Brutes Confirmed For Halo: Reach

Halo Report writes, "Today Bungie released the first ever ViDoc for Halo: Reach and while watching the video it revealed someone working on a Brute 3d model. See the screenshot after the break, Enjoy!"

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BlackIceJoe3198d ago

I for one am happy to see Brutes. Because Reach was the biggest battle the Humans faced. So I really wanted to see the Covenant throw every thing at them. So I hope this means that the Drones, Hunters & Engineers will be shown to be in Reach next.

Xi3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

engineers have been seen in the viddoc, they were seen being worked on in one of the studio shots. However, for all we know they may just be for a firefight mode, or for some cinematic.

I kinda agree though, seeing everything at once would be interesting, drones, grunts, elites, brutes, jackals, skirmishers, and engineers...flood... would be an intense battle.

Lord Vader3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Seriously loved Brutes & weiding their Hammers, Hunters & Drones would be very very cool too.

I really like that they are trying to go back to the roots & making Reach more like the classic HaLo CE...

JonnyBadfinger3196d ago

as if anyone thought they wouldnt be in Reach?

Brutes were encountered before the Elites (going by halo canon). Its just that i think they will be taking a more back seat ride for this game. You know the heavy reinforcements accompanied by a pair of Hunters.

And Reach wasnt the biggest war between the Covenant and UNSC, Harvest was... Reach was over the quickest, because the covenant didnt muck about they came to Reach and pretty much glassed it as soon as they were able to get past the MAC stations.

I think we can expect to see all races of Covenant in Reach.

SixZeroFour3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

i wouldnt expect flood, seeing as how they were still unknown in halo ce...until the actual level they were revealed

the cinematic on teh dead marine that MC viewed, appeared to be that they [flood] were unknown to them [marines]till then, so no prior knowledge

but yea, im looking for a tough fight on legendary mode...i mean, with possibly 9 spartans (5 ai and 4 coop, unless they make 1 [host]spartan III and rest [3 coop] are marines, which wouldnt really make sense strength wise), legendary shouldnt be too hard, but i want it to be difficult

the new feirce elite leading the pack, with brutes in second command, and engineers keeping overshield on them...hunters as heavy backup and the rest causing trouble/distraction, i really want to have to look for cover playing REACH on legendary coop

NinjaAssassin3196d ago

cool. i'm glad that they are bringing back more of the elites, but it is awesome to see that the brutes will be there too. let the covenant bring all they got. it will be an epic battle.

socomnick3196d ago

I Hope they transform the brutes too.

The brutes in the past games were too tiny.

The Elites in Reach got much taller hope the even bigger Brutes get a size bump.

Similar to the picture.

heroprotagonist3196d ago

Yeah, make the brutes almost like big yetis. That would be intimidating going up against them if they were like that. I'm liking basically everything I am hearing about Halo Reach. Bungie is definitely taking the game in the right direction.

Socrates3196d ago

That is good news. I liked fighting the brutes.

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Another One3196d ago

The Brutes look like they will be getting some more armor variants in Reach. Look to be coming along very well.

And BlackiceJoe, I thought I saw on that someone saw what looked like an Engineer in a screenshot. I couldn't make it out though.

i3eyond the Circle3196d ago

Do the UNSFC first encounter Brutes on Reach?

If so, that would be the most epic WTF moment in Halo History lol

SixZeroFour3196d ago

i think the brutes were always there, but didnt take command till the elites became a disgrace to the prophets

Blow Out Your Brains3196d ago

This franchise is full of generic enemies, Halo FTL.

SixZeroFour3196d ago

as in? and as opposed to whos cast of unique enemies?

NinjaAssassin3196d ago

what a troll. halo has an awesome variety of enemies and they are all different and cool.

mrv3213196d ago

They are far from generic. The Halo: CE enemies where good and fitted the technology giving the game it's unique feel and look but as technology evolved the enemies didn't after play Halo 3 I found the enemies to be a bit poor, I wasn't overly fond of the flood and I believe the smaller sticky suicide enemies could do with a face lift.

Lex Luthor3195d ago

Unlike Killzone 2 right? HAHAHAHAHA GTFO.

kaveti66163195d ago

Hey man, Killzone 2 has Helghast. Helghast are wicked awesome.

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Shichiro3196d ago

Looks great. I find it also funny that this is a game of the past and how everything seems more advanced than the previous Halo games. xD

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