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Ever since its release in 2000, Majora's Mask has stood out from the rest of the Zelda series and video games as a whole. It involved revolutionary game play mechanics, including the famous three day cycle, the advanced graphics, and the unique storyline. It was the two year awaited sequel to the legendary game, Ocarina of Time, and had great expectations placed on it. Upon release, mixed emotions were displayed towards the game. Zelda fans either loved it or were greatly disappointed. That remains today with many fans claiming it as their favorite of the series, while others still frown at the mention of it.

A renowned part of Majora's Mask is its storyline, which has boggled fans for almost a decade. Although it appears as a simple adventure on the surface, it is incredibly complex when thoroughly analyzed. In the popular article 'The Message of Majora's Mask', Hylian Dan gives insight into the perplexity of the game's storyline. Although Majora's Mask is commonly referred to as being extremely unique, there is another story we can compare it to, aiding our understanding of the mysterious game. Interestingly enough, Majora's Mask shares a lot in common with Victor Fleming's famous 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.

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