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Natsu X FairyTail3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Just watched the video and I can tell you guys you wont be dissapointed in what you'll see.

Everything looked good! new animation , New characters , new graphics , new weapons.

The shotgun looked good and the sticky bomb aswell.

this is the halo we'Ve all been waiting for.

socomnick3657d ago

Sweet baby jesus its on!!!

Bungie3657d ago

damn i have to download this

Teh Definitive FPS of dis generation for sure

green3657d ago

Sad that i have to wait 7 months before i can play this game.

TROLL EATER3657d ago

HOOOOOOOLLY HALO REACH is gonna devour all 2010 games

3657d ago
Cold 20003657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

geez, taking years to download.

I hope you guys arent overhyping this video unlike some other people in a certain thread about a game on the front page starting with a G...

edit: I think it's actually my connection, not even half downloaded yet..

starchild3657d ago

Ok I just watched it and it showed some epic stuff. This game is going to be amazingly good.

Fanb0y3657d ago

Not a single negative comment... yet.

lh_swe3657d ago

I am a PS3 owner and I am extatic about this game, as am I for Heavy Rain, is it that in your mind both can't co-exist? Two great games on two great systems of which both I enjoy and love, grow up.

Active Reload3657d ago

Looks like Halo: Reach will have Xbox Live's #1 spot on lock for a long time. Which makes me wonder if Epic and MS will put Gears 3 out there to compete.

StanLee3657d ago

Just watched it myself. I'm really just blown away. X10 certainly is building the hype for the XBox 360's line up this year. Just a need some new media for Crackdown 2 and man, I'll be set.

commodore643657d ago

What an astoundingly awesome year 2010 is.
360 Gamers can enjoy and look forward to gems such as

HAlo Reach
Alan Wake
Mass effect2

... and so many more great 360 multiplats which continue the trend of being slightly superior over their competition.

This Halo reach viDoc surely is a precursor to the greatness that is nearly upon us.

krisq3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

But Reach looks very good. Very needed reboot for the series.
It's not hard to give credit where credit is due.

starchild3657d ago

I gotta say, I love the way this game looks. It has a look that is completely it's own.

Christopher3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Game is looking good. My only complaint is that they want big open areas with lots of opponents. I guess that's part of Halo, but I'd prefer more of an environment that's natural rather than tons of areas where it seems trees just never grew there nor did any other plantlife.

Definitely stepping up the visual aspects of the game and I liked hearing about the customization and hope that isn't just a visual customization element.

One thing that is misleading that I just heard again on the second listen through of the video: not being a sandbox game doesn't mean that AI is heavily scripted to follow certain parameters, it just means the area in which they move around is smaller. AI can be ultra-intelligent in a sandbox environment and a linear design environment.

@commodore64: Why is it always about what 360 owners get this year? Why do you fail to see the importance that gamers on all platforms are getting some great games? Why must you support just one console to justify your preference? It's thinking like yours that leads to people really missing out on some great games and even resulting in them psychologically preventing themself from enjoying many games out there. I feel sorry for you.

SoX FireBlade3657d ago

I wasn't disappointed at all

Great job Bungie

StanLee3657d ago

With XBox Live on the orginal XBox shutting down. I just need Microsoft to announce Halo 2 for Games on Demand this summer. How fcuking awesome would that be?!

Cold 20003657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Beautiful indeed!! Graphics, colors and simply the whole design. And if you check at the bottom right hand corner it's "alpha work in progress"...and already looks that good.. and once again the design is beautiful! I mean just look at 0:54s for instance!

MS have REALLY REALLY stepped their game up this year.

By the way I could have sworn someone told me the 360 was maxed out lol.

edit: And this is coming from someone who almost never touched Halo on the original Xbox and hasn't bothered finishing Halo 3's solo campaign. Just to say that the vid really impressed me.

3657d ago
infamousinfolite3657d ago

I, too, am a ps3 owner and I must say the graphics are real good and they have good enough from now til rrelease date to improve on anything they want to improve on... shoo i'll take it now. 2010 is looking to be a good year for Both! systems

talltony3657d ago

Man they revamped everything, it really is looking good. This is what halo 3 should have been.

