God of War III Exclusive Chaos Will Rise Trailer

GT: Kratos starts a war that will bring the World to its knees...


To non-believers, Geoff Keighley says that the trailer is done completely in real-time with no CG. He's heading over to the studio next week for a full GOW episode:

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LordMarius3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


Cant wait, omg
Freaking epic, GOTY

deadreckoning6663171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


GOW3 TRANSCENDS fanboyism. U can't possibly hate on this game from any angle. I'm LITERALLY breathless. This is gunna shut EVERY PS3 hater up.

Edit: I'm watching the trailer again and I STILL can't believe this. I don't think I'm ever going to spend $60 on a multiplat ever again. Just so everyone on this site knows, I'm OFFICIALLY a PS3 fanboy now.

UnSelf3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOTY CONFIRMED!!!

@deadreckoning we've been expecting u, welcome aboard!! wait put ur wallet away, we can game for free!!!

Cyrax_873171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

*ducks out to go to the internet cafe around the corner*

EDIT: OMG(oW), for some reason I nearly burst out laughing at the cafe, it was that epic!

Simon_Brezhnev3171d ago

yeah it beats Uncharted 2 in graphics just like i thought it would :). I want this game now.

3171d ago
3171d ago
Megaton3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Absolutely stunning. The scale is just mind-blowing. NEED MOAR!

jwatt3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

OMG I just downloaded it and watched it in slow motion. It looks amazing and Kratos fighting in the dark omg!

Edit: I dare you guys to watch it in slow motion, your gonna go crazy.

swiftshot933171d ago

I take back what I said in the other thread. After watching it again, HOLY SH1T!!!!

Seriously, I know graphics arent everything, but DAMN. Seriously the most epic thing Ive seen this generation. I know Im just off of seeing the amazingness of the game, but my prediction is that this will be GOTY.

solidjun53171d ago

But I need to get some napkins.

Rainstorm813171d ago

Needless to say this will probably be the most EPIC action adventure slasher ever.

Sorry Ryu, Dante, Nero, Bayonetta

There is only one God of WAR!

SullyDrake3171d ago

Hands down the best looking game ever created. Even tops Crysis, Heavy Rain, and Uncharted 2.

Everything else will be just as awesome. Game of the year.

Storm233171d ago

There is no way I am watching this...even though I REALLY WANT TO!!! I want this game as fresh as possible. Don't want to ruin anything. Can't wait!

Major_Tom3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Alan what?

PS3 keeps pushing the bar so high that no one is able to catch up.


Outstanding, speechless.

I had to watch 2 times the trailer to process the explosive emotion of this video.

TheHater3171d ago

I need to toilet paper because I just sh!t myself watching that.

SnuggleBandit3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

HOLY ***** **** **** ***** at the scale and graphics!!!!!

*picks up jaw off floor*

NinjaAssassin3171d ago

epic scale and it looks good, but are do you guys seriously think this looks better than uncharted 2? no way. pause the video at different points and just look at the graphics. the textures and lighting are far inferior to uncharted 2. the game looks exciting, but let's not overhype things.

thereapersson3171d ago

The video isn't loading more than halfway for me!

And what's this requiring sign up before downloading videos? I don't have a facebook account!

-Alpha3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

By Keighley. He just wanted us to watch his show and I really was mislead by his twitter hype.

Still a good trailer but I want more. The first trailer is still the best. Damn these teasers, always makes the wait harder.

I love the scale of the titans, this is probably one of the really cool subtle things with this trailer.

The first Chaos trailer and the extended trailer after that really set the bar, and I dont think this one touched it.

colonel1793171d ago

hours before the countdown is finished?

TheBlackSmoke3171d ago

My looks like cg. Cant freaken wait!!

Blaze9293171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Of course. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought so. I know we'll get a bunch of disagrees for saying it but the trailer wasn't that great in my honest opinion - at least what I was being led on to believe by N'Gai, HHG, and Geoff Keighley. Still an epic trailer though...I guess. Some of that footage looked insane.

Oh, and Hades is one bad mother...

Danteh3171d ago

holy sh!t looks like CG lol :OOOO

-Alpha3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Sorry, I can't hear you, too much excitement in this room lol.

Don't care about the people hiding behind the disagree spamming, I can understand that they are swept away by the trailer, but am I really the only one that expected more?

Seriously though, I understand people are excited but for some reason I'm much more calm about it. The trailer was great, but way overhyped by Keighley. It skyrocketed my expectations. I'm not blaming the trailer, just the hype behind it.

The first trailer is still my favorite.

I love the titan stuff, OMG I can't get over the thought of scale vs. size. Shadow of the Colossus influence?


Forgive us for not having the same reaction as you, it happens when you are an individual. Look, I didn't say the trailer was bad so please offer something more substantial, just that I was personally expecting more based off of Keighley's tweets and HHG


Maybe HHG but Keighley was really hyping this trailer. Maybe I just got too excited with it, but I was lukewarm to be perfectly honest.
The in-game scenes really look alright but nothing near Uncharted 2 so I don't get where all this "new graphics king" stuff is coming from.

