out as if Demon's Souls was a spawn of Satan.

bacon133661d ago

"Solid AA Title", "no replay value"

What does AA even mean? Alcoholics Anonymous? Alien Autopsy? Alkoseltzer Ad? I am officially starting an Anti-Bungie league if anyone would like to join. I have no idea who Bungie is nor do I care. All I know is that I hate him/her.

On Topic - Loved the HR demo. Can't wait to pick this one up next week, it will a great change of pace from FPSs plaguing the platforms at the moment.

Digitaldude3661d ago

PS3 game from GT getting 8.9 is a good score.

van-essa3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Change the name from Heavy Rain to Halo Rain and it'll score a 9.9 from them and sell a couple more millions.


Hehe good score btw.

Cenobia3661d ago

Ha, this was how I read your whole first comment:


It's just his personal opinion/perspective. Personally, I don't really have an opinion about gametrailers because my internet is too slow for video.

I know that the comments I used to read there would make me physically ill though.

-Alpha3661d ago

Lol GT comment sections are chaos.

The point is that the media isn't as PS3-biased as people want to believe, at least not in recent years. When MAG go 7/10 scores people honestly flipped out on nearly every site, and now they are acting like something is wrong with GT giving HR a high score. It only proves that every PS3 exclusive is expected to get AAA and if it doesn't it means that there is something wrong with the reviewers.

Sarcasm3661d ago

lol Halo Rain would definitely get a 9.9 and sell 15 billion copies worldwide.

FragGen3661d ago

HR certainly is turning out to be a critical success. Let's see what users think, they may be more polarized.

blizzard_cool3661d ago

I don't get the lots of you. The score is great. They touched the bad and the good. I think it's a good review.

But GT lost all credibility for me since the MW2 GotY thing...

van-essa3661d ago

It'll need more guns and space marines though.

Larry L3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Did Bungie really say Heavy Rain has no replay value? LOL WOW, how ignorant.

Really? A game with 60 chapters than can all turn out a variety of different ways, and has 20 plus endings has no replay value?! What a dope. That sounds like the absolute epitome of "replay value" to me. I can't think of any other game with that kind of replay value to be honest.

Edit- @Blizzard. GT lost their credibility with me way back when they gave Halo 3 a higher score for "story" than they gave to MGS4 for it's story. To hell with the final score, I don't care about that, but specifically for STORY Halo 3 higher than MGS4? NO

And lets not forget GT's Shane whateverhisnameis saying Uncharted 2 would never score higher than 9.3 with them because the game lacks originality, then turning around and giving CoD MW2 a higher score than 9.3.

ico923661d ago

great score for a new ip and for a game as ambitious as heavy rain

Aquanox3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Good Score. It's a pitty the game has just fell below 90's (89 at Metacritic right now), so it might not be a Triple A but it's still a good game.

I will give it a try when I have the opportunity.

@ Larry L

Heavy Rain's Replay value is very, very particular. In order to experience what your decisions will let you to, you'd need to pass through the exact same experience until you reach the point where you want to change your mind. Unless you want to replay the game in a totally different way, the replay value is not as attractive as in an non-scripted game.

thereapersson3661d ago

And the 360 fanboy's obsession with "AAA" status continues...

Just throw some sales numbers in there and you'll be set for the day :)

Oh wait, you guys already did that (once again) over in the NPD article.

sikbeta3661d ago

I was expecting a lower score simply cuz the site is really into Shooters Than Anything, I mean They Give the GOTY09 to MW2 lol

Anyway, Very Good Score, DC is a Master with enough guts to make a Totally Different Game in this Days of Shooters-everywhere and HR will be Simply Awesome

Gamers FTW!!!

Redempteur3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

i won't watch this review ..that is because GT ALWAYS spoil a moment of the game in their review ..always ( the nuke in killzone , the yeti in uncharted .. The moment after sequence 11 in assasin creed 2 )

I will enjoy my game spoiler free ...

Aquanox3661d ago

Lol... now the Triple A interest is exclusive to Xbox fans? haha...

You must have missed all the news about Fable and Forza, with Sony boys praying they wouldn't get Triple A status.

I'm not saying HR isn't good, it's actually very appealing but it's not triple A. We're only february, so there's plenty of time for Sony boys to have their first triple a of the year.

T3L3PROOF3661d ago

I spy 40 million spoilers in this review.

baum3661d ago

What the hell is "AAA" and what's the difference between an 89 and a 90 game other than an aggregate score? I don't see anyone at the gamestore talkimg about AAA. It's a moronic moniker that Xbox fanboys made up after the 360 headstary.

Bilbo653661d ago

And you just spoiled 3 games in 1 post, congrats.

BWS19823661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

means "Aquanox Always Asinine"...It has no bearing. He's totally out of it, apparently, because YES Aqua, it's exclusive to you punks. You know what else is exclusive? You guys trolling with "masked" fanboyism in your comments. It's transparent to us, but you think you're being clever. At least Saaking and Greywulf still get excited for 360 games, you guys limp in to the PS3 articles and take a piss on anything that creates joy because you want people to be as miserable as you. See? Asinine.

