NowGamer: Fable III X10 Preview

NowGamer: "Rough and ready Fable III info, straight from the mouth of Molyneux at last night's X10. What follows is our experience of Fable III (hands-off), which involved Peter Molyneux demoed to us last night at X10 in San Francisco.

Much has been touted about the game allowing its players to take on the role of king – or queen – a tack offered with only the smallest of nods to those who took ownership of every building in Albion in Fable II. According to Molyneux, Fable III is about power, and feeling that power in a very real way. Around halfway into the game, you'll conquer the oppressive overlord of this kingdom (I think they said Logan was his name, but this preview is rough and ready from the conference, so for the time being, Logan it is) and become the ruler of Albion yourself."

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