1UP: Lost Planet 2 Preview

1UP writes: "'Why and how are Marcus and Dom in Lost Planet 2' is a question we can't really answer. They just are, and we had a chance to take them for a rumble in the jungle during Microsoft's X10 event in San Francisco.

Content-wise, Capcom was showing off a couple of new areas from the campaign ("we don't differentiate between single- or multi-player for campaign; you can either go alone, go with bots, or go with friends," notes a Capcom employee): specifically, areas 1-2 and 1-3."

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GameGambits3668d ago

I wish they could get Joe Dimagio(spelling?) who does the voice of Marcus Fenix to voice Marcus' multiplayer skin when you pick it. It's weird seeing Marcus a bit smaller than his usual self, but it's much weirder hearing a non rugged voice behind it. :P