New F1 2010 Details Coming Next Month

CC: Exciting news, as new details for Codemasters' F1 2010 game for PS3, 360 and PC are set to emerge next month, according to the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine.

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SpaceSquirrel3663d ago

Not a big fan of racing games but this have the potential to be good.

mjolliffe3663d ago

Been waiting for a good F1 game for a long time now. I have the Wii version, but its not the best.

I'm confident because Codies have pulled off some of the best racing games around :)

maskedwarrior3663d ago

I hope it is as good as Dirt 2.

aaron58293662d ago

make it as realistic as possible... i hated Grid to be honest.. Dirt 2 was fun.. but still arcadey.

40cal3662d ago

You know that Michael just came out of retirement to drive the new Mercedes. Great news for F1.

Also, this has to be why F1 was dropped from GT5.

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Letros3662d ago

Dirt 2 + DX11 looked amazing and performed exceptional, would expect nothing less from F1 2010.

Ultimately its up to the gameplay.

Antan3662d ago

Might be tricky to reach that level. 26 or so cars on track, even with varying LOD might be tricky to achieve. Though the flip side is that most F1 circuits are not as open as some of the tracks in Dirt 2. Im interested to see how they play it.

Raf1k13662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Your point seems more valid for the console versions than the PC one.

edit: I think it's definitely doable though you may need to decent PC for it.

Antan3662d ago

Yeah sorry, should of been a bit clearer. I was speaking about the console versions.

free2game3653662d ago

The only thing that looked better on Dirt 2 was the flags, and that was only in DX11 mode. F1 2010 will look the same on all platforms more than likely.

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GodGinrai3662d ago

i hope they dont botch the handling for the sake of "accesibility" like they have done with the colin mcrae games and grid. Dont get me wrong they are decent arcade racers and grid is one of my fave driving games this gen. but CMR3 and 4 felt like pure rally games that were worthy of the late greats name. the thing that p*sses me off is that codemasters KNOW how to make driving feel like.."driving" in a game. in their older games you knew EXACTLY what the car was doing and how it was responding to your inputs. their new games lack that intimacy that exist between the road surface ,the car and the driver. CMR 3/4 had superior handling models to anything last gen imo...i wish codies would get back on form with this... i want geoff crammond GP levels of depth but with next gen sheen. i know some of you hardcore sim guys know what im talking about.dont let me down codemasters!

aaron58293662d ago

although i never played the colin mcrae games (not much of a fan of rally/dirt racing) ... but i'm an F1 fanatic...i really loved Sony's previous F1 games...

I just wish they will make this F1 as Hardcore Sim as possible.. and a seperate mode for the "arcade" players.

Avto3662d ago

I just hope they can get the car set-up thing right. Quite a few out there like to tune their car to every last detail. But others like me prefer most of the set-up work done for us in advance or than again a simplified system, like the one in F1 2006, you just drive around the circuit and your team adjusts various components to your liking, without you getting into technical detail.

aaron58293662d ago

like having a real technical team setting up the car for you from your feedbacks as a driver... :)

well... i guess i'm expecting too much... lol

But F1 2006 can do it, i'm sure CM can do it... just improve from there.

Avto3662d ago

Yeah the one in F1 2006 was not very good, plus the game had a few bugs kind of made Friday practice useless. But, the idea was there and it was good. Codemasters have to take the basic idea and build their own system. Give drivers a choice for how many laps they want to do before the team asks you to pit, for data evaluation.

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