1UP: Splinter Cell Conviction's First 20 Minutes

You might think, at first glance, that this preview exists primarily as a way to house two new video clips showing highlights from the first 20 minutes of Splinter Cell Conviction. You wouldn't be wrong. But since 1UP had a chance to play through nearly finished versions of these scenes at a press event today, they figured they'd add a bit of commentary.

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JhawkFootball063663d ago

Wow. I cannot wait for this game

JokesOnYou3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

360 lineup this year is just amazing, the news just keeps getting better for 360 and games like this are making the doubters who said 360's best years were behind it eat their words.


edit: Thanks Natsu I appreciate it....but losing bubbles for anyone who doesn't sell their soul to the sony god is just par for the course on n4g....rational, opinionated, independent thinking is not allowed.

Major_Tom3663d ago

I can't wait for this game, day 0 on PS3.

Natsu X FairyTail3663d ago

I dont understand why you keep losing bubbles JOY you always say some cool stuff and I never see you bashing videogames. Have a bubble my friend keep up the instructive comments.


I'm a big fan of the splinterCell series but I must admit that I've been slackin off these last years as I slept on the last 2 games. I'll be picking up this title surely when it comes out.

Foxgod3663d ago

Yeah, have a bubble, its insane some people lose bubbles just because they like their 360.

OT, this looks awesome, the splinter cell concept got itself a nice upgrade in the gameplay department, gfx look great too.

Saaking3663d ago

2010 is a great year for the 360 just like 2009 was for the PS3. Still not a match for the PS3's 2010 lineup though. But anyways, the game looks really fluid and well done. The graphics aren't that great, but that's expected.

IdleLeeSiuLung3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

If you say anything positive about the 360 and nothing about the PS3 in a 360 only article, you tend to get a bunch of disagrees and bubbled down.

That is just the law of the land here on I attribute to the larger percentage of Playstation fans. You will always get a few guys stealth trolling like the guy right above me. I won't mention any names.

With that said, I don't want to look at this video due to spoilers, but I can't contain my excitement.

Natsu X FairyTail3663d ago

I forgot to say in my earlier comment that the Dialogue between the characters is one of the Best I've heard in a Game in a while.The part when he's in the house talking with his daughther felt like it was straight out of a movie. It felt like the Movie Taken actually which is a good Thriller/Action film.

gamer20103663d ago

That is truly impressive stuff. I love Splinter Cell and I have a feeling this one will be the best.

StanLee3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

What exactly does the PS3 have coming out this year that sets it's line up ahead of the XBox 360's? We've already seen how mediocre MAG and White Knight Chronicles are and Heavy Rain is as niche a title as there comes. God of War? Gran Turismo 5? What exactly puts it ahead of the XBox 360's line up?! I really am confused.

lowcarb3663d ago

Good job UBI the game is looking great!

Blaze9293663d ago

Good luck getting an answer from Nostradamus I mean Saaking.

littletad3663d ago

For everyone. Game looks awesome.

hops2cents3663d ago

Man, you are such a sly troll, backhanded compliments and everything. I know you have much more to contribute in you; i'm sure you just enjoy getting a rise out of everyone.

-on topic
the game looks great, I just wish the people demoing the game in these videos, would be more sure of their actions. I would rather see someone who has played the heck out of the game make fisher look like a [email protected]@ss, instead of taking forever to line up a simple shot from cover :P

WMW3663d ago

"What exactly does the PS3 have coming out this year that sets it's line up ahead of the XBox 360's?"

DatNJDom813663d ago

This is the only game I want this year on the xbox. Im kinda disappointed in the grafix. but hey gfx arent everything right guys??? its all about gameplay. the gameplay i saw from this game has made it a day 1 for me.

TROLL EATER3663d ago

damn ps3 will be collectin lot of dust this year.

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Mo0eY3663d ago

Sam Fisher talks like he's a 60 year old lumberjack.

JhawkFootball063663d ago

No.. more like 40-45 years old and thats what age around what they wanted him to be. This game is supposed to take past after all the previous splinter cells.

DelbertGrady3663d ago

I thought the voice acting sounded a bit stiff and lifeless in the first vid but the graphics look to be more or less on par with Uncharted 2. Simply stunning.

Major_Tom3663d ago

It'll probably have pretty sweet graphics when it releases on PS3.

Boob3663d ago

Probably not, but only because 99% of PS3 multiplats look like utter garbage. PS3 - It Only Does Everything (except multiplats)

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i3eyond the Circle3663d ago

This game is so fluid its sickening.

The immersion is like none I've ever seen.

Xbox 360's biggest year all I can say.

gamer20103663d ago

This year the 360 lineup is one of the best lineups I have ever seen. I have never seen so many huge games packed into one year. Any one of these games would be a standout title in a normal year, but having them all in the same year is just crazy.

dgroundwater3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

It sounds so good. But I must not watch! I haven't waited since 2006 (earlier if I reference the godly Chaos Theory) just to spoil it's brilliance in a streaming video. :D

hops2cents3663d ago

It's definitely looks fluid. My only complaint in the animation is the crouch/duck walk; I wish there was a little more weight to it; it looks a little too easy for the aging Sam Fisher. I love the detail in the character model especially in cover, he doesn't have that "snapped to cover" look.

gamer20103663d ago

They are actually quite different and I happen to think Splinter Cell is the better series.

TROLL EATER3663d ago

ps3 will be collecting lot of dust this year

5-oj3663d ago

FLOP! also coming to the PS3...

Poor bots has no games. :(

gamer20103663d ago

Nope, it's never coming to the PS3. They built it specifically for the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.