3657d ago
Cold 20003657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Are you comparing in one way or another GOW3 with Halo Reach ??? lol.

Go back to overhyping GOW3 graphics in that the special thread dedicated to that.

Look at 0:54s, thats looks like probably the best looking thing ever produced on a console but you don't see stupid, automatic, robotic overhyping in this thread like you guys do with GOW3.

And the scary thing is that the game is still 7 freaking months away...7 full months of tweeking, improving etc.

And keep in mind that this is no linear, straight-forward game like some other FPS's on a rival console. This is an open world, sandbox FPS and YET it looks completely jaw dropping.

Fanb0y3657d ago

Gameplay also seems to be getting a lot of upgrades:

The crosshair widens as you shoot, rewarding careful shooters who burst-fire more (personally, I think this will add a lot more depth to shooting)
Abilities - sprinting is one of them.
A lot of new, sweet weapons.

And graphics-wise, I noticed a lot of motion blur, almost similar to that of Killzone 2.
May 3!

starchild3657d ago Show
Tiberium3657d ago

graphics Will NOT be a problem this time around.

leila013657d ago

I just watched the video on "Halo waypoint" and God, I kept saying "holy sh!t" through out the doc. The game is really beautiful.

Ghostsmoker3657d ago

this game is simply phenomenal. I think if you like futuristic shooters this will be the definition of it maxed out to deliver an outstanding experience. Just from watching that new styled assault rifle I can't wait to run around with the gun in these huge levels.

Fox013657d ago

Lol Yesterday I put my X360 back in it's box and was about to trade it in, then I said "let me just wait till X10" then I'll sell it.
Guess what? It's back on the shelf lol!

After seeing Alan Wake, Perfect Dark ( Crackdown 2 and now this... wow my mind has been raped

StanLee3657d ago

Bubbles for you good Sir. Bubbles!

borgome3657d ago

O my god
O my god
O my god
O my god
O my god

sack_boi3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )


Don't forget Fable 3 ;)

sack_boi3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

can a mod please delete this comment.

Mike134nl3657d ago

7 months is a long wait, luckily there will be enough games to fill the gap between now and the launch of Halo Reach.

SixZeroFour3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

wow...that was amazing, props to the audio design, seems like they took a page out of bf's books and took ear deafening grenades audio, i loved it in bfbc, feels like it adds to the experience, and visually speaking, its looking real nice, especially the animations

btw, kudos to everyone keeping it civil on both sides (at least from what ive skimmed through in the first thread of comments, lol)

EDIT: btw, did you guys notice the grenade launcher? :O

CWMR3657d ago

-Awesome, simply awesome. It's exactly what I was hoping for.-

LordMarius3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

looks like cow's manure, yeah

but its the best the bots have seen cant blame them for getting excited when looking at poo

Aquanox3657d ago

Ok, 2010 "The Year of the Xbox 360" f***cking confirmed.

Can't believe such an open world game looks this good :o

PrimordialSoupBase3657d ago

A further return to Combat Evolved, which was slightly hinted at by some of the design choices of ODST.

Looks fantastic.

Arnon3657d ago

Holy freaking god, man. When he stepped outside my jaw dropped.

Space_cancer3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

The scale, the weapons, the new gritty art style...oh man i´m loving this. Reach´ overall feeling is just something unique.

My gf is so breaking up with me when this baby arrives. Like i care lol.

JANF3657d ago

The console war will be over on september 2010. The king is back to rule the world.

GMR_PR3657d ago

I was a little skeptical about how this game was going to look and the hype around it, but after watching this video i most say I'm pretty impressed and this is just the alpha build, there still plenty of time for improvements. Halo is back and Bungie is back.

techie3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

The environemtns look great fun to play in, but I don't see it. Low-res textures everywhere...reminds me of Half Life 2: Episode 2... Alan Wake graphics look 2x better than this. As this is alpha footage I shall keep an open mind!

Traveler3657d ago

Oh man, this looks stunning. Bungie are true masters of their craft.

