See Perfect Dark XBLA in Action

It might not be GoldenEye, but Rare is almost set to release Perfect Dark on the Xbox Live Arcade. Earlier today, at Microsoft's X10 event, it was announced that Perfect Dark would be among the four Arcade games released in March as a part of the Xbox Live Arcade Block Party.

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TrevorPhillips3666d ago

Looks very good cannot wait, graphics are awesome

Saaking3666d ago

10 dollars? WOW, first day buy for me.

Mista T3666d ago

yup 1st day buy, I'll have my buddy over and we'll play some split screen online

Gen0ne3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

What are the disagrees about? Is somebody seriously not excited about this?

gamer20103666d ago

Yeah it looks awesome. 1080p + 60FPS = very nice. I love Perfect Dark and I am so excited to get to play it again in this updated form.

StanLee3666d ago

Really great stuff coming out of X10. Microsoft really seems to have a great software year ahead.

Blaze9293666d ago

Wow. 60FPS, can bring my local friends online with me through split-screen over LIVE, 1080p, achievements, online multiplayer, local multiplayer and best of all....$10!? ONLY $10!? Wow day 1 man day 1.

On a side note...something about that developer was just really...weird.

Kevin McCallister3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

It does look great. Me and my sister still play this every once in a while on N64, so this would be a Day 1 buy. Then I remembered my 360 died last month... :(

Solidus187-SCMilk3666d ago

thats the guy that they names the Skorpion Smg after in goldeneye. They changed it to klobb, which was the crappiest gun in the game.

Solidus187-SCMilk3666d ago

the best thing is that now its running at 60FPS as the only real flaw with the original was that the framerate got really bad sometimes.

Also great to hear that you can play 4 player splitscreen online like halo. thaht is a really fun feature to have.

The controls should be easy for me as I alwayes used the c buttons to aim on the 64 in GE and PD.

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Mista T3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

gonna be AMAZING!!!! 800 ms points is a steal for this!!!! it's gonna have online and split screen support for online too. also you don't have to go online for split screen. just have it locally if you want.

this 10$ game already has more replay value than most 60$ games that come out.

-MD-3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Why did somebody disagree with you? He's right Rare aren't the ones handling this port, 4J studios are.

Lol some inbred disagreed with me.

IHateYouFanboys3663d ago

lol i dont know why not 1 but 2 people disagreed with me.

it is a fact that Rare are NOT the ones that are doing the HD remake of Perfect Dark.

i suppose the 2 disagrees are probably PS3 fanboys who just are upset theyre not getting this remake of one of the best console games of all time.

mittwaffen3666d ago

800 Points for a game like this, PFF, we all thought it was 1600.


dalibor3666d ago

Dang, I would play this game but I only have a PS3, this game brings back a lot of memories though. The song in the vid at the start is the theme song for the game, check it out on youtube it's an awesome song
Enjoy the game guys, it would be cool if at least Goldeneye came out on all three systems. I say that b/c everyone needs to play that game & it should not be exclusive if you ask me. $10 for PD is a great deal.

TrevorPhillips3666d ago

You guys are awesome I dont know why I said that it might be bcoz this games awesome I dont know but you guys are awesome I will play you guys on live add my gamertag ull see it on my profile. :D

IQUITN4G3666d ago

Hmm 800 points is a sensational price for such a lot of content- even if you've played it to death already and better still if you have yet to play at all

Looks very nice too what with textures and polygons being upped

Lucky us

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