Fable 3: Impressive First In Game Footage Emerged

Videogameszone published a new dev diary for Fable 3 which shows first in game footage of the upcoming game.

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Natsu X FairyTail3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Holy eff. Did I just see that girl reverse the guy, Jump in the Air and Pierce him in the Torso with blood Splattering all over the place ?? haha I never knew there was that kind of action in the Fable series. I only played the 2nd one a few hours at my friend's house and even though I liked what I played I never got to really get into the game. But after watching this I can say that Fable 3 is on my radar.

gaffyh3659d ago

I can tell I won't like it, so I'll steer clear because I didn't like Fable 2.

HQLocated1113659d ago

MEH looks the same as the second one. Which wasn't all that good

A Cupcake for Gabe3658d ago

I like the darker, gritty atmosphere. and that the characters aren't as cartoony. I wonder if it'll still end up being a linear POS like the rest of the Fable games. If not...A first week buy.

rroded3658d ago

but i did get a kick out of the first one and this one looks pretty good imo
might jus look into another 360 when we get teh cash for this reach n crackdown2

Ghostsmoker3658d ago

Stopped playing part 2 after a few hours. But I'll wait for more media.

hay3658d ago

I'm big Fable fan, both games were great but when I see in the interviews the features they mention and describe, judging by past experiences with the series, it'll be UP to half as cool.
Holding hands - ICO style. Interactions - small step ahead comparing to F2. Combat - few basic moves, maybe some counters + skills.

I was really excited for first Fable, it was great but far from what was promised. Second, Peter promised less, sitll didn't live up to it.
Both Fables didn't fulfill what was hyped for the first game. Third one won't make it happen either.

ProjectVulcan3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

The second wasnt nearly as good as the first. Why is it developers always use 'darker, edgier' as though its some sort of magic wand that will make a game better....sigh. I can hardly tell how this will turn out from early shots, but im not exactly blown away. Fable 2 looked muddy and fuzzy for me, and ran sluggishly. Maybe these technical problems also impaired my enjoyment of the game. Or maybe it was that it felt like the game really held your hand firmly throughout. Or maybe it was the predictable, contrived plot and disappointing ending, or the shallow RPG elements, or the simple get the idea. If Molyneux for once can transfer half his talk into actual gameplay and features, then this would be be epic.

Theres enough to fix. Mostly niggles though and nothing too serious. I reserve judgement til i play this. Enough potential to look forward to with this however

Red Panda3658d ago

Your way to limited in fable. Also anyone thats says the ending to mumber to was good is lying.

ShadowCK3658d ago

Look's so much better! Can't wait!

kewlkat0073658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

As I did play Fable 2 and liked it but a little too short. I wanted them to expand the world and I so love the music towards the end of this video....just bliss. meng, I so behind already with the 360 library this year, it's ridonculous.

vhero3658d ago

Fable 3 a REAL WRPG unlike Mass Effect 3 which is a shooter with RPG elements. This is a real RPG not just RPG elements. Did like Fable 2 and had just completed it before my last 360 died.

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Gobot3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

looks exactly like fable 2.

just because i say it looks like fable 2 doesn't mean its a bad thing.
but with all those disagrees that i'm going to get.. sum peeps are gonna be B*tt hurt

StanLee3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

It does have Fable 2's aesthetics but man does it look so much more darker and grittier. Just look at how visceral the combat looks.

Christopher3659d ago

Yeah, it does look like Fable 2 with some new scripted attacks being shown. Honestly, I'm not falling for it a third time. I'm out.

Extreme morphs? This is Peter's big change? The ability to morph into a good or evil version of yourself with wings? Don't most hack and slash games have this mode (Dante's Infero and Darksiders just to name two that allow you to 'morph', though in Dante's Inferno is more of a glowing effect)? And why the heck would they need to 'scrap the whole system' just for a simple morph? Weapons that change as you use them? Again, nothing big. Reach out and touch other NPCs? Who gives a rats arse?

Ashriel3659d ago

"just because i say it looks like fable 2 doesn't mean its a bad thing.
but with all those disagrees that i'm going to get.. sum peeps are gonna be B*tt hurt "

couldn't it be that some people don't think the same as you?

WIIIS13659d ago

"The graphics have been boosted quite a bit, as well. While the last game had smallish, cramped dungeons, Fable III's are more expansive. The general world is pretty nice and lush, as well. It's obvious at a glance that this sequel looks much better than Fable II." - from Destructoid.

Sorry to disappoint your PS3 fanboy sentiments.

WIIIS13658d ago

"The look of the game has been beefed up immensely, with the character animation smoother and a much darker tone of colours used than before. Worth a note was the complete lack of on screen bars and menus, freeing up the screen for action. The aim is to use the environment to show how you are doing, so if you are getting a kicking the screen will blur or even bleed." - Wonderwallweb

Butt hurting some.

CoderDunn3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I don't own either console. Calling people PS3 fanboys for not liking a 360 exclusive makes you look like the fanboy. I played Fable 1 on my PC, and beat Fable 2 at my friends house on his 360. I was Very disapointed with fable 2, and therefore won't be playing fable 3 unless it has some amazing reviews. Fable 2 had good reviews and it sucked IMO (especially because of spell charging and the lack of any armor, not to mention the most anti-climatic ending ever)

AliTheBrit193658d ago

I wouldn't say exactly, but yes there's not a massive leap

But don't forget, the game is still in development, I fully expect more visual updates to come!

BWS19823658d ago

fan, so this is a must buy provided it's at least as good as the first two. They're not my fav Action/RPG's but they're very well made IMO. This is totally on my radar. I'm kinda happy that this is coming out so soon compared to Fable 2, but I hope that doesn't mean quality will suffer. Let's see what comes of this. :)

vhero3658d ago

The fact they are not using a new engine isn't always a bad thing it just means they can make it a LOT quicker. Also it's like they say if it's not broke..

Active Reload3658d ago

I would assume you've never played Fable 2, because this game looks WAY better, as a matter of fact, it looks as good as Trine if not better, even Folklore.

edhe3658d ago

It might look similar to 2 but the engine looks incredibly tight with much better performance.

Big :tup: from me.

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The Milkman3659d ago

Man I cant stand when I go to the link and cannot see the video because it will not play. Well I found another one if your in the same situation as me and this one is 5 minutes instead of 1 minute.

Myst3659d ago

Thanks milkman, couldn't watch the video on the article site either.

Julie3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Ty same here :)

EDIT: ohh and i want to play it! seems fun fun !

DexterPsycho3659d ago

Yeh it looks good, sure the graphics are the same but i liked them, gameplay looks improved, and the morphs are a great idea and heres another link http://extremegamingreviews...

Omega43659d ago

WOW you can get angel wings that looks awesome