FPS Freek review at GameStooge

Jordan Lund reviews the FPS Freek, a gamepad accessory that increases the leverage of analog sticks.

Excerpt: "They sent me a pair to try out and I tested them with Mass Effect 2 (3rd person shooting elements) and Bioshock 2 (1st person shooting elements.) I couldn't tell immediately if my movement or aiming was actually faster or if it were simply an advanced placebo effect. I can say that on the normal settings on both games I advanced well into each without being killed. The control was smooth and fluid and the extra leverage did seem to result in the aiming reticule "getting there" quicker than it would ordinarily."

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IdleLeeSiuLung3656d ago

This is such an overpriced product. It is $10 for two caps + insane shipping charge of $4. Total is $14 for two plastic caps.

That is half the cost of a wireless 360 controller regularly on sale for $30.

Major_Tom3656d ago

I got these for a really decent price of just $10 and they're a worthy investment, the analog nubs for PS3 really aren't that great especially since they're convex. I have slight larger hands than the controller so the added height and concave surface improved my experience with the controller tremendously. I also use the L2 and R2 extended Gioteck triggers and the controller feels just right to use.

D4RkNIKON3656d ago

Major Tom, why not just use this because it seems like this is your goal

JonahFalcon3656d ago

If you read the article, Jordan also is handicapped due to a nerve condition and the FPS Freek really helps him play normally.

IdleLeeSiuLung3656d ago

That is fine and dandy for those with special needs it might be worth it, but it still doesn't change the fact that it is an overpriced product.

and I thought the PS3 Real Triggers was a rippoff at $5:

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mittwaffen3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Don't order it from their main website - go to Amazon (for better shipping).

They have 0 Customer support and can take months to get the product to you.

Very Very bad shipping times, I have never seen worse.

But I hear great things about the actual product..i'll know if that company ever gets them to me.

mittwaffen3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Guess they must of read my comment



Turns you into a nasty halo sniper!