Activision shuts down Luxoflux and Underground Developement, lay off several at Red Octane

After Activision Blizzard's conference call and quarter sales report yesterday, several studios are having the hammer brought down upon them by the big game company.

According to reports, Activision has shut down Luxoflux and Underground Development completely. Underground Development was responsible for Guitar Hero: Van Halen and BMX XXX.

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italianbreadman3668d ago

Another bunch bites the dust.
Poor gaming industry.

ahnonamis3668d ago

Looks like we're not quite out of the "People constantly being laid off from publishers/developers" woods yet, unfortunately.

Although, to be fair, getting rid of the studio responsible for BMX XXX and GH: Van Halen isn't exactly a huge loss in my book. Sad for the people looking for work; not so sad for the industry.