On topic: I am totally confused on why ZERO point one is deducted, that seems like "stealth reviewing" to me, by fanboys. Why not just really make it obvious and make it 8.99, and state you didn't like the name of the game or something stupid. Seriously. It's not like reviews matter that much to the quality of a game for me, but to the uninformed consumer, it is often the selling point. They want a number or synopsis to guide them through their purchases because they don't care to do research. The other problem is that practice just feeds trolls that lurk on sites like this. They'll see 8.9 and it's like putting blood in the water for Jaws.

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TOO PAWNED3661d ago

So game getting 8.9 is decent? What is wrong with ppl like you i will never understand.Score is excelent.

BTW game was reviewd by Shane.

StanLee3661d ago

Shane reviewed Heavy Rain?! I'm surprised it didn't get a higher score. It's creative, innovative and something new. Just what's he's been asking for.

Jinxstar3661d ago


what he asks for and what he really wants are 2 different things. Once again UC2 vs MW2

Cenobia3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Personally I find the .9 scores very odd. It's like saying "This isn't a 9/10 game".

They should have given it an 8.8 or a 9 just because of the way a 8.9 is perceived. I'm not b!tching or making accusations or anything, but its similar to the way people sell things for $29.99, etc. They want consumers to think "Hey, that's less than $30!!" And it works. A lot of comments are calling it a bad score despite the fact that it's basically another 9/10.

Excited for the game though. Have it pre-ordered.

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Antan3661d ago

Not looking but v.nice score non the less.

Alcohog3661d ago

Spoilers in the review?


Don't know, but they did it with Uncharted 2.

I will not watch the review.

FantasyStar3661d ago

There's barely any real spoilers that will seriously detract from the enjoyment of this game. Like say...MGS4. I watched the review before submitting and I felt comfortable about the review.

Xwow20083661d ago

not watch the review because GT put spoilers in their videos :((example:uncharted2)

Christopher3661d ago

No spoilers, but a few scenes that make you question how the character got into that situation.

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nogolis3661d ago

It just didn't live up to the hype... I can't believe they can defend the value of the game past a play thru. It's a novel experience. A game you'd play one time and that's it. Maybe not even that. Heavy Rain suffers from terrible gameplay, what little is here. Terrible misdirections. Bad Voice acting. Contrived plot lines used in every Argento movie past the 80's. It's just a ball of average.

When you break down what can and can't be done in the game you walk away with little value. You might have 6 or 7 choices running around your head but only 2 of those net you an alternate path.

I've got my hands on the final copy of the game now and played it all in 2 sittings. Beat it and can say I will never go back to it.

The game is a 6 or a 7. Nothing more. It's very limiting when you get past the initial awe of its presentation... And even then, it doesn't hold much water in the grand scheme of things. Also of note, in the final version... The disc based version. It doesn't boot in 1080P so you are stuck in 720P and if you'd like to compare 480P to 720P... Very negligible. The difference is very slight. I wish more devs would push the envelope a bit and do 1080P games. My wife, who only games diner dash and critter crunch and tetris, even said it looked weak in terms of visuals when played in 720P.

I don't wanna spoil any of the plot but it was very obvious to me where this was going as I have been privy to every Argento, Fulci and Giallo film you can think of.

Troll_Police3661d ago

gimme a J
gimme a E
gimme a A
gimme a L
gimme a O
gimme a U
gimme a S

What does that spell!

LarVanian3661d ago

......and to think 360 fanboys complain about PS3 fanboys spamming in their topics all the time.
Gotta admit, Heavy Rain has severely angered many fanboys. Not my problem though, I enjoyed the demo and look forward to the full game at the end of the month. Haters can go to hell for all I care.

FlipMode3661d ago

How can you be this much of a fanboy?

Pennywise3661d ago

God forbid you make a game with a different formula than the norm... This is how the close minded people react.

Playstation brand offers a little something for everyone.

nogolis3661d ago

& I do agree with that Penny, I do. I think the Ps3 offers something for absolutley everyone... This game falls into that catagory of not being for everyone and I'm one of those people. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of it, which I'll no doubt pass along today or tomorrow on ebay. But the thing people don't understand about the game is it is limiting. It perlplexes you with a weight of options and commands at any 1 given time and redirects your attention to these tiny diversions... They do this all the time. But these diversions, what I don't think are being adressed properly, aren't signifigant to the game.

I've only played thru 1 time... but I can tell from my mishaps early on that the game only has 2 paths thru it no matter how you cut it. I'm not gonna say it was worse than I thought it was going to be, because it wasn't... I'm just being honest. I think people need to look at the facts I've brought up and accept them because they are here.

