Yoshinori Kitase & Motomu Toriyama talks Final Fantasy XIII, XV and VII's remake

In a recent interview by french website Total Manga, producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama talks about the development of Final Fantasy XIII, how future games in the series could not be developed internally and how long it would take to make a Final Fantasy VII remake.

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Ninji3663d ago

They'll just ruin a classic. They even said so...

"If we do this remake, we should get the same quality level as the XIII, which took us three years of development after we made the choice of multiple platforms."

The remake would be the same "quality level" as FF13? Ewww, no thank you. Maybe if they actually TRIED then it would be better but we all know they just wanna half-ass the job for a quick buck.

Gorkab3663d ago

Actually, it was only visually speaking here. You wouldn't buy a PSX game rendered in 1080p, would you ?

Noctis Aftermath3663d ago

Like i've said before, FFVII remake should be a PS4 exclusive.

Also it gets on my nerves how they blatantly lie about things like not including japanese voice overs or towns by saying that it will take too long or there isn't enough space.

Gorkab3663d ago

Yeah especially when we all know that the PS3 version uses only 38 of the 50 GB available, which still makes enough to fit two Final Fantasy XII ISOs if I'm correct...

Lolita573662d ago

Oh great, It's true that French fans showed to Kitase and Toriyama, a video trailer ?