Final Fantasy XIII | Xbox 360 Hands-on Preview

The Lost Gamer writes "I've seen the phenomenal opening cutscene to Square Enix's latest Final Fantasy title plenty of times now, having imported the Japanese PlayStation 3 version released back in December. However, this time around it was an entirely different experience for me. Not only was I seeing this entire opening section with English voice-over for the first time, but I am amongst the incredibly lucky few to have been able to get an early hands-on with the Xbox 360 version of the title. Regarded as the 'International Edition,' it's set to release across PAL and NTSC regions in under a months time on March 9th."

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green3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Saying exactly the same thing that gamespot said in their So when i am watching the 10hour movie.....i mean cutscenes it will look better on the PS3 but when i have the controller in my hand playing the game, it will look better on the 360. Wasn't this game built 1st on the ps3 then ported over to the 360,so how can this be?

I may prefer the 360 but due to games like Killzone 2,Uncharted 2 and even FF13, i have always believed that the PS3 was more powerful even if devs say otherwise. But the past 24hours with the brilliant Alan Wake trailer,Halo reach ViDoc and now this, i have completely changed my mind.

Seedhouse3665d ago

Did they? Ah well... I haven't read there's :)

Shaman3665d ago

Well i cant believe it...i mean great news for everyone,everybody will get something better.The thing is that MS on X10 really surprised me.just like Sony surprised me last year this year MS is really into making 360 better,i know Sony will follow and i predict this will be greatest year for games of all time.

Ichiryoka3665d ago

I keep seeing people say the 360 version has crisper images, yet here we go again using PS3 images of the game. I mean what do we have to go on other than someone saying its crisper. I'll believe it when I see it.

vhero3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Wow they basically copied Gamespots comments (in relation to comparison) and added stuff they could have found out from the Jap version of PS3 nothing new. So I really doubt they have seen any more of the 360 version than the big boys have. Also green your comparing games RELEASED on the PS3 to trailers for games that are not finished. You should know better really.. Look at early FFXIII trailer compared to final product for an example of what I mean here. You really should do that. Final products usually don't look as good as trailers as they are no doubt touched up. Even the mighty Halo and Jamie and the magic torch.

Seedhouse3665d ago

I resent those comments. As the author of the preview article, I have played the Xbox 360 version of the game and I have not copied the content of Gamespot's Preview article as I haven't even read it... jeez.

sakura20093665d ago

the article just copy what gamespot said. and gamespot wasn't even comparing the ps3 version to the 360 version. thelostgamer is a no name site. i believe only gamespot and ign and

sakura20093665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

seedhouse ur the article writer? haha. site owner advertising his no name site.

ClownBelt3665d ago

Lmao. A copy/paste article. That actually made me laugh.

Megaton3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

First outlet (GameSpot) to claim the 360 version looks better. Everyone else to comment after playing both say it's the other way around, or fairly equal in-game. Funny that Seedhouse blatantly copy/pasted what GameSpot wrote and passed it off as his "hands-on" opinion.

Mildrop3665d ago

Where does it say the Seedhouse is the site owner, he's the author but not the owner, get your facts right before you comment.

The site owner

pinkyxyz3665d ago

will put your mind at ease.

van-essa3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Where are the screens of the X360 version?
Have you really played the game? Or did you just copy paste Gamespot's preview?

Seedhouse3665d ago

They were the images given to us to coincide with the Preview Embargo lifting today.

I had to use a PS3 screen of the Crystarium, as there aren't any of the Xbox 360 version available...

Traveler3665d ago

Interesting. It seems several sources are saying the same thing.

we won3665d ago

I hope PS3 fans don't try to post that IGN quote based off of that Build IGN had previewed, that was at the very least a build of the game that was a month old. So please don't post that IGN quote/link from a month ago based on a build of the game that was probably more than a few months old in reality, never mind the IGN preview being a month old.

Immortal Kaim3665d ago

Seriously guys, can you be any less mature? Let me guess, if the author had claimed that the PS3 version was crisper, there wouldn't have been a problem, yet because he claims the opposite he just copied the information from another site? Jesus, some of you guys really need to grow up.

Immortal Kaim3665d ago

I should also add, if this site didn't have any integrity (like gamesthirst etc), they could have easily made the title something else to get way more attention.

Like "FFXIII 360 version hands on, the crisper experience" etc etc...

It sounds like they are simply relaying the information.