The scale on the other hand was awesome.

we won3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Please... Stop over exaggerating the trailer, you people's excitement is a exaggerated response to just what you just mentioned, MAJOR.

Simon_Brezhnev3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

i see alpha and blaze at it again LMAO

SnuggleBandit3171d ago

@alpha and blaze

im pretty sure they saw the actual titan gameplay (the fight with the water horse) not just the trailer.

In their video there was a jumpoff on a TV in the background...

JANF3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

The scale of the game is impressive, but i think Uncharted 2 has it in terms of lighting and textures. I was expecting much more (first generation PS4 graphics like HHG said), that what happen when game get to much hype.

LordMarius3171d ago

@ all the naysayers
What did you wanted, Spoilers?
This is an epic trailer showing the awesomeness without giving away too much

...and with that I wont be seeing any more videos because I have recieved my doze of epicness and now Im just ready to play the game...but first Heavy Rain :D

danthegardner3171d ago

That what Hiphopgamer and N'Gai saw was shown in december is different from this. They were shown a gameplay demo of the Titan gameplay versus the Leviathan. This is totally different because it shows nothing longer than a few seconds of gameplay.

Megan Fox3171d ago

I also have to say that the trailer was ok, but i was expecting more, i mean the hype behind this trailer was huge, i'm a little disappointed.

morganfell3171d ago

Ha ha ha. Next generation doesn't start until Sony says it does.

UnSelf3171d ago

@blaze who ever said this is what HHG saw?

Socrates3171d ago

It looks awesome, but not really to the extent some of you are hyping it to be. I'm talking graphics, not gameplay. I was expecting some bar raising CGI quality visuals the way people were hyping it.

Jamie Foxx3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

hhg and n'gai saw the WHOLE fight sequence (the game was running in the background, quite simple really)so there exictement is justified....what santa monica have produced is a 'teaser' ive seen you complain on games when spoilers are released and complain when not much is shown.....make your mind up

[email protected] alpha...fair dues mate, i respect your opinion but also respect what santa monica have done,people always complain when spoilers are shown, what i got from this teaser is that the graphical bar has been raised,kratos himself looks CGI, deep down i do wish we could have seen more though if im honest this teaser was 'too much of a teaser' :)

thereapersson3171d ago

DOWNLOAD the video in HD! The GameTrailers stream is FLAWED by nature.

Bathyj3171d ago


Like I've said before, PS3 exclusives always look so good as you follow the developement, but then in their last month or two of work they seem to just jump up another level again. I dont know how they keep doing it.

Man, you think that Leviathons big, then you see they're fighting on a Titan's arm. Epic in the true sense of the word.

Those couple of idiots, still clinging to the hate, I hope that hate eats you alive. You're the only ones missing out.

jwatt3171d ago

yea there are some parts of the trailer that are ok but then there parts where the textures and lighting are some of the best. Like when it shows I think it's hades with all the texture of skin and when his weapon lights up the back looks amazing!

-Alpha3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

If you remember the first trailer, it was fantastic. Didn't show off gameplay but it did set a very great tone for the game and did what a trailer was supposed to do: create hype.

This trailer doesn't touch it. No, I don't want spoilers, is that my only option?

I just was expecting a lot more. People hype these kinds of things way too much and I'm just not appealing to my emotions like others who seem to be upset that I dare have a different opinion on the matter. What kind of Nazi-hell thought system is that?

Anyways, I'm not upset with the trailer itself, just the fact that I let the hype get to me.

A trailer is a really delicate piece of work and I understand too much can't be revealed about it but this trailer threw a whole lot of epicness and I just didn't understand what the hell was happening. Like I said, I loved the titan parts-- I think the scale will surprise many people with this game. I'm not trying to be overcritical but people seem to hate the idea that somebody like me didn't like it as much.


Yeah, that's a good way of thinking: Clearly people who didn't like the TRAILER as much as you did must mean that they are haters of the ENTIRE Game. Sounds like a perfectly logical explanation. /sarcasm

3171d ago
Ichiryoka3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

All you are saying is trailer this trailer that, but man when will you ever talk about what (((IN)))) the freaking trailer. Ok we get it, the trailer could have been put together better. It wasnt, get over it. Now lets talk about whats in this not so great trailer.

The graphics for one are like cgi, look here this is epic..

check that out, those words.

and how zeus slams kratos into the wall is crazy. Because if you actually look at whats IN the trailer you will see that Kratos was about to slam Zeus but that mofo reversed it.

now look at the trailer piece by piece... and lets talk about that.

Edit: OK Alpha I see what you're saying, no you shouldnt be doing backflips over a trailer you dont like. THing is though you cant deny thoe graphics, go to that link on neogaf and look how some people think its fake, that its all cg. Just go a few pages back and you can tell by the responses (majority) that the graphics and trailer itself is incredible. I can count 4 people here that did not like the trailer and maybe 30 that did.

RememberThe3573171d ago

The trailer was bad ass.

Kratos fought a water horse monster, hung from a Titan, beat a golem with the biggest hammer I've ever seen, attached himself to a rock being thrown through the air, and ripped a monster in half. And all of that with no spoilers.

