New 720p God of War III Screenshots

Following a new God of War III trailer debuted on Game Trailers TV, comes high-definition 720p screenshots. These bring out the quality of the game, unlike the low-bitrate footage from GTTV, with previously touted screen-caps from the trailer being put to shame.

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techie3668d ago

Perhaps in that screenshot, but in the others there is parity with Uncharted 2. And the scale here is much larger

-Alpha3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

That screenshot looked hideous, but that's just one out of the many. It's probably better not to compare this game right now though-- considering nobody knows how old this trailer is and how the final game will be.

I'm expecting more artistic graphics than technical graphics for God of War. I can imagine a "painting come to life", and it would be great if that can be pulled off. But considering hype, I'm just going to hold off and just wait.

These pics actually look great-- much better than when they were random scenes that strung together as the trailer to make it look meaningful or "cool"

I had no doubts the game looked great, but I'm more fascinated by the scale. Scale is a very amazing thing to pull off. Shadow of the Colossus is the best example and God of War seems to be doing it even bigger with Titans. The fact that you have levels on moving titans has shock value written all over it.

life doomer3668d ago

The immersion in this game is insane.

jalen2473668d ago

I am sorry but Uncharted 2 doesn't look better than this:


and this: