Trophy patch incoming for "very good game," says IGN

The latest Podcast Beyond episode hinted that a very good Playstation 3 game will be getting trophies support.


Looks like the mystery game is the new DLC for Uncharted 2:

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nogolis3661d ago

MGS4... This was known some time ago, I thought.

LordMarius3661d ago

I know this will make a lot of people happy

lociefer3661d ago

mgs4. plz be mgs4, is it mgs4, oh god i hope its mgs4, did i sayy mgs4 alot ? :s

Cyrax_873661d ago

Yes, MGS4 or Valkyria Chronicles please.

IdleLeeSiuLung3661d ago

... I don't think Kojima or anyone else ever promised trophies for MGS4... anyone got a source?

Blaze9293661d ago

Don't see it being anything other than MGS4.

-Alpha3661d ago

Valkyria Chronicles would be a good surprise to.

I swear if it's anything less IGN is going to get an earful

ReservoirDog3163661d ago

MGS4 or Valkyria Chronicles!

It's not exactly necessary for either since they're both some of the best PS3 games out there but still.

wUTTer3661d ago


WildArmed3661d ago

MGS4 n VC would be a great choice.

I'd be happy to pop in MGS4 and play it 20 times over for the plat :)

Same goes for VC..
Bring it on!

DarkTower8053661d ago

Heavenly Sword would be nice.

animboo3661d ago

make it mgs4, resistance and valkyria please..

SullyDrake3661d ago

I deleted my MGS4 install to make room for the Bioshock 2 install... Now I gotta go clear out more crap. On the plus side, it'll be good to start fresh along with the trophies.

Remember, this is the same IGN who gave Heavy Rain's visuals an 8.5/10, so I'm a bit wary.

raztad3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Either VC or MGS4 would be awesome. I would stop MAG just to replay those games and win some worthless though oddly lovable trophies.


HR visuals 8.5? IGN totally lost it. ODST and MW2 got 9 on graphics.

No FanS Land3661d ago

It just can be MGS4 or Valkyria chronicles.

Insomniac games had confirmed back in june 2008 that the first resistance and R&C wouldn't get trophies.

Kappa Mikey3661d ago

Yes Plz Plz Plz be MGS4!

anyways this may be off topic but is anyone else excited for the new GOWIII trailer GT TV is showing

bruddahmanmatt3661d ago

In addition to MGS4 and VC, might I also add Heavenly Sword to the list of games that would be deserving of a trophy patch.

mastiffchild3661d ago

Has to be VC. They say "very good PS3 game" and VC fits the bill perfectly, if it was MGS4 they'd have had to say "best game this gen" to get trophy patch!

Downtown boogey3661d ago

If it really is MGS4 as you're saying... I'll crap my pants and buy the game again ASAP!!

GameGambits3661d ago

The hype train rolls. Anything less than MGS4 now will shatter hearts. The way I see it this is THE VERY LAST time we should ever discuss a possible trophy patch for MGS4. The game will be 2 years old in a few months... holding your breath any longer is pointless.

With that said I hope they do add trophies to it. Just another reason to play through it for my 2893042 billionth millionth time. :D

jessupj3661d ago

Please please please let it be MGS4. I'll just cry if it isn't. Then again I'll also cry tears of joy if it is MSG4.

Hideo has said a few times in the past fans have been begging for a trophy patch and he's listening. So he hasn't promised there will be a patch but he's implied he working on it or at least intends to in the future.

badz1493661d ago

I've finished it 3 times already but haven't touch it for a while now that I have a lot of other games to finish! but currently I'm broke, waiting for GoW3 without buying any games, so, MGS4 trophy hunting? HELL YEAH!! Kojima san, PLEASE!!

FACTUAL evidence3661d ago

Let it be heavenly sword. or MGS4 plzzzz!!!

FACTUAL evidence3661d ago

it might be VC...remember sega stating that if players wanted trophies they all had to get together saying they wanted it?

Pillage053661d ago

time to do another big boss run :D

vhero3661d ago

If it was MGS4 I could see it selling at least another 500k for trophy whores who have now sold there copies on.

sikbeta3661d ago

Ah...People Really need trophies for Buy/Play/Replay MGS4? I mean the Game is a Masterpiece, trophies will be Awesome and all, but if you miss it just cuz id not has trophies, is just Dumb

InfectedDK3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Personally I would prefer trophies for these:
- CoD Modern Warfare (I own)
- Valkyria Chronicles
- Heavenly Sword (I own)
- Folklore
- Super Rub 'a' Dub (I own)

mfwahwah3661d ago


What the **** does IGN's opinion on a game's graphics have to do with any of this? wtf?


Source? As far as I know, it's all been speculation and hope, nothing more.

rroded3660d ago

would make sence with peacewakers dropping soon...

ff7 would b hella cool but i doubt it.

Sub4Dis3660d ago

was the first thing i thought of too. I played that game so much in 2008 and have been looking for an excuse to play through again. trophy support is just what it needs.

AliTheBrit193660d ago

Yeah seems like the most logical choice, the one game that really needs them!

Maddens Raiders3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Heavenly Sword and MGS4 would be so nice. VC too? icing on the cake, but unfortunately it "seems" like it can only be one...and where in the hell is Heavenly Sword 2?

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saint_john_paul_ii3661d ago

MGS4 or Valkyria Chronicles. DO IT.

StarScream4Ever3661d ago

No problem, just wait til Mr. Kojima announced MGS4 Special Remake Edition like they do on all MGS.

Ravage273661d ago

either MGS4 or VC please!!! i know i'll probably be disappointed but i don't care!

sikbeta3661d ago



MGS4 was made to stay with The Owners FOREVER

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rebirthofcaos3661d ago

better do it on both MGS4 and VC

PirateThom3661d ago

Why do I have a feeling as much as I'd love it to be MGS4 or VC, it's going to be more disappointing than that?

Megaton3661d ago

Ditto. I gave up on hoping for MGS4 trophies after about a year of Konami's non-responses.

Major_Tom3661d ago

100% it will not be MGS4.

nogolis3661d ago

It is MGS4 but it'd be so funny if it were like... I dunno... Lair or Genji 2. Maybe Conan. That'd be so awesome. But it is MGS4, man. Rest easy on that. They had like 60 some trophies for it.

Kamikaze1353661d ago

How can you be so sure about that? I hope it IS MGS4...though I hope it has nothing to do with MGO >_>

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gareno3661d ago

please plase please be MGS4 or Valkyria Chronicles!!

others that would be nice: R:FoM, Heavenly Sword, Folklore