Megaton3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

^ If he had used his own words it wouldn't have been a problem. People who agree and disagree with the opinion both seem to acknowledge that it was copied from GameSpot. But maybe you're right. I guess "green" is a total raging PS3 fanboy, cause he pointed it out too. Make sure to let him know he isn't a 360 fanboy anymore.

GameSpot - "However, we noticed at this stage that the movies on the Xbox 360 suffered from more compression than on the PlayStation 3, while the Xbox 360 had an overall crisper image quality in the main game."

Seedhouse - "Whereas the Xbox 360 looks a lot crisper than its PS3 counterpart during general gameplay, it is clear to see that the cinematics on the Xbox 360 version have suffered as a result of compression – evidently to fit them onto DVD’s"

It's not identical, but come on.

Immortal Kaim3665d ago

As someone who used to write for a gaming website, I can assure the second paragraph is not copied from the first. If they witnessed the same thing they are going to write about what they saw, there are only so many ways you can express the same ideas.

A little test for you if you want to take up the challenge :) You played both the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version of FFXIII, you noticed that the 360 version was 'crisper' during gameplay but suffered some compression during the cutscenes (in relation to the PS3 version). Please write a paragraph about your findings, I want to test something out here... You up for the challenge?

Seedhouse3665d ago

Xiphos, just because I used the word "crisper" does not warrant any claims that my article, which has been written over a period of time, is a "copy and paste". Sure, we share the same view but we were both at the same event playing the same version... surely similarities are bound to appear in these Preview Articles?

I actually discussed with other people on the day their thoughts between the two versions, to see whether they shared a similar opinion, and I wasn't alone in my views.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Kaim, at least someone can recognise that I have integrity...!

Megaton3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

It wouldn't be so suspect if they weren't also the only other outlet besides GameSpot to make the same claim. Everyone else said the PS3 version looks better, or identical at the very least. As for your "challenge" (lolsrsbiz)...

"After finally playing through both versions, I can say that the 360 version appears to have a slightly sharper design when in real-time, while the PS3 version appears to look better when running CGI cutscenes, likely due to BluRay enabling uncompressed video."

Immortal Kaim3665d ago

LOL good stuff, you managed to approach that from different angle, I liked it.

I just don't like the mentality of people cherry picking what they want to read into based on personal bias. Seedhouse has explained the situation regarding the preview event, and I'm happy with that. The thing that you have to remember is, at these events people mingle with the 'competition' and discuss various ideas about what they witnessed during the play session, it is highly probable that they will display the same overarching tone.

Anyway, not long now till release, so we can see for ourselves. PS3 version for me anyway, I love my FF playstation collection :)

Ichiryoka3665d ago

So he says that the 360 images are more crisp, yet he states there are none available to use in his article. Here comes ironfist and he provides 360 imaged...hmmm..riiight. Ok so now we have 360 images and ps3 images.

imo it is wayyy to close to tell, check it out for yourself.



Immortal Kaim3665d ago

They weren't given any 360 images for the preview coverage so they used PS3 images. It is irrelevant anyway, because their comments weren't based on viewing still images, they played the final build on each platform at an event.

As I said above, we will all play it soon anyway, no need to try and discredit their article (which you failed at btw)...

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Natsu X FairyTail3665d ago

I guess there's no Fear in getting the xbox360 version anymore.

BeaArthur3665d ago

I'll still get the PS3 version because given the option I would rather not have to swap disks. Also the PS3 was the lead platform and I would almost always rather go with the lead platform.

Bush3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Sure there is if you still want to do disc swapping wich was last gen plus there is no actual xbox footage of the game. I have both consoles and I am still getting it for the PS3 because I am done with disc swapping.

Dance3665d ago

Great news for PS3 and 360 owners

Optical_Matrix3665d ago

To be honest I don't know what to believe but at the same time, if GB's were cut and compressed on the 360 version I can't see how it can be more crisp.
That said I'm hearing two stories from sources that all have fidelity so only time will tell. I could care less though. Fact is, the reason I bought my PS3 is hitting on march 9th...under a month and its gonna be so sick

Cueil3665d ago

The actual game is only 6.8 gigs... if you realise that the engine is cross platform (they used it on the MMO demo at e305 at the Xbox RAM) and you take into account that the 360 has 512 megs of shared ram you can see how it's easier for them to get higher resolution textures out of the system.

MajesticBeast3665d ago

Nice use of ps3 images for a article about the 360 version.

mrmikew20183665d ago

I'm wondering how this person was able to play 360 version. Were you at X10?

Seedhouse3665d ago

Was a UK Press Event last month.

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