Why The Hell Do We Care About Gamerscore?

DualShockers writes: "Seriously though, why the hell do I even care about my gamer score? I really started thinking about this when I started collecting all the items in Brütal Legend. Using the internet and a handy map I had found on Achievement Hunter I set off on my quest. Over the course of a few hours, I managed to clear off nearly half of the collectibles when I realized I wasn't having any fun. It honestly felt like I was somewhere in another realm of existence turned on a shop-vac and sucked all of the enjoyment out of the game..."

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JoelT3668d ago

but Trophies to me are like crack cocaine.

BeaArthur3668d ago

Same here. For me it's the sense of personal accomplishment. I like challenging myself and trophies and Achievements are the physical manifestation of all the hard work and all the success I have with a game. Yeah I can tell you that I did everything there was to do in that game but when you see the Platinum trophy in my profile you know I'm not lying.

iiprotocolii3668d ago

Couldn't agree more. I personally like being able to "challenge" myself, and try to get as much trophies/achievements as possible. To some it might not matter, but for some reason (at least for me) it gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that I've done something that other probably can't.

Rush3668d ago

A: I don't never have.

Some of my real life mates will replay or complete games they don't like simply to earn more trophies or gamerscore. I honestly don't get the interest don't get me wrong though.

If am playing a JRPG and a trophy or some gamer points pop up after I beat the boss its cool, but I would never go out of my way to get them.

TheDudeAbides3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I love getting trophies but I'm not platinum addict, it's cool to grab some trophies, but when I end up with game 70% done I don't cry.

Sometime I platinum games, but only the greatest games like Uncharted, GoW or GTA4 (rank 10 siccccccc) :)

SoX FireBlade3668d ago

Well they are fun but I don't get them for challenge. They just feel great somehow. It's like collecting action figures

and this is the same thing when you get the highest rank in a game. let's say Halo for example because it happened to me

I became a general after 2 years but in the end I didn't get anything from it but it felt really good I was happy the day that I became a General

the process of doing it is fun but some of them are not it depends on the game

I don't get achievements or trophies if I didn't like the game and some games have really fun achievements/trophies

AzarVC3668d ago

They are totally like getting action figures...they don't serve a point...but damn, are they cool.

Solidus187-SCMilk3668d ago

but it is fun to get as many as possible, but I wont usually go out of my way to get the ones I missed.

The main thing I like about Achievements/trophies is comparing yours to people on your friends list. You can see what games youve both played and stuff like that.

BeaArthur3668d ago

TheDudeAbides...I agree, I like getting them as much as anyone but if I realize it's going to take a huge investment of time to try and get 3 extra trophies so I can get the platinum then I just settle for the 85% completion. It's not worth forcing myself to play something I don't feel like playing. I will admit though that I did an extra Ratchet and Clank play through so that I could get the platinum even though I didn't really feel like it.

Immortal3213668d ago

they keep track of their Gamerscores, like their credit score!!

every360 fan works for MS. If anyone bash the 360, the fanboys will come to defend their company.

Sez 3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

And the very same can be said about ps3 fanboys. Maybe you should check a game being reviewed for the ps3. That doesn't get a 10. Matter fact go check out the thread when they say halo reach eclipse GoW3. Look how the ps3 fanboys get up in arms over it.

AliTheBrit193668d ago

I've never found Trophies addicting at all

I couldn't tell you even close to how many I have, its between 200-300 I think..

They just don't appeal to me, and I've never found them to "work"

Cenobia3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

If you played Terminator Salvation...your as big a trophy whore as I am. If you played Hannah Montana I'd have trouble looking you in the eyes. THE SHAME! THE SHAME!!!

Platinum trophies really are like a drug.


I feel the same way for some games, but what I really hate is when I have less than 50% trophies. I feel ashamed. :(

Prototype3668d ago

I spend money to play games not for bragging rights. If I get a trophy its to prove I did something in a game not to run around saying "I got this gold trophy on X game you suck!"

By the way whoever judges people by their trophy score must have a small thing in real life; I had some people judge me because I have yet to get a plat in any game I played, yet I can whoop their ass on Tekken or Street Fighter.

badz1493668d ago

nah...not so much of a big of a deal! but they're fun to collect and makes me wanna keep playing! I only keep playing good games though! craps are craps, with or without trophies!!

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Chadness3668d ago

It is nice to see our progress measured in a way. However I'm not huge on going out of my wayto get insane achievements that may cause me to do damage to my console, TV or those around me.

JoelT3668d ago

I have 40k gamerpoints, does that man my E-Penis is huge?

iiprotocolii3668d ago

No. It probably means you don't get laid much; and because you don't, we're assuming that you have an oversized clitoris.

Hitman07693668d ago

Hahahaha, I only have around 500 trophies and 1 platinum.


It adds re-playability
Brings the anger/happy moment in me
I can brag to my friends

Because iam bad AS$

divideby03668d ago

never did..never will...achives, trophs....just a waste of time for me....I enjoy playing games online..not gamercard, avatar or home junk..
I have been a charter gold live member and just now see it as a big rip off and the same goes for PSN if it starts to make you pay for gameplay..., which it wont...just allow features unneeded for game play...

taz80803668d ago

It is a great way to brag to friends. My main gripe is that Sony or MS hasnt given players any benefit for racking up a ton of points. Would be great to have some advatange for getting a ton of trophies or gamerscore.

Prototype3668d ago

Uncharted 2 unlocks the Marco Polo outfit for getting a plat. Uncharted 1 gives you extra money for the multiplayer in 2 for the plat.

There's other games however I don't remember off hand

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