Why is it you always hype up PS3 games and downplay 360 games? Alan Wake also looks amazing, but do you expect anybody to believe you that it looks 2x as good as Halo Reach? That is clearly false. Also, the textures look really good to me, so I don't know where you are coming from there. You do know that God of War 3 also has some very low res textures, right?

No game is perfect, but all of these top games look stunning to me and I can't wait to play them.

lowcarb3657d ago

Alan Wake is pretty much almost finished. At E3 we should get some proper Reach visuals.

OT: This game is looking seriously Epic. Halo3 although good kind of turned me off a bit but Reach has turned me back on 100%. Great fraking job Bungie and MS!

Fat Bastard3657d ago

Wow. As an enormous PS3 fanboy, I must say that this video makes me quite jealous. I just might be picking up a 360 soon to play Reach

Sitris3657d ago

Hated Halo 3/ODST, god i hope they make this game like CE that game was amazing, so fresh and original, not bland and familiar. Bungie have the talent no doubt, but in the Past microsoft wanted money more than a good game, looks like a good year for all involved

PS3: GOW3, HR, FF13, MAG (got it 3 days ago, dont know what reviewers didnt like i havent stoped playing since i got it haha), for me WKC is sick and GT5. Plus all the unanounced stuff for the rest of the year (not saying it will all be great games but there will be heaps Sony wouldnt just turn of and play dead for a year)

360: Has also started real strong, ME2 (getting it on PC, can not wait, really enjoyed first one, just straped for cash haha) Alan Wake looks interesting, SC:C looks very promising, Crack down 2, Fable 3, Halo Reach and i havent even gotten into Multiplats yet. Pretty sure MS has announced most titles this year, unlike in the past.

Wii: Be honest i dont play wii all that much but a new Zelda, Super mario, Metroid titles are all it really needs to have games haha nothing new is expected.

It will be a great year, just dont count out Sony just yet, they have some great titles in the pipeline, i know of one that has been rumoured recently that is definately coming out sooner than expected ;)

ShadowCK3656d ago

Amazing!! Cannot wait for this!

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Kal11383657d ago

I really liked how it looked at the 5:36 mark.

Dark_Vendetta3657d ago

I have to agree that I'm impressed with the graphics (and I'm a ps3 & 360 owner, who has played Uncharted 2/Killzone 2 etc). Also I love the art design (way more appealing than Halo 3) and that the game looks extremely fluid. Does anyone know what the fps count is?
A big step forward compared to ODST!

Extra Guy3657d ago

Ya beat me to it by 5 mins! I shouldn't have gone downstairs to get a drink and then watched the vidoc again. This could have been a 1K + hitter for me.

Great vid btw, really download in HD; very nice indeed.

Munky3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

That quote from Marty O'Donnell says it all.

mythamp3657d ago

What did you expect, Halo Wars to be the definitive halo? It was when that got released, but in any case, i would say impressive graphics, Sony gotta do a few more GOWIII/UC2/KZ2 to get peoples mind to broaden again. I am impressed.

tudors3657d ago

you cannot appreciate just how good it is compared to 2 and 3 and ODST, Halo Reach looks like it has returned to the orignal formula which is not a bad thing.


thank you, best comment i have read all day and my thoughts exactly.

for me halo CE is or was the king, and as much as I love halo 2 and 3, they just didn't have the same feel that I got from CE.

I really thought that bungie had lost it and i would never get the halo game i wanted. then came odst and for what it was, I saw a little bit of that magic that i got in CE. it just seemed to play more like it and less like halo 2 or 3- I had hope.

after seeing the vid doc, yes, I am now officially really, really really hyped for this game. my doubts have gone. bring on the May.

table3657d ago

I agree with you there. Halo CE would make my top 5 shooters but Halo2 and 3 even though still very good didn't quite capture the brilliance as well as the first. Reach looks fantastic from what we've seen.

Sub4Dis3657d ago

that mastered the online console shooter craft though. sure the campaign didn't come close to CE, but the Halo 2 multiplayer design has been basically copied by every other console shooter since.