Carbon fiber 360 controller is fast, furious

From the German folks,a user that goes by MueMue used the shell of an extra wireless controller to shape a sporting new carbon fiber case.

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Diselage4135d ago

This is one heck of a slow news day when the biggest news are user created videos, a look back at mods, and interviews.

Crazyglues4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

That would make one sweet PGR4 controller.... That would be real hot if they made a special edition and it came with that controller. - with the logo on it somewhere of course, but I just love that carbon fiber look.

spikesld4135d ago

Where is the battery pack or is it a display model, I would actually like to use it for gaming.

KoolMan4135d ago

have one of this for the ps3 it will be nice for RFOM

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