How the hell could anyone be underwhelmed?

3171d ago
-Alpha3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

That's a fair explanation. However if you look at the comments I made ONE comment on how I personally was disappointed and people got defensive about it and started bashing. So please don't tell me to get over it when it's these insecure people who can't accept the fact that I'm not going ape Sh*t over this. Am I not allowed to have a perfectly calm reaction? Am I supposed to be doing backflips?

Why is that I am expected to have the same opinion? I refuse to have an extremist perspective like the majority here, so that automatically makes me a "Xbox Defense Force"? It's pretty sad that people are forced to behave certain ways in fear of being taken away bubbles or getting spammed disagree buttons just because they fail to comprehend opinions outside their own.

It's really nice to see people have common sense here.

Like I said, a trailer is hard to craft, I get that. I much prefer the continuous trailers over the ones that mash up random scenes to make it look effective.

The Last Guardian is a perfect example of a trailer that is "continuous" and relays a connection with the viewer.

I never said the trailer was BAD but insecure fanboys here quickly assume that to be the case. I happen to have loved the first two-three CGI trailers and showed my Xbox cousins it. This didn't get me excited as much. I got over it as soon as I saw it but then people had to childishly say I was being a xbox fanboy just because I didn't pee my pants like they did.


Thank you, I respect your opinion too and I appreciate the fact that you have the sense to engage me instead of hiding behind the disagree button. But it's a bit ridiculous how people oppress other users here. I gave a simple NEUTRAL opinion and people act as if I robbed an old lady. I respect SM Studios too, and I certainly didn't disrespect them in anyway by stating that I didn't like the trailer AS MUCH as others seemed to have liked it. Pretty blasphemous of me, right?

TheBand1t3171d ago

Figures we'd see some downplayers in here.

nix3171d ago

this march... CHAOS WILL RISE!!!

Dutch Boogie3171d ago

O......M..........GOOOOOOOOOOO OOD

This is absolutely impossible. My mind is going nuts with disbelief. What an epic adventure it's gonna be. Plus they doubled the graphics and improved on the E3 demo.

GOTF'ingY right here people. OMG!!!!!

Perkel3171d ago

rotfl @@@


Simon_Brezhnev3171d ago

lol @ alpha

im not taking it that serious so defensive lol

ABizzel13171d ago

I agree with the two who said the trailer wasn't that great. It wasn't that great to me, because each clip was like 1 or 2 seconds long, but you can tell the game looks absolutely amazing. I'm ready to see full gameplay now from one of my top contenders for GOTY no matter what comes out.

Ravage273171d ago

trailer is a bit on the short side but what they shown is f#$%ing sweet!

villevalorox3171d ago

So tasty, *HOMER TRANCE ..mmmmmmm. GOD OF WAR.

OmegaSlayer3171d ago

@people who say Uncharted 2 graphics are better.

I don't know if God Of War 3 graphics are better but I know that I'm watching a compressed HD trailer and I have played Uncharted 2.
That's very different.
Uncharted 2 footage looked much worse than the real game, take the train gameplay trailer for example and then compare it to GOW3 trailer.

Then, I was blasted by the trailer and I don't even understand what happens.
Epic to say the least.

DeZv33171d ago

Holy shhiiiiiiiaaaaattttt!!!! :O

topdawg1223171d ago

Some of you haters are ridiculous, " I expected more" shut up, just look at the scale of this game. Its all ingame too damn!

UltraNova3171d ago

I've just pissed my self!

Rock Bottom3171d ago

I have to agree with you to some extent, while I thought the trailer was going to be better than this(Only possible outcome after such hype) I still think this was the best trailer in 2010 and by far the best GOWIII trailer yet.

butterfinger3171d ago

only sad little people get extra disappointed over a teaser trailer. Why don't you wait until the game is out to let all of your disappointment sink in? It just seems stupid to get your panties in a bunch over this. If you liked the first trailer better, go watch that one over and over again. Obviously, most of us disagree with you. Also, @Alpha, why isn't it OK for someone to disagree with your opinion without stating why? Isn't it PERFECTLY CLEAR that by hitting disagree, that they *gasp* actually enjoyed the trailer? You come off looking like a snot-nosed kid.

execution173171d ago

freaken epic, march can't come soon enough, on side note makes you want to say crysi what??? in how awesome it looks :O

xTruthx3171d ago

Dang, this game looks ridiculously awesome

davekaos3171d ago

when he is pounded the sh!t outta something on the floor all his facial expressions are like wow. they have animated everything.
There is only 1 god of war

andron3171d ago

Great stuff, can't wait for this one...

gameraxis3171d ago

RIGHT? lol at the people who were like, "they havn't shown anything, and U2 will look way better"

i had NO DOUBT, not this game... people don't understand GOW on the ps2 was the ps2, BUT NOW, CHAOS WILL BE UNLEASED ON THE PS3!

disclaimer- does anyone actually know what that line means, "chaos will be released again" it has more meaning than many of your may think, wiki it, greek mythology.... I CAN"T WAIT OMNGGGMMFNGOMFNGOMGNGO lol