Total Playstation: MAG Review

Total Playstation writes: "I've never played a game with such ridiculous bipolar disorder as MAG (Massive Action Game) presents in its take on the well-worn genre that is the online multiplayer shooter. In any given game you'll experience absolute dizzying highs as you gun down enemies with relentless fervor, repair key installations, bring dying comrades back to life and systematically repel or encroach upon enemy forces. In another, you will hear teammates alternatively yammer into their headsets about pointless bullshit or stay deathly quiet despite opting for a leadership role where they should be telling everyone in their squad what to do, even as the rest of the squad runs off to shoot at trees or their own teammates like heavily-armed post-lobotomy patients."

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Double073665d ago

"It's not perfect, but for what MAG was setting out to do, Zipper has scored and unequivocal hit. In a few months time when all the CoD and Halo players have left in disgust, the real MAG begins, and I fully intend to be there."

The sooner they leave, the better :D

raztad3665d ago

I really want them to adapt to MAG mechanics and enjoy the game. It's incredible satisfying when your squad/platoon is working together.

Today I opted for a squad leadership but my mic was (unexpectedly) off when game started. After some minutes my squad was running a vote to kick me. People is learning.


Myst3665d ago

I passed on buying this game for Valkyria Chronicles and putting some money down on Super Street Fighter IV, but I feel like next week when I get my paycheck I should probably get this. Especially since I'll have a paid vacation coming up right after and then three more paid vacations I can use. Though next week will be a rental just to test the waters on this game.

raztad3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

VC is awesome and it's only $20, you cant go wrong with that. ENJOY.

Myst3665d ago

Yeah that was one of the reasons why I got it plus have a bit left over so might get some of the DLC. Oh before I get the game is it best to use a mic often? I have one but it's annoying to use so most of the time I usually don't use it.