Star Trek Online Gets First Content Expansion with The Borg Hub writes: "Cryptic Studios only launched their sci-fi MMO, Star Trek Online, last week and they have already released the first content update for the game. In what they promise to be the first of many content updates is 'The Borg Hub' - a series of episodes dealing with what has occured within the Borg Collective since the confrontation of the U.S.S. Voyager with the Borg Queen at the end of the television series, Star Trek Voyager. This new content is aimed at higher level players of level..."

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moe843658d ago

Good to see the character models still look like crap.
Anyone else see some Kerrigan in that Borg Queen?

Anyway, on topic. I suppose this is cool. The only problem with throwing content out this early, is when you run out(and they will) players will leave. One thing that has always made or broke an mmo is the addition of more content, and how often that content comes out. Let's hope it lasts, I guess.