NYC_Gamer3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Hmmm...whats the problem?lack of space aliens and soldiers with guns.make all games lame in the eyes of 360 fans

r2kcipher3661d ago

This is silogon mr negative dont believe a word he says about anything. Because he is incapable of happy thoughts and hates everything.

FantasyStar3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

nogolis, while I do respect your opinion. The way you wrote it will offend people. I believe you don't deserve of being name-slandered (I've read over your comment history and it looks like you got a level-head), but the way you write your Heavy Rain-related criticisms may seem a bit "hasty".

If you can, please elaborate on what you didn't like or what can be improved. If you're lying about having played it and are just joking with us: you definitely got your laugh.

wicko3661d ago

"It doesn't boot in 1080P so you are stuck in 720P and if you'd like to compare 480P to 720P... Very negligible."


1280x720 = 921600 pixels
640x480 = 307200 pixels

Triple the pixel count is negligible? Maybe the difference between 720p and 480p is negligible to those who don't know what they're talking about.. While I'd also love to see more games at 1080p, the current generation of consoles has trouble rendering at that resolution with steady framerates and still keep up presentation levels of 720p games. Some of these games can barely keep 30fps at 720p..

Christopher3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Did you know that game publishers say that the majority of people never finish most of the games they buy? Would seem kind of the norm to me, then.

Industry comments aside, there are very very few games out there I've wanted to play through a second time, ME2 being the only one for me since ME1 and I can't remember before that. If I can spend 12+ hours on a single player game and enjoy it, it's more than enough for me. I'm not looking for a game that I'll necessarily want to play again and again. It doesn't hurt, but it's very hard to find such a game so I don't rate games based on it or I'd rarely play games.

@below Re: Story: Man, you can pretty much say that about every single video game out there. Heck, you can say that about 99.999999% of the fiction novels being published today. Regardless, retelling a story isn't a bad thing, otherwise I wouldn't own the Seven Samurai, Magnificent Seven, or A Bug's Life movies. As far as reviewers getting to it, GT mentioned multiple times about the story not making much sense, a serious plot hole, and the like in the review. They even said it wasn't anything new, but that the devs did a good job keeping you into the story after the first hour or so.

nogolis3661d ago

Last bubble so I'll use it up here...

Alright, this is the run down.

1st off... the game boots in 720P no matter what. It won't force into 1080P, even. That is my standard check. I don't have any other settings checked for the system other than 1080P. I know... I know... What about "said" game and "said" game. Well, I don't usually play anything on the Ps3 that isn't a Sony game so I normally don't have to worry about it. Resistance aside. The 480P and 720P rez's are near identical... Which doesn't say alot of 720P at all. This troubles me.

2nd of all... The game handles like a series of events. As I said, they might weight you down with options that swim around you head or give you other "marginal" things to do while "Said" event is going on but none of these really matter to the outcome you are experiencing. at one time you are faced with 9 options swiming around that you can pick from and divert to... but only 2 of these choices register within the game for a branch or break in scene. This happens at every turn. It is a cleverly masked game, believe me. They will toss twenty things at you to do to keep your mind off the one thing that needs to be done is what I'm saying... and you can do that one thing right off the bat. This extends length and adds nothing to the game or story.

3rd... The story itself is contrived. It has been done in the cardplayer, actually. It was also done to a lesser extent in Fulci's Don't Torture a Duckling and again in Argento's Sleepless. The story is very predictible if you have been exposed to other works in the world. It isn't a very original plot is what I'm saying and the outcome I've seen, maybe there is more, was known to me within the 3rd hour of play.

Again, I didn't hate the game like I thought I would... I just want someone to adress and speak of the problems I've listed cos they are here and people are ignoring them in these glowing reviews.

wicko3661d ago

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with you. 640x480 is NOT nearly identical to 1280x720. Due to pixel count and aspect ratio. 1080p is not the standard for any game on a console. Even if you can't scale it to 1080p, the difference in visual quality will be minimal without an expensive scaler (which the PS3 does not have, nor does the 360).

RagTagBnd4453661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Here is a list op 1080p games for the PS3
There may have been added a few since the list was made, but overall, almost no AAA console games are 1080p. Uncharted 2, Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2 and so on, only renders at 720p. What is your problem?

Edit: I love people who disagree with a simple Fact. Yes upscaled 1080p may look better than native 720p, but it is not that much of a difference.

JTX3661d ago

Your opinion on the game means nothing to me since you went in the game already hating it and thinking it's a failure/flop.

insomnium3661d ago

GTFO nogolis. Are you actually trying to be reasonable and give us your honest opinion?

You are full of sh*t!
All you've been doing is trash talking about this game. Nothing but sh*t pooring out of your mouth all the time. There is no way people are so stupid that they'll listen to you NOW. You should've thought about wanting to truly express your opinion about this game BEFORE you went on and bombarded it with your sh*t.

Everyone JUST LOOK at his comment history. I rest my case.

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