Diehard GameFAN - Frozen Fingers: 10 Games to Play in the Cold

Diehard GameFAN writes: "A few years ago, I read a book called The Terror, by Dan Simmons. The book is a fictionalization of what happened to a pair of exploratory vessels that tried to force the Northwest Passage and sail through the Arctic Ocean in 1845. Bad things happened in no short supply, and the combined horrors of starvation, hypothermia, madness, and cannibalism are only made worse by a mythical being stalking the sailors. The book is excellent, and I highly recommend it. What put the experience past the realm of just reading a book though is the fact that I read it over several of the coldest and snowiest weeks of winter. When the characters were freezing, I was freezing. When the captains looked out over a sheet of ice, I looked over an ice-covered field. It was a strange duality and I feel that it really helped my enjoyment of the book and my identification with the characters."

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